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  1. Hi there Keiser a couple of photos of what im after ...Hoping someone will be able to help
  2. Would like to purchess a door for my dodge or knob and stanless part that is curved where the pull knob is attached ..Regards John
  3. Hi to all im looking for parts or door compleate on a 1937 plymouth glove box door.also the pull knob and stainless curved part behind the knob ..Kind regards John
  4. i have a 1928 standerd 6 Dodge .Would you like me to forward some photos ...Good to see somw one is getting one on the road again
  5. Would someone have a temp gauge for a 1937 plymouth....john
  6. Would someone have on for sale ie for a 1928 standard dodge 6 cyl .or where to purchess ....Regards John
  7. Hi folks im looking for a couple of good wire hubcaps with the red centre .for my cadillac Deville 1983 .84.Regards John
  8. Would some one be holding a front screen rubber or able to recommend a companey to purchess from ....1939 plymouth Regards John
  9. Hi just off chance would you have a 1937 dodge sedan grill .Looking for one .Regards john
  10. hi sent a message .....Kind regards John Schicker
  11. Hi looking for a set of outside moldings for both sides of my 1937 dodge ....Regards John
  12. Looking for compleate set of moldings for both sides .regards john
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