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  1. I know this is a big ask; but maybe the sweep or the clips are a clue? Perhaps rear quarter trim, late 1950’s???
  2. Thanks. I flipped them onto Epay; and active bidding has ensued.
  3. I was there on Friday and the swap meet was impressive. Even on Friday the show field was filling quickly with Mopars. Quite an event. Ever see this many wings in a row?
  4. Bought these at the Carlisle Mopar show today. Seller says they are 1940 Chrysler. Please look at the picture, there are 4 different styles of window cranks and 6 door handles that seem to match. Any ideas as to actual applications? Thanks!
  5. KF Service Bulletin notebook. Has bulletins from 1945 to 1949. Well used but presentable. $35 plus $10 shipping to US; or prepay and pick up at Fall Carlisle or Hershey.
  6. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll try to limit my H platform yearnings to a nice original wagon. My Cosworth was #2214 and I attended most of the first 10 roundups- but had sold the car before the event at Carlisle. I did see 2214 briefly at a later Carlisle event- it was for sale with very few additional miles. I drove the thing for many years, putting over 100,000 miles on the original- and a low mileage used engine I found in PA. Over the years it gained a Hutton weber conversion and ran 3 laps at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during that Roundup. Flat out at 110, four abreast. The guy beside me had a friend video taping out the open hatchback. If Indy was watching the track cameras, we’d all have been tossed out. It’s weird to see nice examples selling for 30k at auction- but folks now appreciate the ground breaking technology.
  7. I wasn’t able to attend, but it seems the number of cars was up this year. The Camaro club left several years ago and apparently enjoys hanging out at the Frederick Fairgrounds with very few spectators; and the Chevelle club is somewhere, but I don’t know where. I owned a Cosworth Vega for many years; and sold it at Carlisle. The sight of the early Vega Wagon makes me think I need one of those. This show will never rival the Ford show or the Mopar show- but hopefully it continues to grow.
  8. Thanks. I managed to figure out the ash tray is from a 1940 Chevy.
  9. Beautiful weather, loads of trucks (small to huge); and the shrinking swap meet. We did manage a few buys; including 2 that need ID: Fender vents? Cadillac?????? Nice ash tray. Chevy? ‘34? Thanks for looking. Truck show continues tomorrow (Saturday).
  10. Another impressive Ford show. Typically hot, but enough shade opportunities to help you survive. All the Mustangs in the world; but enough antiques of other flavors to keep your interest. An impressive swap meet with some great buys. I went on Thursday to get an early look at the swap meet; then back on Saturday morning to see the cars. I got there at 7am and left just before noon to beat the heat. The line of traffic getting in was still backed up to the square in Town. Ford, a big club.
  11. This week, June 3-5, plus or minus. If you like trucks; and who doesn’t? Tends to be larger trucks but you will see some light duty rigs.
  12. History lite. I love how they recycle scenes from the food show to the car show and so forth. And I love the scene where John Z, GM at Pontiac, goes street racing in a ....Buick?!? The casual watcher never realizes the gaffs; but they are fun to spot.
  13. Thanks for your help, Carbking. With numbers all over the carb, it’s the well-hidden ones that matter. In this case, the list number is 2042; and the part number B2AE 9510-A. All this means it belongs on a ‘56-‘57 Ford truck with the 223 six. Thanks!
  14. The part numbers on the stand are just about impossible to read due to corrosion, or I guess electrolysis. If anyone needs a light light this, please message me.
  15. Thanks Marty and Greg- you are both spot on. Thanks!
  16. This is a stretch; but the bolt heads say “DDCB”, which I think may have been a Mopar logo. Any idea as to the light and it’s application? Thanks!
  17. Interesting Holley carb found at swap meet. It is marked: 6R, and stamped 1951B. Any idea of its application(s). Thanks!
  18. I’ll be there. The 250 mile roundtrip means no stop for gas! All grass, no blacktop- my feet can’t wait. Like the Hershey of old- only much smaller!
  19. With the explosion of technology, there are folks that can scan your old face and produce a beautiful replacement. There was an episode of Phantom Works where Dan at DRS in Norfolk, VA walked into a graphics shop and they produced a new face for a car he was restoring. The show has been discontinued; but you can contact Dan thru his website and I am sure he’ll put you on to his contact.
  20. Friday’s crowd was a real throwback to the golden years. I think the vendor count was much higher than 70%. I was there 2 days, walked my legs off, and felt like I could have spent 2 more days there. Here is a view from gate 2 looking toward gate 1. As for the car corral, remember there was an auction happening a few blocks away; and they have a special deal where there is no fee if your car doesn’t sell. Spring Carlisle 2021 was quite an event.
  21. People were not buying? I wish someone would have followed me home and helped me unload. The people I talked with were surprised at the amount of old iron mixed in with the post war stuff. The traffic coming off the Turnpike in the morning brought back memories of the 80’s. Of course, we’ve learned the little trucks to get around the traffic and the grounds were soon packed. I’d say the prognosis for Hershey is pretty good.
  22. Great event even if you have a casual interest in Porsche. And you never know when Jerry Seinfeld will show up!
  23. We’ve reached Spring Carlisle week. The weather looks to be chilly on Thursday and then more Spring-like thereafter. I have my checklist: Warm clothes (check); Cash (check); vaccine (double check!). Get out and enjoy our hobby.
  24. Carlisle rooted out the sock and trinket sellers several years ago. Yes, there are still the new tool dealers- because we line up there to buy the stuff. It’s interesting to see the 70’s and 80’s stuff mixing in; but there is plenty of true antique parts to keep your interest. Last year, Fall Carlisle was a proxy for the cancelled Hershey swap meet and we all owe CE a big thanks for holding their full slate of events under difficult circumstances. By the time Spring Carlisle arrives, a large majority of those in attendance should be vaccinated. Come out and enjoy yourself. And you can enjoy yourself and stay 6 feet away from others!
  25. Sunday only. April 11, 2021. The Classic AutoMall is spitting distance off the PA Turnpike at Morgantown. There will be vendors outside and inside. I think they hit you up for $2 when you go inside. While you are there, check out the 800 or so cars for sale on consignment.
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