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  1. Yes 1933-35 Dodge truck. There is damage in the front too. Manuel in Oz
  2. It could be a Canadian Meteor. Manuel in Oz
  3. Where does the driver sit on the donkey wagon? Manuel in Oz
  4. Otherwise called the bolt pattern.
  5. Manuel


    Would anybody have the serial numbers for the earlier cars? Manuel in Oz
  6. Thats a handy Nasco catalogue you have there Rob. I have often wondered if 1930s Dodge cores/rads are the same as other members of the Chry family. I have a 1933 Dodge and have often wondering if a Plym rad is the same. Cheers, Manuel in Oz
  7. You have to sign in to open that link Manuel in Oz
  8. It sure does look like a Chevy. The badge is pretty clear. Manuel in Oz
  9. From here No 6 could be a 34 Ford or Dodge or Plym. Hard to tell as the front is covered by the tree. No 5 is a Model A with later wheels, which makes me think no 6 is a Ford as the wheels look the same. No 3 could be a Chev or GM vehicle. Manuel in Oz
  10. Hi Gayle, Is it for sale. I have an old Dodge. Cheers Manuel in Canb
  11. Manuel

    chalmers book

    Any more info on the book Doug? Manuel in Oz
  12. Hi Bob, I am not a Brush owner but I would be interested in your book when it is done, Cheers, Manuel in Oz
  13. Manuel

    Stromberg Carb

    Looks like a Strommy from a Holden. Manuel in Oz
  14. They look like Dodge/Plymouth. Manuel in Oz
  15. Yep 39 Ford Standard and poss running on charcoal [gas]. Manuel in Oz
  16. What's wrong with the gearbox name?? Manuel in Oz
  17. I think you are right Dave. It does look more like a Dodge now. Manuel in Oz
  18. The car on the left is a 36-37 Hudson/Terraplane in the 1st pic. The car behind the GM car looks like a 35 Ford Surely someone can enlarge it for us (or knows how to) Manuel in Oz
  19. I think the 33 water pump is unique to DP models (and the equivalent 33 Plymouth) 32 was an open pump and they changed again in 34 Manuel in Oz
  20. Hi Bullfrog, not sure what the body is. The only clue he has is that it is All Steel. The channel is as you describe it but at the top of the doors. Hi Nearchocolatetown, would you have a photo of your petrified seals? It would give us some idea of what the seals look like. Is it rubber or cloth (or both)? Thanks Manuel
  21. A friend with a 29 DA wants to know what sort of door seals the sedans had. There is a channel at the top of the doors and he wants to know what sort of rubber or seal fits in there. Manuel in Oz
  22. The other is a brass T Ford. Manuel in Oz