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  1. Chudwah- Thanks for the diagrams. Sorry for the long delay to acknowledge, but I only check in 1-2x per month. Interesting and fun facts! Depending on the travel of the sedan's seat, the sedan looks like the winner here.
  2. JD- Thanks for the quick reply. I may take you up on that offer. The truck is beautiful. I was unaware of the urban legend, but happy to see it dispelled.
  3. JD - Quick question on a Model A truck vs. a Fordor with respect to "creature comforts." My Dad is 90yrs old and drives the heck out of his '31 Town Sedan. Getting in and out is somewhat challenging due to the relatively narrow gap between the seat and the side panel. (The seat is in its rear most position). Is there any difference with a truck?
  4. John- You are worth a hell of a lot more than the price of this truck. Your wealth of knowledge and generosity is absolutely amazing. I am grateful to have become friends with you and Cherrie over the years. It is always such a hoot when we get together. You two are the best! I am always impressed with the support everyone on this forum gives. That was an extra special move making that offer to John. It couldn't go to a better recipient.
  5. Edinmass- Agreed! Not a big fan of that color scheme either, but I think one could learn to live with it considering the outstanding detail and condition.
  6. Back to the $125K Cadillac that started this discussion... Isn't that the same vehicle which recently sold at Amelia Island for $84K? $41K for a quick-flip! (or Needless Markup). Such a gorgeous car!! https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/am20/amelia-island/lots/r0042-1931-cadillac-v-8-convertible-coupe-by-fleetwood/841086#
  7. Not far from me there is an auto repair shop that caters to older cars from the 40’s to the 70’s. Whenever I pass this place, it is always fun to see what’s sitting on the lot. Last week, I decided it was a good time to take advantage of the “no- traffic” pandemic situation and take one of my old cars for a spin. As I drove past the repair shop, I noticed something was amiss. Apparently there was a catastrophic land slide on the business just adjacent to the shop. The landslide collapsed one entire side of the repair shop’s lot, flattening a bunch of the old cars into automotive pancakes.
  8. I have this mystery (to me) item hanging in my garage and can't figure out what it is. I have a few ideas what it could be used for (Whomper, Billy-club, attitude adjuster) but I am pretty sure it has another purpose. That is where you, the AACA experts, come in. The item you see in the pictures is essentially a 36" long pipe made of 3 individual sections of aluminum tubing or pipe threaded together. The OD is 1 inch. On one end there is a small threaded cap about a 1 ¼” long. The threaded cap has a small hole drilled in it's the end so it is not meant to be water or air tight.
  9. Hi Peter Pan- We shopped around a little, but no one else had the answers like the Brassworks did. (BTW No relation here , just a satisfied consumer). The staff were very knowledgeable and familiar with this honeycomb style radiator. We sent the original radiator to them so they could strip off all the soldered bits and the tanks. Afterwards they even returned the old core to us. The downside: You can't be in a hurry. We were told there were 27 jobs ahead of us! The ETA was approximately 3 months. They beat their own time frame- it was on our doorstep in two m
  10. yes! even more if one of them turned up this week at a car wash
  11. Dave, on behalf of all the blind idiots of the world, we’ll give you 10% credit for your suggestion that the lying media, for appearance sake, “doctored” the image of the one and only “real” marathon car. Next, you'll be saying there is only one Santa Claus. Why 10% credit? After closer scrutiny, there may be a faint ghost image of the original graphics seen below Dodge 8. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Photoshop does go way back; then they called it “Photo Retouching.” Now on to the other 90% of the argument… 1) Why do practically all the other pic
  12. John and Cherie are the Best! They roll out the red carpet for their guests. Hang out long enough and John will take you to the local watering hole and beat you at pool. Barrel of monkeys, guaranteed. Thanks guys!
  13. It's the one with most bugs in the honeycomb radiator. The daily mileage log shows they maintained their average speed of almost exactly 30mph every day. (Newark, NJ on August 12 =23mph, damn NJ traffic.) It obviously wasn't an Indy race, slow and steady gets you there. All told, this is a pretty good clip back in 1930, even for an 8 cylinder. Anyone know if they ever duplicated this with a six cylinder car? Who were the drivers and what were they paid?
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