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  1. Making progress one part at a time.  I got the coil and starter soliniod on and painted the horn that was bought at the Crosley National.  The harness is ready and waiting to be installed.  

    I still have to make all the headlight, taillight and parking light pigtails and rewire the turn signal switch.

    I also ordered the battery cables today from the local auto parts.  They are not original but I will wrap them in friction tape to make them look better.




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  2. Tonight I started laying out the wires to form the harness.   I just put small wraps of black tape around bundles to get the harness organized.  It looks pretty close to the original one so far.  I have added a wire to the rear taillights and I will add a few extra ground wires here and there.  

    Next step will be to wrap the harness in black friction tape, then install!



  3. Tonight the pile of wires grew.  I got most of the wires to the front of the FOR done.  I have about 6 more wires to make and then I can start laying them out to start taping them together.  Then I will need to make the pigtails for the headlights, parking and taillights and rewire the turn signal switch.

    Tomorrow is our car clubs annual car cruise, our photo dash plaque night at the local DQ.


  4. I spent the weekend at local car shows and cruises.  Saturday I took the 1957 Ford Skyliner to a show in Elderton PA.  Then on Sunday the local Lions club had a car cruise and I took all my blue vehicles.  1929 Hupmobile, 1957 Ford Skyliner and the 1949 Crosley Hotshot.  50 Shades of Blue.

    Always nice to support local groups and show my cars.  The kids love getting in the Hotshot and tooting the horn!




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  5. The radiator is now in and I can now measure for the hoses.  Also got the few remaining body to frame bolts in the engine bay area in.  They were slightly misaligned and needed drilled out.  

    I also got some white paint to paint the insides of the parking and taillight housings, painted them then sprayed the outside black.  One step at a time.  Soon I will be able to drive it!!!!!



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