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  1. Poss for a side valve Ford V8 Manuel in Oz
  2. Can anybody enlarge the badge on the radiator Manuel in Oz
  3. Beautiful Chev Luke. As is your Holden ute. Cheers, Manuel in Oz
  4. The speedo looks like its from a Model A Ford. Manuel in Oz
  5. DP tail light lenses come up on ebay sometimes. I think some one is remaking them. Manuel in Oz
  6. If it's the same as 36-48 Fords why not try the early Ford parts dealers eg Macs etc Manuel in Oz
  7. Pic 1 from here looks like a Chev 4 bus. Pic 2 looks like a Daimler. Manuel in Oz
  8. Yep. Brass Model T Ford. Manuel in Oz
  9. Can you post that pic on the Model T Ford forum. I am sure those boys would love to see a nice original pic like that. Manuel in Oz
  10. I amy be able to read the engine/ serial nos if you post them. Manuel in Oz
  11. What is the square piece of glass on the windsreen [inside]? At first I thought it might be the sun visor but it is see thru?? And Is it a 33 or 34 Dodge [they both had suicide doors]?? Manuel in Oz
  12. The body looks a bit weird or maybe its covered in mud? Looks like its made from cardboard!! Manuel in Oz
  13. Yep. That sounds about right. Same as mine. Has the U shaped points. Cheers. Manuel in Oz
  14. Hi Is that the small dizzy on your engine? It looks like the Delco 622. Manuel in Oz
  15. Thats in Australia. Manuel in Oz
  16. My spare is attached the same way as Kev33s pics. Manuel in Oz
  17. Hi Ian, I am just wondering which chrome works do you take your stuff to? Somewhere in Vic I would imagine. Thanks Manuel in Oz
  18. Definitely a Model T. Manuel in Oz
  19. That book sounds interesting Chrycoman. Any chance of getting a copy of it [or part of it]? Thanks Manuel in Oz
  20. There should be nos on it somewhere. Manuel in Oz
  21. Hi, I just googled "thornton tandem drive" and found lots of info on early all wheel drive trucks eg, Dodges, Chevs and Fords before WW2. Cheers, Manuel in Oz