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  1. I tore everything apart and welded the rear pieces to the floor and I am now in the process of grinding it smooth. Looking pretty good if I say so myself. Won't be long till it all becomes one piece!
  2. I have a little progress to report today on the FOR. I worked on the rear section of the floor today and got both pieces made to finish off the floor. Now I will tear everything apart and weld the pieces in and smooth it up and it will be ready to assemble again for hopefully the last time.
  3. Test fit! Today was the day that I have been thinking about for quite some time now. The body is on the chassis, even if it is just temporary. I sat the front clip on the frame and then built the tub area with vise grips. Things fit fairly well, a few adjustments will be needed but all in all I am very excited! Now to get the final piece of the floor cut and welded in at the very rear, which is the main reason I had to put everything together to see how much more floor I need.
  4. Holey Cow! Oh wait that is the other Crosley... I have been busy drilling the necessary holes in the floor panel for all the mounting points for the seat brackets, fuel tank, frame and such this morning. It will be much easy to do it now before I attach the side panels and attach it to the front section of the body. I still have 3 bigger holes, one for steering column, one for fuel tank filler neck and one for the emergency brake, to drill yet, but I forgot the hole saw bits at home.
  5. I got a little work done on the FOR today. I did a little trimming of the side and rear panels where the lip is rolled around them. It was about a 1/4" too long so I took my cutoff tool and cut the extra off the entire length of each piece. One step closer to welding the tub together.
  6. It is equal width front and rear, Taylormade. Went to our Kiski Valley Region car cruise today. Had a great time, not as many cars as we would have liked, but lots going on in the area. Took the 1929 Hupmobile, 1949 Crosley Hotshot, and 1966 Mustang convertible.
  7. Started working on the hood for the FOR. I cut out the main piece and the front of the hood, still need to cut several small pieces that will be used for stiffeners and such. I am trying to figure out how to put the radius on the hood. I was thinking of using a 6" diameter pipe to roll the metal over to get the proper radius, but I am not sure if it will give me a nice smooth roll. I am afraid that it will not be a nice smooth bend like the original. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should go about bending it?
  8. It's back!!! I rolled the chassis back into the garage so that I could sit the body on it when I start welding the rear tub area back on. I was asked to make a template of another Crosley member of the floor area with all the holes so that is what the paper is for. Not much work has been done on the FOR this week, but business has been good. Need that to keep the bills paid, which keeps the work commencing on the toys! This Saturday the Kiski Valley Region will be having a car cruise at our local Dairy Queen. We take a picture of each vehicle that comes in in front of a backdrop
  9. Went to car show at a local church with the 1957 Skyliner and 1966 Mustang. I was the DJ, spinning the tunes. Weatherman said a very, very slight chance of rain, we got dumped on for about 30 minutes. The retractable got second place. I must be popular as the interior still needs lots of work.
  10. Ok, here are the pictures from the drivers side. It wasn't as bad as the passenger side and needed just a small repair. That is all the rust on the front part of the FOR, everything else is good and solid.
  11. Today seemed to be very productive in the FOR world. I stayed busy on it all day long and got both lower fender areas repaired. This is the passenger side, actually I did it last but the pictures won't load so the driver's side will be in the next post. Once I cut off the old rust lower fender I saw that the floor support was also rusted off and had to replace it too. Then a new panel was cut and fit and welded in, I sprayed a little bit of rustoleum black on the bracket and metal edges to keep them from rusting any more. I still need to get the spot welds on the leading edge of the n
  12. I started doing a little repair on the lower ends of the front fenders. I will be making patch panels and welding them in.
  13. Just laid the new floor in place to see what it looks like. Looks to fit just like the original.
  14. More progress today on the FOR tub. I got the other side panel bent and ready. I test fit everything together on top of the old tub and am happy with the way everything looks. I still need to trim the lips on the side and back and add a small piece to the rear section of the floor. I then proceeded to remove the original tub area from the front of the FOR. Came off without too much fight. If you are interested in the old tub, let me know. It is looking pretty bare now!
  15. More progress on the FOR today. I got one side panel beat into submission (the top lip bent). The more I do the easier it gets. It will still need some finish work but looks like it matches the original pretty good. Now to the other side... I also got a hood, now my brother in law needs a hood! Even more progress today. I continued working on the left side panel and got it cut and bent to shape, it is almost ready to install now.
  16. Today I started bending the lip on the rear panel. I clamped the metal in between two angle irons and started slowly hammering the metal around the angle iron till it was bent 180 degrees. Turned out pretty good, needs some final massaging and possible cut some of the lip off so that it is the right length.
  17. After a great weekend of car cruises I got back to work on the FOR. Made the front bends in the floor and cut the side panels in half (from the solid sheet that was bent last week). I have clamped the one side piece to the FOR to mark it and now comes the task of bending the top edge around to match the original. Feels good to be working on it again.
  18. I can't wait till you fire that engine up and drive that car out of the restoration shop!!!!!!
  19. Have the Hupmobile and 1958 Continental to the Vandergrift Lions car cruise. Another nice show and great weather.
  20. Took the Hupmobile to a local car cruise last evening. It was a beautiful night and there were about 50 vehicles shown. The Hupp ran good and made it there and back without any problems. The best part of the cruise was that there was another Hupmobile there also, a 1925 3 door. Hope to get to another cruise today!
  21. Yes, notes are a good thing. I put the dotted line and bend on there so I didn't cut it off at that line. Did you also notice the top and bottom markings?? I put those there so that when I bent it I would be bending it the right way, so all the holes that are marked and cut are on the right side of the car. I usually stay up at night and think of all the things I need to do the next day, how to bend this, how to cut that, how to do this... Then the next day I am too tired to do it.
  22. Yesterday I went to the club member house and we put several bends in the metal. The floor panel has two 90 degree bends on each side and I will have to bend the front at a 45 degree angle to meet the firewall. I had another piece of 16 gauge that we bent 45 degree angles on each side that will be cut off and welded to the rear of the floor panels to meet the rear of the tub. I also had a 18 gauge piece that I had cut to the approximate size of the side panels and we bent 90 degree bends in them for the bottom edges. One I got the panels bent I started to cut out the battery box hole and t
  23. How is the Hoss's in Hummelstown? Hope they didn't get flooded again.
  24. I have been in contact with the 'thehandleman' and he doesn't think he has one. I will post a picture of the handle just incase someone has one laying around. It is the crank handle on the right. Thanks, Dale
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