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  1. Coker was making reproductions. Contact Jim Hildebrand Email jimh@coker.com
  2. Has anyone hav experience with Packard Carburetor LTD.? I spoke with David Frear, and he did say they had delays as they changed some designs as the yield was not good. He's quoting 2-3 months for a Deluxe 8 carb.
  3. Tom, You should had painted the rims after you installed the snap rings:o One trick I used as not to mar the painted rims is to put a few layers of duct tape lightly on the edge of the metal rims before installing the lock rings. The should protect the paint though you still may end up having to tough up the paint.
  4. I have run into the same problem as West, a broken latch spring for my 32 Packard. I got 3 different springs send to me. None of them is an exact fit. How important is getting the correct size of the spring or is close good enough? The spring I have appears to be the size of West's spring.
  5. I have the ride control knob. Would need to be replated for show. PM me.
  6. Water pump with new pulley is back on car. Hope to fill with coolant tomorrow and take it to the Portland Transmission Show. Unique event that's free and draws in about 600 cars from 7 AM to noon. So the pulley you found West will hopefully help someone else out one day.
  7. West, We took the pulley to the water pump rebuilding place and it is repairable so I think we should let the one you found for someone else. I hate to take one for a spare and just let it sit. The grey primer one looks like my pulley. Looks like someone along the line failed to install a washer under the nut that holds the pulley to the water pump shaft when they rebuilt the pump which caused excessive play leading to the damage. Thanks for your help. Hopefully I be back on the road in about a week.
  8. Looks like a 800 series big eight is the same thing.
  9. I'd like quickly as also considering whether we can sleeve the inner hub. 2nd drive of the season and got about 1 mile:(
  10. Looking for pulley for 1932 Packard water pump.
  11. Did anyon ebuy one of these repo carbs amd how did it work?
  12. I got tired of lugging around mine D80 DSLR which was bought mainly bcause of the shutter lag in the P&S. Now the P&S shutter lag is very minimal. I purchased recently a Sony HX9V. It has a 16X zoom, does 1080P video and also can do things like making a parnoramic shot simply by paning the camera. The camera does all the stiching of teh pictures together. Go to the forums here if you want to drive yourself crazy. I use the forums as usually the cream of the crop rises to the top and I choose the one that best fits my needs.
  13. Scott, Which way did you go and were you happy with your choice?
  14. I belong to the local HCCA, Packard and had belonged to the local CCCA club. The HCCA with ther pre 32 and older cars are the most active of the three clubs. They do about a tour a month plus dress up for these tours.
  15. I drive my 32 903 coupe roadster every week in good weather and even some in bad weather. However at shows I still see people who like the hot rods assembled from aftermarket parts I.e. Replicas. At shows some of these are voted best of show. Don't understand it.
  16. Run away from the Henry Yeska stone guard. Not well made.
  17. I think it needs more lights on the front end:)
  18. There is a resistor in parallel with the fuse. Look at the wiring diagram. I discovered it while installing a new wiring harness and was using a ohmmeter to make sure I had no shorts. I couldn't figure out where the leakage was coming from until I studied the wiring diagram.
  19. That's why I used copper but would now use the flexible tubing.
  20. I got a better security device if someone think they are going to drive it away. Only I know how to start it with the right sequence of choke and accelerator pumps:-)
  21. Pauls Plating in Evans City,Pa sends a detail picture inventory with his quote. He also won't start work until he receives full payment. However he does wonderful work.
  22. Just because there is less of them, doesn't mean they would sell for more. A 1001 convertible will fetch 150k plus. I doubt the 900 Vicky would top 100K though I have been known to be wrong.
  23. I don't think so. A open 32 or 33 will be worth about 3 times as much as a closed 32/33. If that is the case a close 32 or 33 Super 8 would be selling for over $200k which they are not.
  24. On my 32, I just bought some rubber from McMaster McMaster-Carr. You can specify the hardness of the rubber. Much cheaper than buying it from Steele Rubber.
  25. I like the 30s Auburn and was considering buying one, but they are just too small for me. Great styling though. And you can get a Packard 120 convertible for ~$60K which seems very reasonable. Also the 32 Packard light eight seems to be quite a bargain at <$100K.
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