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  1. Manuel

    What is this?

    Yes. Its a GP. Manuel in Oz
  2. 35 Ford. 1933 & 34 only had one groove. Manuel in Oz
  3. Crank hole covers are being reproed. See the post near yours: 33-35 dodge crank hole cover ? If u change the engine the original crank handle will not work any more. It probably has a different gearbox and differential as well. When the motor gets updated they usually update lots of other things tooo and eventually the vehicle loses its originality. Manuel in Oz
  4. Yes the repros are on ebay. Manuel in Oz
  5. Yes Keiser. I think it is called the "Aero". Manuel in Oz
  6. Hi Hudsy, Do a search on "charcoal burners for cars". Lots of info there and it is explained a lot better than if I tried :-) Manuel in Oz
  7. They were fitted to cars, tractors and trucks during WW2 when petrol was rationed. Usually ran on burning charcoal, coke or coal and using the gas to run the engine. They were not very efficient. Manuel in Oz
  8. Yes its a UK B model with suicide doors. Manuel in Oz
  9. Yes. It looks like the 4 cyl version. Manuel in Oz
  10. They are truck panels. Manuel in Oz
  11. Manuel

    ford head

    If it is a Ford head it is prob from their UK cars, eg Anglia, Prefect, Pop etc. Manuel in Oz
  12. I was going to say--Hudson. Manuel in Oz
  13. Hi Marv, Would your book have the seal numbers for 1933-34 Dodges [models DP-KC etc]? Thanks Manuel in Oz
  14. Check with the blokes on the Model T Ford forums. Ts had some different brands of wheels fitted over the years. Manuel in Oz
  15. I think it is the UK version. Manuel in Oz
  16. Actually its a good idea-- What about a permanent list of reliable Dodge parts people [and businesses]. What years/models they specialise in and any comments. Would the Dodge Club have something like this they may want to share with us? Manuel in Oz
  17. The first Airflows had the separate/individual bumper bars. As did the 34 Caddys. It was all part of the aeroplane/streamlining look. Manuel in Oz
  18. Fake or do they work? Manuel in Oz
  19. The car sounds and looks good. Grab a copy of Restored Cars magazine from your newsagent. It has lots of ads for new and old parts. Have fun. Manuel in Oz
  20. My Ford book says: BB7025 Bearing-main drive gear ball- OD 3.346"-ID 1.771"-Width .745" for 1929-49 Trucks with 4 speed trans Manuel in Oz
  21. The middle one may be later as it has the vac advance. Manuel in Oz