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  1. keiser31, Thank you for the reply. You seem to know the answer to most of my posts! Steve
  2. Yes the two fire engines in the Alliance photos ae the same machine. Robinson did not make their own chassis in the early years of motorized fire engines. I know that Thomas and Chadwick automobiles were used for some but I don't know which is which or if some other company built the chassis for the Alliance engine.
  3. Fire engines that are motorized, hand or horse drawn. Comments and questions are welcomed.
  4. Hello, Even I know what a Model T Ford looks like! I'm hoping that there is enough showing in this photo that a year of manufacture can be determined. I know it's a long shot. So, this is from Pandora, Ohio and the fire engine body was built by the Prospect Fire Engine Co. which was located in Prospect, Ohio. Thank you for your assistance. Steve
  5. Hi, I found this photo somewhere on the internet. The car was identified as a 1920 - 1922 Cadillac (Caddy's were a popular choice with Fire Chief's in the teens and twenties). What I would like to know is: Is it a Cadillac, a specific year, and a model. Thank you! Steve
  6. Hi! This one is fairly early, I have information from 1911 that mentions this fire engine. So, Engine Co. 2 in Portsmouth, Ohio had this snazzy fire engine that was built by Webb. Thomas chassis were used by Webb often enough that I believe that this will be one. As always I would like to know the make, a year, and a model. As note note of interest. This fire engine hit the scrapper many years ago. however, someone decided that the beautiful eagle-topped bell should be preserved. A friend of mine has the bell in his collection (lucky guy). Take care, Steve
  7. Hello all, Here we have the new ride for the Fire Chief in Medford, Massachusetts. I am clueless about this car, but I sure wish I owned it. I did what I could to enlarge the emblem on the hub cap. As always I would like to know the make (for certain. I hope it's rare), a year (if it can be narrowed down), and a model (I hope this is a rare one too). Thank you! Steve
  8. Hello all, The first of several mysterious fire engines that I plan to post tonight. This one is fairly early, I would say 1910/11 at the latest and 1907 or so as an starting point. The fire engine was built by Webb, who, like many early fire engine manufacturers, used Thomas chassis on a consistent basis. So, is this a Thomas? As always I would like to know the make (for certain), a year (if it can be narrowed down), and a model (so many to choose from). Thank you! Steve
  9. Thank you for the replies. My hope was that this was going to be easy and people would jump on board and say that this was a Lambert. Maybe next time. Here is another photo of a fire engine from the same era (a bit newer) that Howe also built. This picture shows the front end at a better angle than the other picture. Does this help? I would have replied sooner but I had forgotten to turn on e-mail notification of replies.
  10. Hi! Hopefully everyone has had enough, or too much, turkey and dressing so that more important activities (telling me about this photo) can take place. Howe Fire Apparatus was located in Indianapolis, Indiana when this pumper was built for East Peoria, Illinois around 1908-1910. The automobile that was used to build this, and other early Howe apparatus, is supposedly a Lambert. Could anyone confirm this and if a year and model can be determined I would really like to have that information. Thanks! Steve Who ate all the pumpkin pie!!
  11. Hi, Another automobile turned fire engine. This one is from Glenwood, New York and looks to be an early, fancy car. Any ideas? Thanks, Steve
  12. Hi, A conversion from an automobile to a fire engine. Pretty common in the U.S. during the time period of this hose wagon. Assuming the name plate on the front is correct, I would like to know the year and model of this Buick. Thanks! Steve
  13. Hi Folks, Not much to go on with this picture. A mid-1950's vintage Chevrolet panel truck that served with the Miami East Fire Dept. in Clermont County, Ohio. I would like to get an exact year on this. Thank you all! Steve
  14. This car was assigned to the Fire Chief of Cincinnati in the late 1940's or early 1950's. It looks fancy to me and a retired firefighter told me many years ago that he thought it was a Lincoln. He also said that it was painted forest green. I sure wish I had a better, and in color, photo of this auto. As usual I would like to know the make, model and year and any other interesting tidbits that this fantastic group can come up with. Thanks for looking. Steve