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  1. I called his friend to get information to put in The Way of the Zephyr obits after he died, but didn't ask what was going to happen to his stuff. I suspect it went to his son. Merv Adkins said they offered to sell it to him but he said no thanks.
  2. Yeah, looks amazing! But where's the steering wheels?
  3. Boos-Herrell has them in their catalog, listed at $45 for repros and $115 for original.
  4. Thanks, it makes my challenges seem soooo minor. I will appreciate and admire the progress.
  5. Paul, have you had a head off? If so, have you measured the cylinder bore?
  6. Gorgeous! I'm ready when you are.
  7. Look for a B-4516 on page 24 of Joe's Antique Auto catalog. They've got the cork type. I ordered a felt seal from Roy Nacewicz (Cat.# D-002) but it looks too big to fit in the slot.
  8. So Jeff, you're saying that I should throw out my NOS split guides and mushroom valves and go with newer single piece guides?
  9. Dee, with your knowledge of valves and fluid flow you should have been a heart surgeon.
  10. o.k., here you go Mike. You can see how the brass tab is kind of sprung out away from the metal slider. Just press that down, twist the shaft, and pull. Dave
  11. I have mine out of the car ('41 Zephyr sedan) and am looking at it. There's an L-shaped brass tab riveted to the L-shaped piece ("slider") that the shaft engages in and that slides back and forth. To release the shaft you will need to press the brass tab so it is flat against the slider using a small flat screwdriver. Then use a pair of pliers to rotate the shaft about 90 degrees and it should come right out. If you need a photo I could get you one on Saturday. Dave
  12. Sorry, Frenchy, I didn't get the number for the wheel cylinders at the time, just bought the kits, which seem to work fine. I collect selected tips from the Forum and in 2008 Tom Overfield posted this number for the cylinders from Napa: <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:DoNotOptimizeForBrowser/> </w:WordDocument> </xml><![endif]-->WC24955, 24954
  13. The bag for my 41 Zephyr is beige canvas (with lots of artistic rust spots). Let me know if you want a picture or dimensions.
  14. The ones on my all original '41 are oval. If you need replacements, check page 93 of Joe's Antique Auto catalog. The 48-17758 looks like a match. $6.50 each.
  15. I bought rebuilding kits for my '41 from Napa, and they said they also had the wheel cylinders if I needed them.
  16. Thanks, Keith, but the steering wheel is really a mess!
  17. Here's my '41, H110857, just before going to get a new windshield installed. Repainted in the original Paradise Green. It's been in the family since new.
  18. Thanks for the update, Keith. Looking forward to putting one on my 41!
  19. Thanks Tom and everyone. Too late. They talked me into putting their logo on the windshield - not too conspicuous, but it would have been nice to use Roy's kit. Maybe I'll do that for the side windows. They were right about the requirement for a mark and gave me the citation: Title 49, Volume 5, Section 571.205-S6.3 of the Code of Federal Regulations states: "A manufacturer or distributor who cuts a section of glazing material to which this standard applies, for use in a motor vehicle or camper, must-- (a) Mark that material in accordance with section 7 of ANSI/SAE 226.1-1996; and ( Certify that its product complies with this standard in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 30115." So technically, having the glass made without the mark is a federal violation. I wonder who's watching. Would having glass without the Ford logo lose points in judging?
  20. Thanks, the outfit is Classic Flat Glass in Placerville, CA. They seem to know their stuff and said they would show me the vehicle code section. California trumps all other states in rules and regulations. CFG was sensitive to the fact that I might want to show the car and that without original logos it would lose points. My original windows bear a Ford Safety Glass logo.
  21. I'm having windows remade and the shop says they have to include their logo for the vehicle to be street legal. This is probably a California regulation, but what experience have others had in this regard? They are not willing to counterfeit a Fomoco logo.
  22. 41 Zephyr authenticity experts: I'm painting out my newly chromed trim. Is paint applied only to the Zephyr V-12 lettering, or also to the grooves in between the Lincoln lettering above? -Dave
  23. Thanks, I guess the mounts are for vibration, not electrical isolation.