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  1. Thank you keiser31. Your knowledge of early autos is impressive!
  2. Thank you for the replies and the speedy identification. The remaining mystery is figuring out what fire department this photo shows.
  3. Fire engines that are motorized, hand or horse drawn. Comments and questions are welcomed.
  4. Hi! This newly constructed fire engine is parked by the Crutcher Motor Company dealership. As I recall there was an indication on this photo that it was taken in Oklahoma. The only clues that I can provide are that the hub caps have a triangular shaped emblem on them and there is a Dodge Brothers sign by the doorway and Willys Knight lettering on the window. Looking for the make, model and year. Thank you folks... Steve
  5. Hi Gang, I searching for my usual information. Make, model and year of this early fire chief's auto. In playing with the image in Photoshop it appears that the radiator emblem has a large "S" in the center. There is also a name around the base of the hub caps however I couldn't read any of the lettering. I just know someone is going to identify this beauty! As always, thank you for your comments.
  6. A nice idea, but I grabbed that photo from the unofficial department Facebook page. Unfortunately no one on the department knew what the car was which is why I decided to give the people here a shot at it (I almost always receive an answer too, this is a great forum). I personally love going through old department journals looking for this type of information, but I'm a few hours away from Huntington. Also, you would be surprised at home many departments don't keep their old records!
  7. Thanks for the replies. Is there any way to pin down the year with the photo that I posted?
  8. This photo shows the Chief's buggy in Huntington, West Virginia. I'm clueless as to the year, make and model. I'm hoping this is some really odd manufacturer!
  9. Hi, Just for fun I thought I would post one of my gas station photos instead of my usual fire engine pictures. This is the Hazel filling station in West Virginia. I believe that the car with the rectangular enameled emblem is a Hudson. At least that's what the emblem looks like to me! So folks, can anyone identify the make, model and year of these gas guzzlers? Steve
  10. Hi, I'm trying to find out the year, make and model of this sharp looking truck. The chassis was used by the Capitol Heighys, Maryland F.D. They had U.S. Fire Apparatus of Wilmington, Delaware build this classic fire engine. I believe this might be a Studebaker, but boy have I been wrong before! So, please let me know what you think. As always, I appreciate your input. Steve
  11. Thank you! I appreciate you making the effort.
  12. Since it's lettered "First Aid Car" it was most likely equipped with a gurney. Let's hope they didn't return to the station with a "live" one still inside!
  13. Thank you all for the replies. I know that an answer is always at hand on this site.
  14. Not bad looking for a car to chase EMS runs with. This great looking machine was in use with the Portland, Oregon F.D. As usual I would like to know the year, amke and model. Last one for tonight (I think). Thanks. Steve
  15. Back in the old days the Chief of a large fire department generally had a car that was quite fancy. It appear that the Fire Chief in Dallas, Texas was no exception to this rule. I would like to know the year, amke and model of this beauty. I wonder if that sign down the street is a clue? Thank you, Steve