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  1. Really nice award winning 1973 Mercury Marquis Brougham for sale. Located in San Diego. See my description, pictures and contact information here:
  2. stakeside- "Not sure how to remove main shaft. It is frozen solid." Trying to understand the problem. Are you referring to the shaft that your speedometer cable connects to? If so, I am correct in assuming you were attempting to rotate that shaft manually (with a small screwdriver or whatever) and it refuses to rotate? I am also assuming you have soaked it in your favorite penetrating oil and it still wont budge?
  3. Kenendcindyc: Nice forensic axle rundown. It makes sense that it happens over some time and would tend to explain why my axle broke without a sound.
  4. It's the main odometer numbers that are all moving together. I agree, that pin needs to be inspected. But after seeing the bloody wreckage in the above photo, maybe I should reconsider any further investigation!
  5. That's the exact place where the axle broke in my 1929 Dodge Brothers. It happened without any fanfare or warning. I was driving about 20 mph less than a block away from a car show, stopped at a stop sign and then nothing. No movement or sound other than the engine. You might expect that snapping a hunk of steel over 1 inch in diameter would create some excitement. AAA to the rescue.
  6. I have an issue with a 1929 NE Speedometer wherein the odometer numbers want to rotate as a group. This doesn't happen all the time, but it is interesting to watch as it happens. I haven't dissected it yet, but does anyone have any guesses as to why this might happen and how to repair it? RichBad's disassembly of a nearly identical unit seen here might hold the clue:
  7. Thanks Steve! The 70's Lincolns were pretty awesome. They definitely shared a lot of DNA with the Mercury Marquis Brougham. Joe
  8. Hi Tom! What's not to love? All 222.5 inches of her. Over 18 1/2 feet! It's hard to believe it's almost 50yrs. old. My Dad was a die-hard Mercury guy. He bought a brand new triple black 1971 Mercury Marquis as his first mid-life crisis car. He was in the midst of a mid-eighty crisis when he purchased this one. Thanks for the comment! Joe
  9. Hi John- The last time this car was offered for sale was when my Dad purchased it from the original owner in 2014. A Mercury aficionado who owns two 1973's contacted me because this color combination is fairly rare. He was the one who did the research and found only 150 out of 22,000 two-door coupes are still registered in the US. He also mentioned only one in three were originally delivered with the 460CID option, so that number could be less than 150. He never told me the production figures for this color. Perhaps you saw this car featured in a full color spread in the October 2015 issue of Collectible Automobile Magazine. Coincidentally, someone on eBay has a copy of this issue for sale featuring this Marquis. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265220083795?hash=item3dc0595053:g:kmwAAOSw8ddglyM~ Joe
  10. Hi Daniel- Thanks for the kind words. It's true, hard to beat factory original! Asking price is $14,999.
  11. Nice looking Pontiac. I have the roadster version. I would love to see you post some more pictures of your long lost family treasure. And by all means, do tell: How did you finally find it and what did it take to get it back in the family?
  12. Here is an excellent example of a Luxurious 1973 Mercury Grand Marquis Brougham. My Dad purchased the car from the original owner about 7 years ago. This car is completely original as it came from the factory in 1973. It has only 38,000 miles and is in excellent condition. It has always been garaged. Rare Find! They only sold 22,000 of this body style and this car is one of only 150 left registered in the US! The vehicle is big and drives like a dream. It is powered by the rare optional 460 CID -V8 with the optional 4 Bbl carburetor. The engine is paired with a 3 speed automatic transmission and shifts as smooth as glass. It functions perfectly as it should. These are highly reliable transmissions and are very low maintenance. The vehicle has been meticulously maintained and handles well. Its road manners are impeccable. The power steering and power brakes work flawlessly. The engine and transmission combination provides super smooth acceleration and power. The engine starts easily- it runs and idles smoothly. It doesn’t smoke or use oil. The engine runs cool as a cucumber even on a hot San Diego day. This beauty is fully equipped with all factory options including air conditioning (nice and cold), climate control, trademark Hidden Headlights, 6-way power seats, power windows, cruise control, power steering, power disc brakes, AM-FM tape. An aftermarket CD player in the trunk and aftermarket back up camera is also included. It has beautiful, flawless white factory pillowed upholstery on the power seats and door panels. The white headliner is perfect, as is the contrasting dark green carpet. The glass is perfect and chip-free. All power windows and power seats function as they should. The dark green vinyl top is spectacular. The body is solid and rust-free. The doors shut like vault doors. The factory fender skirts are a handsome treat. The brilliant chrome bumpers and trim is all in perfect condition with no rust or pitting. The paint is original and is in excellent condition except a few small paint chips, which is normal for an original paint job that is nearly 50 years old. The dash cluster gauges, including the oil pressure, temp, ammeter, fuel, speedometer, and odometer work perfectly. The CLOCK even works, keeping accurate time.The odometer reads 38,652 ORIGINAL miles and has not been tripped over. The Whitewall Tires have plenty of tread on them and really set off a luxury look. The brakes and lights are all functioning as they should. In fact, this one has a special feature: SEQUENTIAL TURN SIGNAL LIGHTS! The trunk is absolutely huge and contains the spare tire and the factory tools. In fact, the factory spare tire has never been mounted with the factory markings still on it. The factory original jack and handle are included. All factory labels under the hood, the trunk and door jams are present and in perfect order. The car has been on display twice at the San Diego Auto Museum and was featured on the local news station KUSI-TV. It has won numerous trophies and awards including a Grand National Prize Winner Award from the Antique Automobile Club of America (SEE PHOTOS). All of its many trophies will be included with the sale. All in all, this vehicle is ready for show or go. It needs nothing. The car is a head-turner. It has a commanding road presence-you will be amazed at all the attention it gets. That’s why the San Diego Auto Museum has hosted it twice! The vehicle is currently registered and located in San Diego, California. I have a clear title in hand. Call or text SIX one nine 8 FIVE one 5 nine SIX zero
  13. Chudwah- Thanks for the diagrams. Sorry for the long delay to acknowledge, but I only check in 1-2x per month. Interesting and fun facts! Depending on the travel of the sedan's seat, the sedan looks like the winner here.
  14. JD- Thanks for the quick reply. I may take you up on that offer. The truck is beautiful. I was unaware of the urban legend, but happy to see it dispelled.
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