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  1. I just knew that big "C" on the hub caps had to mean Cadillac as fancy looking as this car is! The tires are Fisk 5.50/18.
  2. Hi, I ran across this and thought that two Cadillac's are better than one! That is if I'm correct that this is a Caddy. So, I would appreciate knowing the year, model and make (if I'm wrong about what this is). Thanks gang. Steve
  3. Hello! Hopefully everyone has stayed indoors identifying old photos as much as possible. Really, I do hope that everyone is well. The attached photos shows what I believe is a mid-1930's vintage Cadillac (the V-16 emblem stood out). As always I'm interested in knowing the year and model of this car. I believe that this car had been around a while when the photo was taken as the auto across the street looks like it's a late 1930's build. So, your input is welcomed. Thanks... Steve
  4. Fire engines that are motorized, hand or horse drawn. Comments and questions are welcomed.
  5. In the old days to prevent fires from spreading building to building hooks were used to pull frame structures down. The hooks were carried by ladder companies so people began referring to them as...
  6. For those of you who still love the childlike feeling of seeing or riding a fire engine you might want to consider joining SPAAMFAA - the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America. Dues are $30 per year and they include a newsletter and quarterly magazine. Take a look at the web site (soon to be receiving a major overhaul) and sign up! http://SPAAMFAA.org There is also a calendar with listings of musters (a gathering of fire engines) and other firefighting related events. Brass is Best - I really enjoyed the story that you used to b
  7. Attached is a better scan of the hub cap. The writing on the top begins with a"T" and it appears there is an "A" near the end of the writing. On the lower portion of the cap the writing begins with an "N". Hope this gets an identification!
  8. Thank you for the information. I thought the car was most likely a low budget model. Without a rear seat and the platform body I would expect that this car would eventually have a chemical tank mounted on the rear. I'm going to mess around later and try and get a better scan of the hub cap.
  9. Thanks for posting those pictures. The Vancouver F.D. was an early advocate of making the transition to motorized fire apparatus and their newfangled machines kept photographers busy. The two Seagrave rigs shown in the middle of the picture I'm posting were the first motorized fire apparatus built by that firm and were delivered in 1907. The aerial truck on the right was manufactured by Webb using a Couple Gear chassis and is a 1912 delivery. What I don't know is the year, make and model of the Chief's car that is shown in your first photo and the one I have posted. Do you know what it is
  10. Hello! Another fire chief has a new ride that he can drive and head to blazes in style. If only I knew what it was. As always I would like to know the year, make, model and style of car. The hub cap has lettering above and below. Above begins with a "T" and below starts with an "N". I look forward to hearing from dozens of people! Thank you. Steve
  11. Hi, Thank you for the reply. This one, like all of my others, is from the rather large (60,000 identified and in albums and 10-20 thousand more that aren't identified) collection of fire apparatus photos that I have. I was raised in Cincinnati and the C.F.D. is my favorite. They kept a fairly good record of all vehicles purchased before 1925 but this particular car wasn't given a definite year. All I have is the photo and the information that I provided with the original post. I still would like to establish the year on this car. Anyone else with knowledge to share? As alway
  12. keiser31, Thank you for the reply. You seem to know the answer to most of my posts! Steve
  13. Yes the two fire engines in the Alliance photos ae the same machine. Robinson did not make their own chassis in the early years of motorized fire engines. I know that Thomas and Chadwick automobiles were used for some but I don't know which is which or if some other company built the chassis for the Alliance engine.
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