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  1. 1932 Plymouth PB Sedan with a pair of 1932 NH plates and a 32 Roosevelt topper
  2. What an awesome find, someone will surely love to take on the project. Lucky for me you are too far away.
  3. I have a hood in rough shape, I will send you pictures tomorrow.
  4. After recently acquiring, trading and collecting for years, I have come to realize that I do not need all the parts that I have. I only want to keep enough parts to keep my PB's going as long as I'm going. Not looking to give away, but not looking to retire from selling either. I do have many parts for 31-32 PA and PB, such as a complete and rebuilt PB engine, PB block, 5 wood wheels, 9 wood wheel hub caps, radiator, PB freewheeling trans, PA free wheeling trans, PA front springs, steering box/column, complete NOS exhaust, front end with hubs and drums for wood wheels, rear end with hubs and drums for wood wheels, water pump, fan and many other parts. PM me for needs, Thanks and have a great New Year.
  5. What are you willing to pay ?, I would have to check on shipping price. 603-7two7-2184
  6. After purchasing a 1932 Plymouth PB and a pile of parts. I ended up with a couple of extra wooden wheels that I can not identify. Hoping someone on here has knowledge of what they fit and hopefully someone needs them. They are steel rim with wood centers 18x3.25, 5x5.5 bolt pattern, screwed on bracket for hubcap. Both wheels look to be in pretty decent condition and the wood looks very solid. According to Hemmings could be 1932 Buick 32-50, 1932 Dodge DK8, 1932-33 Hupp Big6 or 1932 Nash 1060 and 1070. Any ideas ? TIA