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  1. I see it knocked you right out of your shoes!!!! A bigger hammer always helps.
  2. I don't know Dave, it might be "Sharky"!!!!
  3. The key is on the right on a 58 ford. Top switch is on the left side of the dash on the very bottom panel, like a toggle switch, moves up and down. Be very careful when raising the top. As was said earlier, lube all the joints and pins before you do anything, yes all the top rails are cast and can break easily. It will be hard to disconect the cylinders, but have 2 helpers to lift the top (one on each side helping to lift it, one running the switch), remember that the back window is solid and slides strait up in tracks, make sure you lube the tracks good. There are lots of relays and mirco switches to cause headaches till they are cleaned and working properly. These Lincolns are a lot of fun at car shows, first because the car is sooooo long and second the way the top works is different than most cars. Good luck.
  4. I would think it is worth saving. Strange setup on the sparkplugs?? Dale
  5. Are you still going to put the tank sealant in it? I don't know if I would if it is as clean as you say it is. If it lasted this long without sealant and hasn't rusted, It will surely last another 50 years.
  6. Lady in background wearing a sunvisor style hat and stampings on the sidewalks??? Might be staged?
  7. They are from a '20s car and are for your iPod... One for each kid in the back seat.
  8. Congrats Terry! A wealth of information has been shared with fellow old car people with your posts. Keep up the good work.
  9. What do you mean it won't pass the emission test?
  10. Maybe I should have put bigger springs up front????
  11. Don, LOL Judges are not wrong.... If they are mistaken on a deduction that you can prove, at the next show make sure you have documentation of the item in question.
  12. All I can say is" WOW!" This should be titled how to build a 1958 Bairitz from scratch. Nice job so far.
  13. One horse to the other, "I told you those new fangled contraptions were not safe to travel in," and "We will long outlive that contraption"
  14. If you have the room, try putting a socket on it with a long extension and bend it back and forth to break off the nut and shaft. Sometimes easier than turning it off. Mechanics trick.
  15. Roger, The owner of the 55 with the rusty mount probably already knew which car was the better of the two. Judges only award the best car on a given day... How many time have you taken your car to a show and "placed out " your class before the judges even arrived??? I was judging a local show once and it came down to the antenna mast ball, one car was nice and shiny and the other one was slighly corroded. I still tease the guy with the corroded mast ball, and yes we are still friends. Options are nice but will receive deduction if not in "As they came from the factory" condition.
  16. Except the prefix is "Wanted to Buy".... Wayne, that is your one mistake for this year, almost made it the whole year without a mistake.
  17. They jump things like that in the movies all the time!!!????
  18. Be glad your not a Crosley nut, you get Crosleyosis, or Crosleytitis and there is no known cure for it either. The disease(cars) actually finds you and you can't refuse. Enjoy it while you can...
  19. where you from? any pics???
  20. Tanks are all the same for all postwar crosleys, 1947-52, slight change how the sending unit was mounted is the only differance. Good tanks are very hard to find. Reproductions are being made of fiberglass.
  21. Dave A, It could be a 51-52. If you look real close you will see the bottom portion of the hood has been cut off, above what would have been the rounded section for the grill. The front part of the fenders have also been cut out wherethe parking lights were. Also looks to have 2 steering wheels..., and a continetal kit.
  22. Just a highly modified (read chopped) 1949-52 Crosley Station wagon.
  23. Glad to see all them junked... Makes ours more valuable!