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  1. Large 150 acre car property in Oregon City. Contacts are on flyer.
  2. Tom, You should had painted the rims after you installed the snap rings:o One trick I used as not to mar the painted rims is to put a few layers of duct tape lightly on the edge of the metal rims before installing the lock rings. The should protect the paint though you still may end up having to tough up the paint.
  3. I have run into the same problem as West, a broken latch spring for my 32 Packard. I got 3 different springs send to me. None of them is an exact fit. How important is getting the correct size of the spring or is close good enough? The spring I have appears to be the size of West's spring.
  4. Scott, Which way did you go and were you happy with your choice?
  5. Looks like you did an excellent job. Almost on the road?
  6. Superods Just got my Hemmings today. A 37 Super coupe was a bid up to 110K and was a no sale. It was a #2 car. I think that is crazy money. However with the 32 CR, it could be a decent driver. Would I pay 100K for it. No, because I know I would put a lot more into to it than it's worth. But that's not how you price cars. It's a convertible from the three most desirable years (32-34) for collectors. This car was in much better shape than yours.
  7. Congrats on the sale. It's interesting as we were debating a seling price on another 32 902 coupe roadster. I was thinking that the car should be selling for closer to 100K. Seeing yours selling for 47K gives some validity to my pricing.
  8. Well the transmission seems to be pretty much fixed. I took a much longer ride than I had today and notice that the oil pressure dropped to about 25 pounds at 50 mph. I'm wondering if the .060 restrictor needs to be smaller. Also the car is running hot. I being told bythe mechanic and others that until thecar breaks in (500 miles) it will tend to run hot. I don't know if a rsdiator recore is inmy future. Had the radiator flush out two years ago. Reflushed it again o the car. Is is frustrating. Engine sounds great with no smoke or oil usage. I cannow rive with the top down:)
  9. What I did is take the fitting, tap it for a allen head plug. Then drill the allen head at .063. Brought the oil pressure up to 10 when idling and 30-40 lbs when driving. The engine is done but I still have problems. Number one is overheating. Number two is the transmisison is in worse shape now then before it was rebuilt. Keeps popping out of 4th gear when you lift off the gas. Only way to stop it is to keep hand on the stick. Also sometimes at a complete stop, gears ares still spinning so you got a clash. May try 140 wt oil to see if that helps. Not a happy camper right now.
  10. Does anyone know where you can acquire these restrictors. Also if you were to make one, is there a spec?
  11. Sound good. I'm about a week a few months later than I thought from getting my engine installed from the rebuild. Evrything was gone through so hopefully no surprises.
  12. Also for future reference, I'm building a database on our club website for suppliers, services etc. $200 is cheap when you can't find a new one.
  13. Not really lowered it but anything above .08 you get a DUI. Anything under .08 can still get you arrested is in the opinion of the officer you are impaired to drive. I think that is a bs law as it brings judgement into play. If a cop doesn't like your looks, he can bring a serious DUI charge against you.
  14. Don't need to do anything but hand wax it. It's got more shine from the clearcoat than a 34 Rolls ever had. Mequiars NXT seemed to work well for me however now I have switched to Satin Creme . probably don't need to wax more than once a year. I swear by Adams detail spray. I used Mequiar but found I was getting a lot of hazing. The detailing will help remove any bugs that you may pick up. Also the cheap micro fiber towels from costco seem to work well.
  15. What about Pontiac Chieftain, Indian Motorcycle, MG Midget. Jeep Cherokee, Hummer, Navajo, Suburu Brat, Swinger, New Yorker, Samuri, beaver, Black crow,Tsunami?
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