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  1. I got one from Todd Caulder. Very nice.
  2. Is there an alternator that looks like the generator available in 6 volt?
  3. Well, I have a man who has the dies and can make the cowl tag. I had the body number and build sheet, but now can't find it. I got these from a Ford/Lincoln archives, but I don't have the contact info any more. Anyone have this info?
  4. There used to be a guy who advertised on Ebay and he made reproduction body tags for antique cars, the Lincoln being one of them. The photo of his product looked liked an exact replica of the body tag and I need one for my 41 Zephyr. Does anyone have a contact for someone who does this?
  5. I apologize to everyone for not getting back for a number of years. Life just got in the way. At any rate, I will soon be looking to start the restoration work on my dad's 41 Zephyr. I will be on here and other venues looking for the parts that were removed from the car. The biggest item being the engine and overdrive transmission. I am also looking for the headlight trim, the trim piece on the front between the two grills, the heater, the radio, front parking/turn signal light housings, the rear seat footrests, wheel trim rings, all these things were on the car when my dad owned it. I have ac
  6. Update. Car is loaded and leaving Ohio today, returning to her Texas roots. Now the work begins! Can't wait.
  7. I have verified that the car in question is indeed my dad's old Lincoln!! Have wired the money to Glenn, and am arranging shipping. Once I get the car and can take inventory, I will send out a plea for parts, or a good parts car with engine and overdrive transmission.
  8. I sure would like to talk to Mr. Brochstein. My number is 832.541.9871. Thanks. Also, the father in law is the father in law of the person who has the car now, not my father in law. He got the car from Gerald Brochstein of Detroit, who got the car from Tim Urban of Pasadena Texas, who got the car from my dad, Bill Dove of Livingston Texas. Thanks for your help!
  9. I have found the car. See thread "Searching for 41 Zephyr"
  10. New info. There is an anomoly with the title on the Zephyr. I do believe this is my dad's car, I need to verify that a Gerald Brochstein of Detroit, a car designer, is the person who bought the Zephyr from Tim Urban in Texas. Anyone out there know Mr. Brochstein?
  11. Jim, thanks, I would be interested in the engine. Do you know if the engines on these cars have matching numbers to the frame? Billy
  12. We have come to a deal!!!!! I will be selling my 58 Cadillac in order to finance this purchase and restoration. I will have it on Ebay and the AACA Cadillac forum soon. Will be looking for a V12 engine and original transmission as well as radio and heater, headlight trim, hubcaps and a few other pieces. Thanks everyone for your interest and support. Any parts leads will be appreciated.
  13. UPDATE. Have contacted Glenn, who has my Dad's 41 Zephyr. We are negotiating, hope we can reach a deal. Seems the original Michigan purchaser only wanted some parts off the car, he must have gotten it cheap, as now it is missing the engine, transmission, radio and various trim items that I can see from the photos. Still looks like th paint may shine out and the body looks solid, but it is my Dad's car. Will post if we can make a deal.
  14. I had the coolant tubes made up out of stainless steel. Work great on my car and have 5 more sets. Will sell. They cost me around 260.00 per set, and I will sell for my cost.
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