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  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I was contacted today by Dave Huhn (Faithful LZOC Member #282!) concerning brake cylinders for one of his 1941 Lincolns. Can anyone provide information on the availability of wheel cylinders and other brake components (e.g., NAPA part numbers, or similar source) or the interchangeability, if any, between the Lincoln HV-12 chassis and any other FoMoCo products -- Ford, Mercury, or commercial vehicles. Any information that would help Dave source his brake parts will be much appreciated. Please post any helpful information on this thread for future reference. If you want to also share information with Dave, please email him at bigredanddave@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I can tell you from experience that a Zephyr can haul a Continental. Check out https://robertmead.blogspot.com/2007/12/great-lincoln-buying-expedition.html Not highly recommended, however.
  4. Your car looks great! If you haven't done so yet, may I suggest you join the LZOC? You'll thank yourself for doing so once you get into the details of bringing this beautiful car back to life. And we'd all like to meet you and see your car at a future "Gathering oif the Faithful." Simply go here for instructions -- https://www.lzoc.org/membership-process The club's award-winning magazine is terrific. Hoping to meet you soon.
  5. I had good luck by sending a fabric sample to LeBaron Bonney in the past. They will respond with samples of their closest matches. http://www.lebaronbonney.com/ Bob Mead
  6. Does not have to be perfect. Will repair and re-plate it if necessary. Please provide picture(s) and price in correspondence. Thanks.
  7. I just posted this on the LZOC Facebook page: "This image was taken last evening in the parking lot of the Pierce Arrow Museum in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is the starting point for this year's Great Race, which will arrive after a few days of precision rallying in Halifax, NS. It sure looks like someone is competing in a 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe! According to the Greatrace Website, Car 124 is being driven by Shawn Lednick and navigated by Harvery Lednick. We certainly wish the Lednicks and their beautiful Zephyr great weather, safe travels, no breakdowns or wrong turns, and the lowest of low scores! Godspeed!"
  8. We learned recently that Cecil Bozarth, long time LZOC member and active participant in this forum (CBoz) was taken from us way too soon. He shared generously, was always gracious and considerate, and inspired us with the restoration of his beloved 1937 Zephyr coupe, "Rita." Our sincere condolences go out to Cecil's family. It's impossible to imagine their loss. His obituary may be found HERE. Ray Theriault provided the following beautiful tribute on Cecil's obituary page - thoughts so worthy of sharing: "Ray Theriault May 27, 2018 I first met Cecil when he started the restoration of his beloved 1937 Lincoln Zephyr coupe. I helped in the sourcing of several parts for the car and also provided some opinions as to what was correct or not for the restoration. He wanted everything about his Zephyr to be perfect, the same way he lived life. He always had a desire to have a "Big Lincoln" and he finally made that happen with the acquisition of his LeBaron Convertible Roadster. He was excited to get his new garage and started dismantling his toy for the impending restoration. Sadly he will not have the opportunity to see his much anticipated project to the finish line. Cecil was a "gentle giant" among men. I knew him on the basis of our shared love of Lincoln automobiles but I saw what a stand up person he was after the passing of his first wife and his children's mother. Later on I met the new love of his life, Andrea, a real breath of fresh air, and I was happy for both of them that they had found each other. While I would see them once or twice a year it was obvious that they were very good for each other. I, along with anyone else who knew Dr. Cecil will certainly miss him. To his boys I extend my sympathies for your loss and to Andrea I say that you were lucky to have spent eight years with him and unlucky to have your future together taken away so suddenly. May we all remember the good times with Cecil and wish him well on his next journey to Lincoln Heaven. Rest in peace Brother!!" Thanks, Ray, for your eloquence in this very sad time.
  9. In 1965, I hadn't yet learned that Lincolns could be more fun...
  10. I have added this valuable information directly on the LZOC Website. You can find it HERE. Bob Mead, LZOC Webmaster
  11. Shirley, You have performed a great service by typing up these articles. Thanks on behalf of the many Zephyr enthusiasts in years to come who will benefit from your thoughtfulness. Hope you and Lee are really loving Montana. Bob Mead
  12. The fact is that this car was for sale and no restorer bought it. Any of us “purists” could have bought it, sunk a small fortune into it, and ended up with a car worth less than its restoration cost. I’ve come to believe that hot rodding is driven by simple economics.
  13. I had the pleasure of watching the progress of this car on the H.A.M.B. Two pictures that stood out were the custom built chassis and the interior sheet metal Note the Zephyr teardrop and spears on the door panel below the window. Dave, you are a real artist and a craftsman. Enjoy the heck out of that beautiful car!
  14. C1nicole, I manage the LZOC Website and would be happy to post it there. Just let me know at lzoc.org@gmail.com
  15. Thanks, Jeff. I love the speedometer shot! Bob
  16. His is depreciating; yours is appreciating. I'll take yours.
  17. Nearly twenty years ago, as I was creating the original LZOC Website, I called the AACA to find out what software they used to host their Forum. I envisioned a site in which members could find answers to restoration and operation questions. They pointed me to Peter Gariepy, who had put their forum in place. I contacted Peter who advised me that I didn't need to set up a separate forum -- that they would love to host our forum, as well as any other of the individual marque clubs. They have never charged the LZOC one penny for this service. This exchange, in which Tom was able to find out how his mud shield is to be installed, is precisely what I had in mind long ago. Thanks to the AACA and to all those Zephyr fans who help make this thing work!
  18. I believe I'd give Merv Adkins a call. (909) 980-1332. Good luck!
  19. That looks like the '41 Club Coupe that Hank Henley restored back in the '90s. I judged it at the 1st Central Chapter GOF at Petit Jean Mountain in the mid-'90s, I believe. I visited Hank and his wife at their home in Texas the following year. He was trying to sell it then and offered me a pretty good deal, but I was not in the market for another car. The car has changed hands a few times in the last several years, at one time belonging to the President of the LCOC. It was a pretty nice car when I saw it.
  20. Great idea, Tom, to put them in binders, but it is a lot of work. The special magazine sale is really a heck of a deal! https://www.lzoc.org/giant-magazine-sale
  21. Tom, Check out the back issues page on the Website -- https://www.lzoc.org/back-issues You'll find the following: INDEX TO THE CLUB'S MAGAZINE!!!Bob Barr has completed developing a comprehensive index to all the issues of The Way of the Zephyr! This is a monumental effort for which we extend our thanks. It includes a list of all known Ford, Mercury and Lincoln-Zephyr Service Bulletins published between 1938 and 1948. Pages are punched to go in a 3-ring binder so future additions/changes are easy. When you order your back issues of the magazine (see ordering instructions below), be sure to order this valuable document. -- $20.00
  22. Some of you may want to take advantage of this opportunity... https://www.lzoc.org/giant-magazine-sale
  23. Check out these web pages, in which I have a few pictures of my '32 Plymouth Model PB roadster wooden structure while exposed. https://sites.google.com/site/hotrodroadster/home/body-paint https://sites.google.com/site/hotrodroadster/home/body-paint-2 https://sites.google.com/site/hotrodroadster/home/body-paint-3 https://sites.google.com/site/hotrodroadster/home/body-paint-4 https://sites.google.com/site/hotrodroadster/home/body-paint-5 Hope this helps some...
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