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  1. Thanks, Dee. I'll plug it up - or replace the pan with another I have. I suspect the tube that extends into the pan may be near or below the oil level.
  2. Not sure how old this thread is, but here it goes again. The engine I recently bought from Merv Adkins has a canister and downdraft tube welded onto the side of the pan. The engine was supposedly never run in a car since rebuilt, but I get a steady drip of oil out of the breather tube. I added a carb mounting block with vacuum takeoff and a PCV valve connected to the hole in the intake manifold, but this doesn't help. At least I don't have to worry about changing oil - just keep pouring it in. If I can't come up with a better solution I'm just going to plug up the tube. I wouldn't recommend
  3. There's a manual on Ebay. Item #370467620524.
  4. Here are a few pictures of the clutch and brake springs on my '41 sedan. The Chassis Parts book says the springs are the same for 40-48, so this may be useful. Not very pretty - guess I've got some cleaning to do underneath. -Dave
  5. Dee Peecher was kind enough to respond and is sending me a couple that will go directly to Skip. So I will get the job done for about half of what it would have cost if I had won the bid. Congratulations on your good fortune, Jeff!
  6. We'll thankfully my $500 bid wasn't ignorant enough! Guess I'll have to try to find some cores. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. I'm watching a pair of Skip Haney rebuilt water pumps on Ebay go for around $500. I'm going to need some when I get around to working on the V12, but is this what I should expect to pay? -Dave
  8. My '41 sedan is sanded and blasted to bare metal. Just a few more touch-ups and she'll be ready for a new skin. I decided not to sand down the jambs. I hope the feathering at the door corners isn't too conspicuous. Dave
  9. Gates parts locator at Gates Part Locator & Interchange gives part no. TR20544. -Dave
  10. See United Speedometer Gone? Need Help! - THE H.A.M.B. and good luck! I feel your frustration. I waited 14 months for my dash and molding wood grain work to return and thought I'd never see it again. Thankfully it just came back and the job was outstanding.
  11. I mailed a letter to his home address hoping that a relative or friend would pick it up and write something we can use in TWOTZ, but haven't heard anything yet. I noticed his ad was still in the last issue - a sad reminder.
  12. Is the "Bonsalls" book that has the production numbers "The Lincoln Motorcar Sixty Years of Excellence"? It's available at Amazon. See Amazon.com: The Lincoln Motorcar Sixty Years of Excellence (9780934780063): Thomas E. Bonsall: Books
  13. I have his mailing address. I'll try that.
  14. Thanks for the pictures, Phil. Seems like he should be remembered in TWOTZ. Dee, would it be possible for his son to provide something? If nothing else we should just send in all the testimonials here. Dave
  15. Thanks for giving us the news, Peecher. If you hear of plans for a service, please let us know. I would like to pay my respects in person. I wish my car, with several of his parts, was in shape to take me to Santa Cruz. Dave
  16. I'll give Merv a call to make sure he knows the situation. If someone else has done so, speak up. Rolf has been very kind to me over the years. I have a beautiful speedometer (see the back cover of TWOTZ May-June 2007), some gorgeous hub caps, and many other parts to prove it. If you're listening Rolf, here's to you!
  17. I could have sworn I saw an article in TWOTZ about renewing the latch hardware and rubber for fender skirts, but searching through the nearly 10 years of issues I have I couldn't find it. Anyone know of sources for these parts?
  18. That's the best! First class job and good for another 70 years. Congratulations!
  19. As early as I can remember, in the '41 Sedan that belonged to my grandmother and that I am FINALLY getting around to restoring. At some point the V12 became a V8, but I don't remember there being a difference. Just remember the huge back seat and the cool cigarette lighters on each arm rest.
  20. Tom- Thanks for the instructions. This gives me the confidence to give it a try. Nice to know it is possible to get such a professional looking job with the kit. Doing it myself will help out with the budget considering what it will cost to recover my stuff. Keith- I'm still interested in having you do my '41 steering wheel. I have some LaSalle cores, if you want to practice on those. Let me know when you're ready.
  21. I can tell you who NOT to send your dash to for woodgraining. Shipped it off last September. When the guy responds it's "I'll have it done next week." Then I don't hear from him for a month. I'll be lucky just to get the parts back. I have to fly all the way across the country to recover them. He's in New Hampshire, I'm in NorCal. (I'd send pics but my Attach Files button disappears every now and then.) -Dave
  22. Here's some previous postings I've collected on the subject of oil: Ok Guy's here is what I did on the Houdale shocks, but first remember that all shocks are basically hydraulically operated, whether by air or oil. I took some of the oil from the shocks and had it analyzed, just a spectrum analysis by a friend of mine who works for the GOV and it turned out to be the basic hydraulic oil used in jacks, however the original oil contained a paraffin base, like many oils back in the pre-war day's. We compared it to the normal hydraulic oil used in jacks and the only difference is no paraffin, but
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