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  1. I noticed a new motel being built next door to the Days Inn in Grantville last October. Does anyone know the name of it? Thank you.
  2. I am an AACA member and would like to do something special for any middle school, high school or college senior during these challenging times. I am offering a free custom made 8x10 photo honoring their 2020 graduation with their first name on an airplane banner and their full name below it. Please see example below. Anyone interested should send the graduate's first and last name to fred@ontimewebdesign.biz. I will create the 8x10 photo and e-mail back a high quality PNG image suitable for printing and framing.
  3. I am a vendor and did not receive a survey via email.
  4. FJD2004

    Thank You

    I would just like to thank the Hershey AACA Region, all of the volunteers and security for another great Hershey! I have been attending Hershey every year since 1972 with my dad and this is my 5th year going alone since he passed away in 2014. It's not the same anymore but I hope to keep the tradition going.
  5. Thank you to the Hershey Region AACA for another great Hershey event! This was my 45th year - (I started when I was 8 years old with my dad). Traffic flowed nicely, everyone was so helpful as usual and the car show was great.
  6. Are mobility scooters for people with walking difficulties available to rent at Hershey?
  7. <span style="font-style: italic">This may have been brought up a while ago but I was curious to see what the current response would be to this question.</span> With the economy in a much different place than it was last year at Hershey time, and the internet continuing to be a fast and easy place to find rare old car parts, what do you think the turnout will be for Hershey 2009? I have been attending Hershey every year with my father since 1971 and personally would not miss it for anything as it has always been a annual tradition. And I also must mention the fantastic job the Hersh
  8. I've been lucky enough to attend this terrific show for 35 consecutive years and have seen many changes - some good and some not so good - (and I'm only 43 years old). Before I say my thoughts, I must commend the Hershey Region for doing an overall great job once again! I agree there were some serious issues with the location of the car corral and the show entrance/location but this is what happens when the show gets bigger and bigger every year. Cutting the car age might be a good idea to allow for more older cars. I don't know what else to suggest other than to reduce the number of flea ma
  9. I'm a little older than most of the guys here (43) but I grew up in the antique car hobbby and never cared much for street rods but always appreciated the work that goes into building them. I dropped out of the hobby - (but always made it to Hershey - this year making it consecutive year number 35) after my kids were born but got back into it when they got excited seeing grandpa's old cars and wanting to ride in them. So I bought a '71 Buick GS with air and now enjoy going to local car shows and cruise nights with my wife and 2 girls. It is a nice presentable car that drives great and didn't c
  10. It's hard to believe that Hershey is just 4 months away! Does anyone know if the car corral will be in a different location this year and also if the show will be at the golf course again? I had heard that they might be paving that area. Thanks.
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