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  1. I hope to be starting back on the Hotshot soon. The Mack is just about done, was away at the paint shop for a while and now it is back getting some finishing touches to the wiring and miscellaneous things. Here is a picture of the 1927 Mack as it is today. It should be leaving very soon. The Hotshot hasn't had any work done to it in almost a year, I am anxious to get back to it and get the bodywork completed and then lift the body off and get the chassis ready.
  2. I will bring this to Hershey if someone is interested in it. It is heavy and don't want to bring it unless someone wants it. It is a Weaver Tire Balancer Set. Three pieces, balancer, weight storage, and wheel mount. It is in good shape, needs cleaned up. It is missing one knob on the balancer cabinet on top. Add it to your man cave today!! $250.00 or best offer. PM me. I am located in the Green field.
  3. I will bring this Weaver tire balancer set to Hershey if someone wants it. It is in fair condition, some light overspray on the front of the cabinet and missing a knob or something on the top of the cabinet. I just did a quick clean in a few spots to see what it would look like. I think it will clean up pretty nice. I don't know if it works or not, but would make a nice addition to anyone's garage display. Has 3 parts as seen in the pictures. $250.00 or best offer. Let me know ASAP (PM me) if you want it so I can get it loaded for Hershey. I am in the Green Field.
  4. I was at a swap meet recently and saw one of the radial tires at a tire suppliers spot and on the whitewall side of the tire it does state that it is a "Tubeless Radial". That should make spotting them easier.
  5. Price Reduced To Sell!!!! $1995.00
  6. I just posted a picture of a tire to let everyone know what they look like. Yes, it is a radial tire and maybe when we see one up close and personal you might notice some differences with a bias, but they look convincing to me and may slip by many judges trained eyes, even with advanced warning.
  7. Can you tell me if this tire is a radial or bias?
  8. Car runs good and is ready to go for the summer!!! Make me an offer I can't refuse...
  9. Is the light on the dash working? I once had a car that wouldn't charge and the "Alt" light on the dash was burned out. Replaced the bulb and that fixed the problem. Needs that small discharge to start the alternator field.
  10. Read the whole article and you will see that Chrysler said it doesn't know of any donated Viper's being involved in accidents, but the usefulness of the car as a learning tool has diminished with new technology. There are several videos of other donated Vipers being destroyed at salvage yards.
  11. Have been working on the customers truck and it is nearing the end of what I will be doing to it. I have started a small job on the Hotshot, not having the proper steering column, I have dismantled a sedan column and will be sending it to my local machinist to have him cut it down and make it the right length for the hotshot.
  12. Or maybe donate it to the AACA Museum??
  13. What is the difference between what the SK gentleman did and what a lot of restorers do when they buy several cars to make one good one. As in, they buy a sedan and a convertible and make a convertible out of the sedan because it is in much better shape than the sedan. Then they say that it is a factory convertible using the vin tag from the convertible. He took a sedan and made it into a phaeton using factory specifications. From what is known there were phaetons made and therefore he is not making something that never existed. Beautiful car...
  14. Did some more welding on the drivers side panel and made and installed the brace for the dash and windshield. This will be the last of the work on the Crosley for a while as I have a customers little truck to work on for a while.
  15. Got some more work done on the car today. I finished trimming and adjusting the drivers side panel and then used the bead roller to put a flange on the top and front edge of the panel. Drilled all the spot weld holes in the lower flange and rear flange and it was ready to weld in place so I began welding it in and now the car has both sides and a floor. There is more welding required on both sides but it is getting closer to looking like it should. I got a few full body shots of the car so you can see the improvements and see the whole car instead of just a small section. Tomorrow's job is to make and install the brace on the drivers side for the windshield and dash and continue welding in the panel.
  16. Little baby steps were taken yesterday. Made the brace for the windshield and dash for the passenger side panel and installed it. Still have to make the brace that runs under the door opening from the front of the panel to the back, but my bead roller does not have a big enough die for the brace. I also cleaned up some of the welds on the drivers side floor while it was nice and easy to get to. I need to think on it to come up with something comparable. Then laid out the pattern for the drivers side panel and cut it out. Today I am working on installing the drivers side panel, should be done with it today if all goes well.
  17. Someone should fill all the holes and restore the car to like new!
  18. Today the passenger side was installed after being cut out and the top rolled slightly. The bottom edge was bent at a 90 degree angle at the metal shop. It still needs welded on along the bottom and rear but for now I will leave it the way it is. The rear fender needs patched before I weld them together. It also needs stiffeners and mounts for the dashboard added to the insides of the panel. It is really starting to look like a car again, at least till I lift the body off the chassis when all the major metal work is completed to work on the chassis. Is anyone looking???:confused:
  19. Grille bar is for a 1941 Olds 90(98?) series. Could be any one of the 4 middle bars. Would be the third bar down then.
  20. Grille bar is for a 1941 Olds 90(98?) series.
  21. The work continues... Today the tunnel was welded into place and it is looking good.
  22. Back to work on the Hotshot after a nice Thanksgiving break with the family. The drivers side floor was welded in and the tunnel for the driveshaft was bent, 16 gauge metal doesn't like to bend real easy:(. I need to remove the tunnel and flange the lower edge so it fits flush with the 90 degree angles from the floor sections, one inch of the tunnel will hang below the floor level to duplicate the original. Then I can install it and weld it into place. It is almost looking like a car again.
  23. A milestone happened today, the front half of the car was connected to the rear half with the passenger side floor being welded into place. The "spot welds" worked great and now need grinding to smooth them up, remember all of this will be covered with a rubber floor mat. I will continue installing the floor and adding to the floor support on the drivers side. Thanksgiving is here and my daughter has invited us to her place for dinner, she lives in Maryland so I will be off for a few days. You know how it is, anything for a free meal... Happy Thanksgiving to all!!