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  1. Mark, Most cars are over restored, just thought I would bring that up as there was a thread running about "Bling" and over restoration. Most cars are over restored and I feel, as well as other, that this hurts the cars during judging that are not quite as perfect as those over restored cars. I was always told to judge the car like it would have appeared on the showroom floor and in my eyes that could be with blemishes, orange peel paint, runs, unfit panels, very light mist coats of paint on engines, frames and other items, etc. It is very hard to remember that these cars were not made
  2. Mark and Martin, both were good Ideas but I decided to paint it on the horses. I will flip it over and paint the bottom side and it will look better than new, oh darn, I have over restored the frame... LOL Looks pretty good, once i get it flipped over and finished I will have to find some place to store it while I work on the rest of the chassis and then start bolting it back together.
  3. Thanks for the positive comments! Got the frame flipped over this am and began the sanding on the bottom side. Go it finished this afternoon and now I need to clean it for paint. Lots of scrubbing and cleaning to get all the sanding dust out of all the holes and crannies. Maybe this Saturday I will be able to get the black paint on it. I have been trying to decide how to go about painting it to get into all the tight spots. I have thought about hanging it but it would be even harder to flip it while hanging. Or leave it on the horses and paint one side (top up), then let it dry, the
  4. Sand, sand, sand... As my wife says "You have more paint on the floor than on the car." There are a lot of nooks and crannies that make it hard to sand. The sanding process is about half way done on the top side of the frame. Then I will flip it over and finish sanding and then clean it thoroughly and prep it for gloss black. Anyone want to help sand?? I am happy with how it is looking and will even be happier when it gets color.
  5. The frame has another coat of primer, and hopefully the last. Looks pretty good, will need a complete sanding and then on to black paint!!
  6. More work on the battery box today. I got some 1" angle iron and cut 4 pieces 6 7/8" long and began the welding process. I wasn't sure if I wanted to clean the welds up after I was done or leave them as finished. I think I will leave them as finished so they match the rest of the welds on the frame. I didn't have to try to hard to make crappy welds. Now it is ready for a coat of primer!!!
  7. Some progress to report on the FOR. I have been prepping the frame for a coat of primer, hopefully the last, and I started making the battery box. I have the front and rear of it cut out and have the bends in it, now I need to get the angle iron and get it welded together and weld it in the frame. I have also cleaned out all the filler from all the bolt holes. So maybe by the weekend it will have a fresh coat of gray primer on it and be ready to final sand. Maybe...
  8. Thanks. Drag links are naturally snakey! Same with the Crosley Hot Shots and Super Sports, they look like a wet noodle!
  9. No work to report on the FOR as I have had paying jobs taking up the space for the FOR frame, It is now leaning up against the wall. I hope to get it back on the horses right after Christmas and get it primered again. Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
  10. I jumped down to the thread you have on the Lagonda Rapier to see why you had pulled the head. You are probably right about the bad petrol. Hope you have it up and running soon. The Humber will wait patiently till you are done with the Lagonda Rapier.
  11. Mercury Marquis 1984-1986.
  12. Crosley wheels were painted black from the wheel manufacture and then Crosley painted the fronts red on early cars and off white on later cars. No masking so there is overspray on the rears of the wheels.
  13. On the video, I messaged moderator MCHinson about the video he had of my restoration and he got in touch with the poster. He told him that I was upset that he posted the video on Youtube without my permission. He took my video down and probably took yours down at the same time. Told MCHinson he was sorry...
  14. Yes I did, but I just used initials. I doubt that he reads the responses but it is worth a try. To file a copyright form looks to be a PIA.
  15. Paul, I went to YouTube and saw the video and posted a comment to take it down. We will see if that work, otherwise I will file a copyright infringement form.
  16. The filling and sanding continues on the frame. Hopefully after this batch the filling will be complete and it will be just sanding and primer. It is really hard trying to preserve the sloppy welds and fill all the pitting at the same time.
  17. Paul, No I didn't see the article, but I did hear about it. Well, back from Hershey, all the unsold parts put away (I did sell the Weaver tire balancer that I had been advertising) and most of the summer toys (13 antique and classic cars and 5 jet skis)winterized and put away. I have to put a new used engine in the wife's jet ski this winter because the old engine blew this fall. Not many salvageable parts left after the catastrophic failure so I purchased a good used running engine from California and it is on it's way. Also did a lot of cleanup in the shop and moved things aroun
  18. That looks like the brake pedal that is flat to the floor. Probably the standard 3 speed manual. Looks like a nice project.
  19. Another great year at Hershey!!!! Thanks to the Hershey Region for all the hard work. Just a few comments on the PA system and the National Anthem... 1. Could you turn up the volume just a bit as it was very hard to hear in the lower green field and orange. 2. Heard a few comments that there should be American flags flying, maybe on the sound system speaker? Otherwise a great meet and great job by all the workers and HERCO.
  20. Same here in the green field. What do you expect for free...
  21. John, That is a fellow Crosley club members FOR. It is a very nice FOR that he just got a while ago. I saw your wife, Alice sitting behind the McLaughlin Buick early in the morning, but didn't see you. She was busy so I continued walking, had to get back to the trailer to pack up and leave. Was a great show week!!!!
  22. My dad and I are at Hershey, spaces GBC 7-8. Waiting on you to buy stuff.
  23. Heading to Hershey Monday afternoon, should be in our spaces by noon Tuesday. GBC 7-8 Stop and say hello and rest your feet. Will have a few Crosley items for sale, along with a lot of other miscellaneous stuff, also a 1992 Chrysler Lebaron convertible.
  24. Space # is GBC 7-8 Thanks, Dale
  25. Will be at spaces GBC 7-8 from Tuesday morning on, will be selling all kinds of good stuff including a few Crosley goodies and we will have a 1992 Chrysler Lebaron convertible there for sale. Come and buy everything we have early so we have more time to shop for new goodies. Dale
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