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1932 plymouth pb sedan

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  1. Sure looks like a 32 plymouth to me.
  2. That's the best news I heard all day, Teach him all he is willing to learn. Brings me back a few years or come to think of it a few decades.
  3. Before installing tail section you should remove speedometer gear, can be done without removing but don't risk bending speedo drive gear. Don't ask me how I know. (sometimes I do learn from my mistakes)
  4. As I was shoveling a boatload of snow last week, all I could think about was Hershey. It was on my bucket list for 25 years to attend Hershey and I made it a few years ago and have gone ever since, I look so forward to attending every year. All I want for Christmas is for AACA not to cancel Hershey 2021. Merry Christmas everyone.
  5. South western New Hampshire they were calling for 6-12" ended up with 38". Could not keep up with it.
  6. Followed live auction, it was an amazing collection with interesting results.
  7. This is Henry, he's not fond of hanging out in the garage for too long but sure loves going for a ride.
  8. My 32 Plymouth PB sedan barn find, I have had it for 7 years. Complete mechanical restoration but everything else stayed original (unfortunately turn signals were added in the 50s, so I left them and made them operational. Loved the car so much that I found another 32 Plymouth barn find or garage find this time.
  9. 1932 Plymouth PB Sedan with a pair of 1932 NH plates and a 32 Roosevelt topper
  10. What an awesome find, someone will surely love to take on the project. Lucky for me you are too far away.
  11. I have a hood in rough shape, I will send you pictures tomorrow.
  12. After recently acquiring, trading and collecting for years, I have come to realize that I do not need all the parts that I have. I only want to keep enough parts to keep my PB's going as long as I'm going. Not looking to give away, but not looking to retire from selling either. I do have many parts for 31-32 PA and PB, such as a complete and rebuilt PB engine, PB block, 5 wood wheels, 9 wood wheel hub caps, radiator, PB freewheeling trans, PA free wheeling trans, PA front springs, steering box/column, complete NOS exhaust, front end with hubs and drums for wood wheels, rear end with hubs
  13. What are you willing to pay ?, I would have to check on shipping price. 603-7two7-2184
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