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  1. With so many “little contributors” just across the street, it seems natural to stream the event live. You wouldn’t want the serfs to crash the party, right?
  2. Thanks! They were among the many treasures I bought today at the 50th Annual Strausstown (PA) car show and swap meet. A great event every year!
  3. Come on guys, this is 2021! Stream it live so I can watch from my vendor space, 800 feet away!
  4. Obviously has a Chevy connection, but I can’t place it??? Thanks!
  5. Surprise. There is a small group that collects very early Hershey Fall Meet plaques. The plaques from 1954, 1955, and 1956 are quite rare- the shows were much smaller then. Sometimes these are sold on EBay and sometimes they are sold and traded at the Fall Meet. There was a large collection displayed on the top floor of the Museum; but they were removed suddenly. I imagine they are somewhere in the new headquarters- and hopefully will be displayed again.
  6. Everything in this trailer, and more that hasn’t been loaded yet, fits 1941-46 Chevy and GMC trucks. We will be in our Green Field Spaces, under Hershey light pole 118- from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday at noon or so. Can it be one month from tomorrow?
  7. While I recognize and respect any person’s legitimate use of a mobility device; the reality is they are traveling in an area intended for pedestrians on foot. It is expected that those on foot will meander back and forth across the swap meet field. Those persons using a motorized device within the swap meet field MUST be vigilant for the safety of those on foot; and MUST grant the “right of way” to pedestrians in every instance. Equal access doesn’t mean equal use.
  8. 1986 Isuzu Trooper. 80hp carb engine. They were really small horses. Once got passed in Western Maryland mountains by a loaded dump truck going up Sidling Hill. Should have paid more attention on the test drive. However. It hauled my stuff to Hershey multiple years; and converted into a very cheap hotel room in the Chocolate field! The diesel versions of the same year were even slower.
  9. I spoke with a gentleman from Ontario, Canada today about his prospects for attending Hershey. Ontario has to be one of the top 5 car, and truck crazy places in North America. During a typical Hershey week, folks from Ontario constitute about 1/3 of my customers. As of today, my friend thinks his impediment to coming to Hershey is our Country keeping the border closed. He also admits his Country is sending out confusing signals. We agreed that the whole situation is fluid and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Canadians can attend. These guys, and gals, are barely across the river from Detroit. Open the gate and they will be here.
  10. Nice wheel, was the spare in the trunk and never on the ground or in daylight. 5 inch width, small Ford bolt pattern. Will ship (send your zip code) or free delivery to Carlisle or Hershey. $50 plus shipping.
  11. Found at a vintage motorcycle swap meet, I think this is a late 1930’s rear license tag holder. Can anyone confirm? Thanks. Just a hint that might help. The part that would Mount you the car is a 90 degree return so the bracket could go under a horizontal surface, like perhaps a bumper or other frame member.
  12. If you’re a member, you can call the National office and get a CC Space. The deadline is August 15, but don’t delay. Like someone said above, decent cars priced fairly sell at a good rate. Try to have the car there Wednesday morning.
  13. Great pictures. I could not attend this year. The swap meet had been contracting over the past few years. How was it this year? Did it extend beyond the first field?
  14. You are very close. I figured out it was a Sport Suburban emblem from 1968, but the “uburban” was forcibly removed! Thanks.
  15. Chrome emblem. 3 mounting pins. No part number. Any ideas ? Thanks!
  16. Neither. Most of the ‘41-‘46 Chevy and gmc trucks started with painted grilles. But over 75 years, things get changed. The factory chrome grilles tended to deteriorate and flake. Various aftermarket grilles were sold and were even worse. Of course, you can get a great chrome job now for $2500 or so.
  17. Length is 35 1/4 inch. Material width is 3/4 inch. The “bend” is 2 inches.
  18. I know this is a big ask; but maybe the sweep or the clips are a clue? Perhaps rear quarter trim, late 1950’s???
  19. Thanks. I flipped them onto Epay; and active bidding has ensued.
  20. I was there on Friday and the swap meet was impressive. Even on Friday the show field was filling quickly with Mopars. Quite an event. Ever see this many wings in a row?
  21. Bought these at the Carlisle Mopar show today. Seller says they are 1940 Chrysler. Please look at the picture, there are 4 different styles of window cranks and 6 door handles that seem to match. Any ideas as to actual applications? Thanks!
  22. KF Service Bulletin notebook. Has bulletins from 1945 to 1949. Well used but presentable. $35 plus $10 shipping to US; or prepay and pick up at Fall Carlisle or Hershey.
  23. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll try to limit my H platform yearnings to a nice original wagon. My Cosworth was #2214 and I attended most of the first 10 roundups- but had sold the car before the event at Carlisle. I did see 2214 briefly at a later Carlisle event- it was for sale with very few additional miles. I drove the thing for many years, putting over 100,000 miles on the original- and a low mileage used engine I found in PA. Over the years it gained a Hutton weber conversion and ran 3 laps at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during that Roundup. Flat out at 110, four abreast. The guy beside me had a friend video taping out the open hatchback. If Indy was watching the track cameras, we’d all have been tossed out. It’s weird to see nice examples selling for 30k at auction- but folks now appreciate the ground breaking technology.
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