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  1. I had trouble understanding this statement. In the mid-1970's, I drove a 1957 Mark II as my everyday car for 3 years. Living in both Oklahoma and south Mississippi, I drove it in lots of hot weather. Never once did it vaporlock. I wonder if the nature of modern gasoline is a factor in that concern for vaporlocking. BTW, except for the brakes, which were dangerously inadequate, I loved the car and put over 100,000 trouble free miles on it.
  2. John, You can go to the Products page of the club's Website at LZOC.org. There you'll find the following: Back Issues of "The Way of the Zephyr" – Current year's issues........................................................$4.50 Previous year's issues......................................................$4.00 Older Issues, Vol. 7 - up..................................................$2.00 Older Issues, Vol. 1 - 6.....................................................$5.00 Add $1.50 postage for one magazine First Class to United States. All other countries and multiple issues - check with Bob for postage rates. 1 copy of each available magazine (approximately 180 issues) postage paid anywhere in U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii............$300.00 The "Bob" mentioned is Bob Barr, PO Box 115, Sheboygan, WI 53082, Phone 920-459-7875. If you haven't done so, this would be a great time to join the LZOC. The instructions are also at LZOC.org.
  3. Lee, That car is beautiful! Congratulations. You must be very satisfied.
  4. Our Facebook page greeted us this morning: We wish all of our members and friends a most healthy and prosperous New Year! If you own a Lincoln-Zephyr or early Continental, why not resolve to take it on the road more often? If you're in the middle of a restoration project, resolve to work a little harder to get that beautiful car back on the road. Remember our club's mission: To encourage the preservation and restoration of these fine cars. Have a GREAT 2015!
  5. Snakewill, If you're not a member of the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club, you might want to consider joining. There's a LOT of technical expertise in the club that you could access. Check out http://lzoc.org/home/LZOC_Application.pdf. The club used to publish an Authenticity Manual, which is currently under re-editing. However, I believe Earle Brown has copies available. His contact info is: Earle O. Brown, Jr. 229 Robinhood Lane McMurray, PA 15317 (724) 941-4567 FAX (724) 942-1940
  6. Snakewill, There are no sources quite like "Chevs of the '40's" for Lincolns because they were made in much smaller numbers. There are several vendors listed on the LZOC "Sources" page who have substantial inventories of parts collected over many, many years. You might also consider joining the LZOC. They almost always have parts vendors at their meets and the personal contacts you make will be invaluable in helping you finish your project.
  7. My '48 Continental cabriolet originally had a saddle brown interior similar to this picture. I could picture this in a maroon car.
  8. John, Take a look at the classifieds on the LZOC Website. There are several cars listed there that I suspect could be had for $15K. You might see one that appeals to you.
  9. The Western Swap Meet is 8-9 November. I just confirmed that with the meet chairman.
  10. Does it have a different bell housing that was designed to fit the automatic transmission?
  11. When I originally designed the Zephyr Club's Website, I thought it would be a good idea to include pictures of all the model years and body styles. This would enable people unfamiliar with our cars to see what we were so interested in. I asked one of the club officers who might have the greatest variety of Zephyrs/Continentals in their collection and was told to contact Bert. On my way to an event in North Carolina, I took a side trip to Granite Falls. Bert greeted me in the main building of the sock factory that had been in his family for generations. He was in a wheelchair and quite infirm at the time, so he introduced me to his son, Lee, who would take me on the "tour." Lee and I then proceeded to a separate, very large brick building in which the car collection was stored. As we went in and Lee turned on the lights I was blown away by the sight. There were rows and rows of cars (and trucks) of every marque, but mostly Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. They were arranged in chevron pattern organized by marque and year of manufacture. Lee said, "The Zephyrs and Continentals start here and pretty much fill up these two rows," pointing to perhaps 50-75 cars, all neatly arranged. I took picture after picture with my first-generation Kodak digital camera. Many of the cars were unrestored originals. The restored ones were done to a very high level of quality. Bert, in his wheelchair, joined us after a while. He had a story for every car -- when he had acquired it, how he found it, who had owned it, etc. All the rarest models, those with low production numbers, were represented. Both he and Lee were magnificent hosts, continuously telling me to take my time and to enjoy the collection. The pictures I took that day became the core of the "Photos" page on the Website. Over the years, I have tried to upgrade that page with higher quality imagery, but I've kept a few of Bert's and Lee's cars to remind me of their unbelievable collection. ...and their gracious hospitality.
  12. The fellow who did that rendering has done a lot more; many using other Lincolns. Check his work out at http://artandcolourcars.blogspot.com/
  13. Folks, I've posted information on the calendar pages regarding the upcoming GOF. It should be a pretty big deal, since all the Lincoln clubs will be participating. You might want to consider making your hotel reservations early. The headquarters hotel is the Sheraton Four Points in Kalamazoo. See you there!
  14. I believe that the H56 in the body number indicates it was built as a cabriolet.
  15. Thanks, Joseph. Good catch. I've corrected it.
  16. The club now has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Suggestions for tweets or Facebook posts are always welcome. Just PM me on this forum. I check it every day. Maybe we'll even find a few new members!
  17. At one point, the FLW car belonged to movie producer and Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Society board member, Joel Silver. Mr. Silver also owns the only Frank Lloyd Wright Plantation, Auldbrass, in South Carolina. He was a member of the LZOC.
  18. According to the Auto Color Library Website, these are the colors that were available along with their Ditzler Intermix codes: Click on image to enlarge
  19. I received my TWOTZ yesterday. Dave Cole explains why it's late. He purposely held off the issue in order to include the Zephyrs/Continentals at Pebble Beach. Great article. I'm glad he waited. Dave also celebrates 25 years of serving our club. I suggest that everyone who reads this sends him a thank you note for his years of awesome service. Send them to: Dave Cole, 1119 So. Speed St., Santa Maria, CA 93454.
  20. Looks like you joined the Continental Owners Club. I believe the club under discussion in this thread is the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club. If you own a car based on the HV-12 chassis, i.e., a Zephyr or a 1940-48 Continental, this is the club you'll probably benefit from the most. We'd love to have you join.
  21. Matt, Based on the hood ornament and hubcaps, I believe your car is a '47 or '48. Very nice car indeed!
  22. West, I saw your car in the parking lot at the start of the Glidden Tour. What a beauty!
  23. Kay, My first guess would be that your car is experiencing vapor lock, in which the fuel lines have absorbed enough heat to start vaporizing the gas within. When that happens, the fuel pump encounters these "bubbles" of vaporized gas and for a brief period can't pump. The solution I have used is to put an electric fuel pump just forward of the gas tank on my 1932 Plymouth. That solved the problem.