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  1. I measured the ones on my '41 sedan. The arms are 9" from the center of the post to the point of connection to the wipers, and the wiper blades are also 9" long. Good luck finding replacements.
  2. Thanks for sticking with me on this, OC. I pulled the retaining clip behind the steering wheel and the two bolts that hold the clamp at the lower end, but it appears that the lower end linkage arms will not fit through the firewall. Also, since I can't remove the shift lever, it won't go through the firewall the other way either. Despite lots of WD40 the shaft is still frozen solid. Let me know if you want to unload your spare. I guess I'll have to cut this one out. Dave Springer
  3. Thanks again, OC. The problem is clearly that the shift shaft is rusted, preventing it from going into 1st & reverse. Tried WD40 but I not sure where to apply it. I may take you up on the shift assembly, but I can't figure out how to remove it. Is there a decent LZ shop manual available? All I have is a National Service Data Manual that covers all cars from '36 to '48, but doesn't have enough detail on the LZ. The horn button is still in great shape and shined up real nice.
  4. I'm going to wear out my welcome before I'm done with this restoration... The shift mechanism on my '41 is apparently rusted in place, so that the shift lever cannot be pulled back to shift into reverse or first. From the disassembly I have done so far it appears that the lever engages in a shaft that slides through the outer tube. <span style="font-weight: bold">Can anyone suggest how to remove the shift lever and/or the lower control arms that connect to the linkage so that I can extract the entire assembly to work on it?</span> There is a wire protruding from the lower end of the shaft with a loop in the end that appears to be part of a spring. Is this typical? The engine will be out soon so I will have the room to pull it forward through the firewall if necessary. Dave in Winters, CA
  5. Finally got the horn button off by prying the V12 emblem off, then engaging needle nose pliers in the depressions in the plastic cover, and rotating them with a crescent wrench. Discovered after I got it off that I was going in the wrong direction-should have rotated clockwise instead of counterclockwise. On to the next challenge...
  6. OC - Thanks for the quick reply!