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  1. Can’t agree more about FedEx, probably the only delivery service that cares about its performance. I stopped using UPS after I realized their privately owned franchise stores were routinely putting their “fingers on the scale”. Some of them would measure the package right in front of me and then pad their own dimensions. Sad. On a brighter note, some of you have used Greyhound Package Express to ship very large items. Affordable, but you never really knew where your package was; and delivery could be 2 days or 2 weeks. I recently had a fender shipped from Kentucky to MD. I was happy to see they have instituted a tracking system that seems to work. I watched as the fender went from Indiana to Boston, back to Indiana- and finally to Baltimore. It took 2 weeks, but it arrived. As Kovid Kristmas approached, expect pure insanity.
  2. The Cosworth engines were assembled off line, in the “clean room” at Tonawanda, NY. It was a low production affair and one person assembled the complete engine and signed his name on a decal on the cam carrier cover. Chevrolet lost money in every one built. Eventually, engines such as these were moved onto the standard lines as automation and engineering improved. The Cosworth was an interesting stop along a long pathway to powerful and efficient small displacement engines.
  3. I feel special, at 64, I owned one for quite a while (Cosworth Vega); and attempted to buy another (MR2). In my late 20’s, my insurance company (Erie) thought the Toyota was a “sports car”- and they wanted a fortune for coverage. I declined and bought a first series Isuzu Trooper instead. It turned out to be a good choice- it hauled my junk to Hershey for many years and doubled as a cheap hotel room. The Cosworth was truly under appreciated but low mileage survivors are now headed for the sky. Imagine it’s 1975 and your car has dual overhead cams; electronic fuel injection; and a trick stainless steel header. All those things are standard fare now on almost every car. The cylinder head is described as a “pent roof “- it’s really an angular Hemi. The AACA museum recently had a special display of Hemi cars. By coincidence there was a Cosworth on the lower level. Someday it will move up.
  4. The 1907 Fiat apparently has a possible link to the 1907 Targa Florio, a very early Grand Prix race in Italy. Two of these 60hp Fiats finished the grueling race first and second. The second place car was driven by Vincenzo Lancia, who would later start his own company under his last name. Imagine the possibility that 113 years later, one of those cars managed not only to survive, but to appear at this show in Gettysburg, PA.
  5. This is a replacement; and since he’s male and someone removed his front claws- he’s relegated to chasing the bad guys. His distaff predecessor had all her tools and spent many years “sleeping” on one car cover or the other. In her lifetime, we never saw a mouse- unless she brought us one!
  6. Despite all the dire predictions, the Show at Gettysburg was blessed with great weather and a good crowd. There was even a little line at the entrance, waiting to get your temperature taken. Fortunately, they used a digital thermometer! Please add your pictures.
  7. The original carb had been replaced with a later carb; and that has been sold. Thanks.
  8. Ok, I guess that got somebody’s attention. Yes, we are going to Gettysburg on Friday and Saturday for the replacement Fall National Show. It’s only 30 minutes from home, so I can bring parts if you ask in advance. We still have a good collection of ‘37 Cadillac parts, Model 70/75: Front fenders, spare tire covers, doghouse, radiator, vent frames, front and rear bumpers. And ‘46 Chevy truck parts including front fenders, hood sides, one rear fender (in transit), and a myriad of small parts. Just give a holler!
  9. My phone says a low of 46 followed by a high of 69. I think I’ll leave my snow chains at home.
  10. CE announced today that the event will be held at the Carlisle Expo Center.
  11. We took this picture 6 days ago at the ACD Museum. I wondered out loud what the roads in Hawaii were like in 1921?
  12. I have no official information either way. The Allentown building is too small, Covid or not. Moving the event to the Carlisle fairgrounds or perhaps the Carlisle Expo Center would be a tremendous improvement.
  13. I have. Check out the RM Sotheby’s site for the Elkhart Collection. A Fort Wayne, IN businessman built a collection of about 300 fabulous cars. Many are prized European sports cars and rare examples of high performance vehicles. All were restored to a high standard or maintained as low mileage survivors. The trouble is, he used some questionable financial tactics and would up in bankruptcy court. The court seized most of his assists including the car collection. Enter RM Sotheby’s to liquidate the collection. October 23 and 24, in his airport hanger display garage. We attended the preview yesterday and the auction began today. The second day will stream live on the RM website. Most of the cars on day one met or exceeded their estimates. Hopefully all those harmed by his dealings will be made whole as these fabulous cars pass onto new owners. It sure was fun to watch!
  14. After watching W.C. push someone else’s 1904 Cadillac up most of the hills in the rain, my thirst to participate is somewhat quenched. It’s sad to see another event cancelled, NTL.
  15. i recently rented one of these U-Haul trailers to transport my son’s ‘71 Lancia Fulvia (little Italian coupe) and it was perfect. They are well designed and easy for amateurs to use. But to haul a ‘59 Caddy- NO WAY.
  16. One night in 2013, I bribed my wife (Beer)and youngest son (food) to accompany me to the restored, Art-Deco, movie theater in Carlisle, PA. We were there to see the screening of the documentary “The Quest”, which chronicled the late Chip Miller’s obsession with the 1960 Corvette which won its class at the 1960, 24 Hours at LeMans. In attendance that night was John Cooper Fitch, who drove the car in 1960 and again 50 years later when the Corvette was flown back to France for a special parade lap prior to the race. Fitch, who has passed, was about 94 in 2013 and raced cars into his 80’s. But his life, looked at in its entirety, seems almost impossible. Trained as an engineer, he flew the last generation of prop-driven fighters in WW2. He shot down a German jet and later was shot down over Germany. He was freed from prison camp by none other than George Patton. He came home and started a career as a sports car driver. He drive a few Formula 1 races, but he excelled at endurance racing. He was driving for Mercedes at LeMans in 1955 when his teammate was involved in the most horrific accident in the history of motor sports. Fitch went to the Mercedes management and convinced them to withdraw from the race. He later designed several highway safety devices we take for granted. Those barrels of sand arranged in a triangle to save you from hitting a solid object head in? He built the first one and tested it himself. He designed and built his own car, a highly modified Corvair he called the Fitch Sprint. He lived his later years as the resident manager at Lime Rock Park in CT. Someday his life will be the subject of a fascinating movie. I was privileged to see him briefly one evening in Carlisle.
  17. I made an appointment to go thru Chocolate World, to keep my streak of taking home Kisses for my wife. Hey, we were married during Hershey week 30 years ago. I then visited my Swap Meet spaces and daydreamed there was a big crowd. Then a trip to the Museum rounded out the day. I don’t care who wins the election, give me my vaccination. Hershey 2021 must not be screwed up!
  18. The flat part out in the country. Salem County Fairgrounds, Woodstown, NJ.
  19. Post your pictures of your vacant Hershey spaces. Without pictures, it didn’t happen.
  20. The old Cowtown Swap Meet, now at the Salem County, NJ Fairgrounds, is on for Sunday October 25. About 1/2 the size of Carlisle and always a treat.
  21. Swap meet was today in glorious “Hershey” weather. 38 degrees at 7am; 65 at Noon. Good crowd and a few hundred vendors. Typical 50/50 old iron vs. race car parts. The trees are just reaching their peak colors. See my haul below. The wheels are early a Chevy truck, 6 lug with hub cam clips- but are 15” and 5.5 “ wide. Rare to find, especially at $20/pair. i bought other ‘46 Chevy truck parts, but sold them before I could get to the truck!
  22. Nice old light. 7-inch diameter. Needs restoration. Light retaining rim has a few cracks. Glass is good. $40 plus $25 shipping. Free delivery to Gettysburg/Hershey car show in early November if that works. Send PM if interested,
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