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  1. I made an appointment to go thru Chocolate World, to keep my streak of taking home Kisses for my wife. Hey, we were married during Hershey week 30 years ago. I then visited my Swap Meet spaces and daydreamed there was a big crowd. Then a trip to the Museum rounded out the day. I don’t care who wins the election, give me my vaccination. Hershey 2021 must not be screwed up!
  2. The flat part out in the country. Salem County Fairgrounds, Woodstown, NJ.
  3. Post your pictures of your vacant Hershey spaces. Without pictures, it didn’t happen.
  4. The old Cowtown Swap Meet, now at the Salem County, NJ Fairgrounds, is on for Sunday October 25. About 1/2 the size of Carlisle and always a treat.
  5. Swap meet was today in glorious “Hershey” weather. 38 degrees at 7am; 65 at Noon. Good crowd and a few hundred vendors. Typical 50/50 old iron vs. race car parts. The trees are just reaching their peak colors. See my haul below. The wheels are early a Chevy truck, 6 lug with hub cam clips- but are 15” and 5.5 “ wide. Rare to find, especially at $20/pair. i bought other ‘46 Chevy truck parts, but sold them before I could get to the truck!
  6. Nice old light. 7-inch diameter. Needs restoration. Light retaining rim has a few cracks. Glass is good. $40 plus $25 shipping. Free delivery to Gettysburg/Hershey car show in early November if that works. Send PM if interested,
  7. Didn’t get your Swap Meet fix in 2020? The Maple Grove Raceway will host their final swap meet of the year on Saturday October 17. It’s in rural, really rural, Mohnton, PA. Start at Lancaster and head North. The fall foliage should be just about at peak and it’s a lovely drive out into the PA countryside. Get there right after the gates open at 8am. Admission is $5 and parking is free. The parts are a mix of drag racing stuff and antique car parts. Anything somebody cleaned out of their garage. You’ll make one pass through in about 2-3 hours. Don’t show up at noon, or you’ll see a lot of rear bumpers leaving!
  8. It’s a beautiful day in Hershey. You may have gone home with a suntan!
  9. Oh, ok. Drive 2 hours to Southern MD and buy a pickup load of ‘41-‘46 Chevy/GMC parts. Just getting ready for Hershey 2021, even before Hershey 2020 ends- or, sort of ends. When life gives you lemons, .... GAI 18-19. Might pay my spaces a visit tomorrow.
  10. Notice the guy in the blue jacket eyeballing the Ardun, while he is holding his wife’s hand- and she is right there in her best (non-mud approved) shoes. Of course, she wants that Ardun as much as he does. You see women like this at Hershey- standing next to their man as his partner and friend. Ah, my wife....would be hanging out at Chocolate World, waiting for me to get done in the mud. Drat!
  11. Logo on the base of an oil bath air cleaner. Probably 1945-55. Dodge or ?
  12. First day, my first time at Luray. Hershey in miniature, from the way-back machine. Lots of Model T and Model A but enough other stuff to be interesting. I drove 2.5 hours to get there. If you’re inside that range, check it out on Wednesday or Thursday. Beautiful country, nice folks, great time. The last 2 pictures reveal my treasures. Some came from a guy who is one row away from me at a Hershey. I had to go to VA to meet him!
  13. Here are my pictures. The north field was a hay field- but the infield and front were packed. How about that? Cut down on the walking. The last picture is my perspective looking out.
  14. Last year. My wife comes along for the first 2 days, helping me get the trailer situated. Then she scoots off to Thurmont, MD for Colorfest- a 4 day yard sale extravaganza. Here she is early in the morning, wondering when it’s going to warm up! We were married October 13, 1990- the last time I missed Hershey! As I look at the picture, everything sold except one fender. Yeah, I miss Hershey.
  15. The stainless ring was removed and donated to complete a very nice show car. The tread cover and the donut ring are for sale, either as a set or as individual pieces. They are very nice and appear to be in original paint. Just send me a pm with your zip and I’ll get you a shipping quote. They are $60 each or $100 for the pair. Thanks.
  16. Craig: When I was younger, my wife told the kids that Daddy lived at Carlisle and only visited his family during the week. Now that I am retired, that is becoming more true. I attended every Carlisle event this year; typically on Friday to avoid the crowd. I avoided the food court and rarely stepped into a building. I felt very safe each event. Fall Carlisle was my only vendor event; and it seemed a good substitute for the Hershey Swap. I did miss all my customer/friends from Canada (Ontario!); and Western Europe. I hope they all return in 2021. And I’ll be back at Carlisle. They helped me stay (fairly) sane throughout this terrible pandemic.
  17. Good description. Last year at Hershey, Bill Miller, Jr. walked by my vendor space the morning after he and the late Chip Miller had been honored at the AACA Museum. He was kind enough to chat for half an hour; and he related to me the story about Chip and him being asked to remove Chip’s 1954 Corvette from the Hershey Swap Meet field in 1973. We talked about the early years at Carlisle, when the two Miller families did most of the work with just a few employees. If you had told us that a year later we would be here- we wouldn’t have believed it possible. It’s amazing what the Miller’s have accomplished over the past 46 years and their success this year is like a delicious icing on their cake! Yes, Hershey is special, but after so many years and so many events- the Carlisle Fairgrounds feels like home.
  18. Some of us are going to Hershey during the week. We’ll visit the Museum, have lunch- and then sneak onto the Green field and take a selfie in our swap meet spots. Sort of a twisted attempt at civil disobedience! Yeah, let’s shoot for Thursday! Thursday is always a great day at Hershey.
  19. Typical Carlisle weather. 10 pm Thursday, not a cloud in the sky. An hour later, rain. Rain all night. Not a downpour, just rain. Perhaps the Lord got confused and thought this was Hershey week. Cold sleeping in the cargo trailer! Feels like Hershey! Friday dawned clear and crisp. Sunny all day but certainly not warm. Large crowd and sales were steady, if not spectacular. More than one visitor asked: “ Why didn’t they move the Hershey swap meet to Carlisle next week?” I’ll let that one lie. Saturday should be another great day. Come out and see for yourself!
  20. It’s not Hershey, but it’s still a huge swap meet. The amount of old iron suggests a lot of regular Hershey vendors are here. The front field and the infield are nearly full. The upper north field and the back section along the interstate are nearly empty. Sales were spotty on Thursday with a light crowd. A steady rain overnight is supposed to give way to a sunny Friday. If you’re here post a picture of your spaces.
  21. All the lenses are glass. Looks like to mounted on a stem. Any ideas? Thanks
  22. Finally getting some credit from Porsche collectors. From about 1978 to 1984, I drove a triple black 1973 914 with the optional 2.0L engine. It featured sodium filled exhaust valves and I barely knew what that meant! It handled like a grown up go-kart. I sold it, foolishly, for what I thought was a fortune. Today, the car in the same condition would command serious $$$. I always thought it was beautiful with the targa top off, and ugly with it on! I rarely drove it in the ugly mode.
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