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  1. Haven't been working on the Speedster much. Helping my son fix an old house. Still having a problem with the wheels I had made at Witmer Carriage. Other than that everything if fine . The motor is still running and hasn't shown any leaks much to my suprise. Mike
  2. It is pretty much finished. Working on some wood wheels and maybe but some instruments in it. Mike
  3. Looking for one 19" seven lug Wood Spoke wheel with snap ring for my Speedster. I will be selling five 20" Packard Disk Wheels with Snap Rings and Tires. Nash Franklin Packard Mike
  4. Generator and Distributor Magazines 1986,1987, 1993, 1995-2005 an about 20 issues from the middle sixties to early seventies Also some This old Truck, Reo, Wheels of Time , Cadillac Lasalle, Bulb Horn, Antique Automobile, MAKE AN OFFER MIKE DEFELICE 845-853-2563
  5. Al, Franklin wheels are finally going back to Witmer next week to get fixed Mike
  6. Al, Thanks for the note. Everything seems to be OK. I haven't driven the car much. I just had a four corner fusion on my right wrist. It will be 2 months in a cast. Mike
  7. Finally got the Motor back together and it ran about 2 minutes and the Oil Pump Shaft Seized up. The washer under the pump shaft got on top of the pin that holds it in place. This happened when I replaced the low distributor with the high distributor housing. Thanks to a member of the Franklin Club I got a replacement shaft and it fixed the problem. I was fortunate that the only damage was the oil pump gear. The cam gear destroyed the oil pump gear and not the gear on the cam that drives it..
  8. Five 1928 Cadillac Wooden Wheels in Good Condition. Wheels are complete with Brake Drums, Bearings, Rims, Lug Nuts and Bolts and Hubcaps. The Wheels came off my Car when I changed to Wire. The unpainted wheel does not have bearings. I also have an additional Rim. Asking $1500 for All. Mike DeFelice 845-853-2563
  9. Looking for a 1932 Franklin Distributor Cap that has the wires coming out the side. It is a two piece cap and was used on other six cylinder cars like Auburn, Chrysler, Packard Pierce, Reo, Stewart. Thanks Mike 845-853-2563 40mdefelice@gmail.com
  10. Will this cap fit 1932 Franklin? It is supposed to be the same as several of the Vehicles U have listed Mike 845-853-2563
  11. Al, I would sell the wheels. They do need to go back to Witmer Carriage unless someone has the ability to get them finished. I also have a new set of tires and the snap rings. Mike
  12. Al, I think the wheel was put together backward. Those problems would be taken care of when the inserts and holes were drilled. They know about it. I just never returned the wheels to make it happen. Mike
  13. Yes, Wheels were powder Coated and fitted with new spokes. They were returned as shown in the Picture Wheels were never drilled. Need to go back to Witmer Carriage to be finished. Mike
  14. Al, I don't remember. I just matched up the number of holes and the pattern. I had to get a set of wheels because the wood wheels I got with the car were junk like most of the rest of it. I have a new set of wood wheels and tires I should at moving. Mike Mike
  15. Al, It is just there for show. I remembered having one on the Mercury Flathead Motor in my Inboard Hydroplane so I made that to look like the Pump. Mike