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  1. I know that you guys are purists with your original cars and I appreciate that but I am still running a 1953 Lincoln Y Block in my '40 Cabriolet and would like to supplement the engine cooling with a thermostat activated electric fan. I am still running the six volt system and have plenty of room between the fan and radiator because the V-8 is bolted directly to the original drive train. I thought that I would throw it out to you guys because of your Lincoln expertise but I may have to go to the Ford Barn site and pick their brains for recommendations. Thank you. Ron
  2. Ahh...thanks I will do it. I found a wiring depiction for a '41 Mercury circuit breaker in my old Ford Service Manual and I believe that is how it shows the wiring to be. I appreciate the tip. Ron
  3. Thank you for all of your help, with John Murphy's help I referred to the Service Manual and on page 38 I found my circuit breaker, my car was retrofitted with a 1941 breaker and to muddy the issue even more, the rewiring done by the previous owner is nonstandard so that the color code is of no use. Sure is fun owning a 78 year old car with some 65 year old wiring and Lincoln V-8 engine. I still have the problem but will eventually sort it out. Thanks again. Ron
  4. Yes sir and that is why I do have power to the "CB" boxout how do I remedy the lack of power to the headlight/ignition post? Can the breaker be reset or does it have to be replaced? Ron
  5. Thank you Mssr. Bwatoe for your help. I do have power to the solenoid because the starter works fine. It appears to me that on my car both the wire to the ignition switch and the wire going to the headlight switch are wired onto the same pole on the "circuit breaker" so neither have 6 volts. As mentioned before, I do have 6 volts to the "box' because the two outside poles are hot with 6 volts (the middle pole to which the headlights and ignition has no power). What is the purpose of that box and how do you reset the circuit breaker. What if I wire the ignition to one of the hot poles?
  6. I am dealing with the original system with some rewire in the past and for some reason I don't have power to my ignition switch (or headlights), it had worked fine until recently. I have 6v to the two outside poles on the device/block on the inside of the firewall but none to the center pole to which the ignition switch is wired. I think that the Wiring Diagram is calling this device a Circuit Breaker, is there a way to reset it? Any help, advice or instruction that you can give me would really be appreciated. Ron
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