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  1. Our “Build-a-Bookmobile” LEGO kit is now for sale! The AACA Library’s 1955 Chevrolet bookmobile can now fit in the palm of your hand. This custom LEGO kit was designed in-house by AACA Library staff and comes with all the pieces needed to build the model, an attractive looking box, professionally printed building instruction booklet, and vinyl decals. Lots of playability here. The finished model features a removable top for seating a minifigure, and the book box doors fold open to reveal shelving and display monitors. We’ve also included some extra pieces and steps in the instructions, so that you can finish off your bookmobile the way you want it to look. Quantities are extremely limited. This signed and numbered run of 55 kits is now down to less than 15. Don’t delay; get your ‘55 for $55 today! The “Build-a-Bookmobile” kit can be purchased through the AACA’s online merchandise shop: https://store.aaca.org/build-a-bookmobile-custom-lego-kit-1178.html View the full article
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