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  1. There were a couple of good threads on vehicle lighting on Ford Barn Forum a couple of years ago. Also conversion formulas for CP, Lux and Lumens etc. See here: Cheers, Manuel in Oz
  2. The cars on the right COULD be 2 Fords. Any chance of making the pics bigger? Manuel in Oz
  3. Australian body builders would more or less build what ever body the customer wanted. Whether it was on the passenger or commercial chassis. Manuel in Oz
  4. No 3 is a model T Ford & next one looks like a Lincoln.
  5. Apparently decking the manifold side of the block is a good idea too -- so I have been told. Manuel in Oz
  6. Would you have the model / type or part no of the new core? It would be handy to know. Manuel in Oz
  7. Did you get the radiator repaired or did you have to buy a new core?
  8. So is 1872 the correct no for 33's? Manuel in Oz
  9. Is that the red Roadster? Manuel in Aus
  10. Nice Tourer Rocky. Is it a TJR "King of the Road" body? Cheers, Manuel in Oz
  11. Such a clear sharp old photo. Manuel in Oz
  12. Manuel


    The truck on the right is a 1932-34 Ford.
  13. My book says brake drums up to 1937 may interchange on some Dodges. Manuel in Oz
  14. Those windowed brake drums started in the very last Model A’s up to about 1935. Manuel in Oz