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1932 plymouth pb sedan

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  1. I love following this thread, it is the passion that keeps this hobby alive for many people. Keep up the good work Dave and she will be back on the road before you know it. Billy
  2. I'm at 2.85 here in New Hampshire for the cheap stuff, I use non ethanol (about a buck more per gallon) for anything small engine or when storing cars for winter. Cheap gas is good gas.
  3. If it were a celebrity car I would stay away from it. 25 maybe 30 years ago I had a customer that purchased Captain Kangaroos Jeep Cherokee at the estate of the deceased, the damn thing was worn out and the new owner had to dump a boatload of money into it to get it inspected. I do not believe he paid much for it but thought it would be a good investment because of who owned it. His kids did not even know who Captain Kangaroo was.
  4. This is sad news indeed, perhaps some vendors should be flying the Canadian flag for our friends north of the boarder. I will stop by to thank them.
  5. I will be looking you up, can't wait for Hershey.
  6. Myself, I am hoping to spend 4 days walking a ton of miles looking at parts and not procrastinate on anything that may interest me, (you can never find it when you go back looking) eat a bunch of food that I probably should not eat and maybe meet some pre-war Plymouth people.
  7. I will never forget that day or what I was doing, too many lives lost and for what? I'm still pissed 20 years later.
  8. Pennsylvania 1931 was the first state to issue vanity/personalized plates
  9. That's a great question, I do know that every state was different in the early registration days. As an avid collector of licence plates I do not know the answer and now I will have to do some research.
  10. One that always bothered me was "front rear end" on a 4x4 truck, WTF is a front rear end? Sounds like something you would see late at night in a local WalMart.
  11. I had a mid 70s Datsun B210 in high school, slower than death and used more oil than gas. All my buddy's would put their beer in my trunk because they knew that I would never get pulled over for speeding (as we were heading out to party most likely in the woods somewhere)I did have some of the guys lift the back end of the car to see if we could smoke the tires, which worked pretty well until they dropped it and then it just sputtered till it stalled. Eventually my little brother got it as a hand me down and I think he smoked the clutch and then he finished it off by running over it with a bulldozer.
  12. So your on the AACA forum looking for someone to tell you to bring it home ? I sure have done the same when I already had my mind made up that I'm getting something and dragging it home, whether I need it or not, or think that I even have the slightest chance to find time to work on it and I bring it home anyway. I say "GO GET IT"
  13. I can't wait for Hershey. Please don't cancel, I would even wear a mask again. Turn OFF the news and you will feel much better.
  14. I do nothing at all. When I got my PB, I did a complete mechanical restoration, I then blasted the wheels to repaint because I needed tires and tubes. After painting the wheels they did not match the rustic looking car. Luckily I live on a gravel road, so run it up and down the road a few times to get them dusty and now the match the car.
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