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  1. I did drop the voltage down but was unsure of how accurate they were, I just called it a converter. I did find out that there is no working speedometer, probably why it was disconnected when I got the car. Disconnecting it I determined that the cable was not turning so probably a broken cable or bad gear.
  2. Well the zephyr is running and driving. I have converted it to 12v negative ground and am in the process of rewiring everything. The headlights are very bright as I found a set of LED bulbs that are direct replacement. Unfortunately even though they will operate on 6-24v they require negative ground. As I was not trusting the original gauges being converted to negative ground and running thru a converter (oil was pegged at 50) dropping the voltage to 6v I put in some small mechanical gauges. Turns out that while I have not run her much that she is not overheating and the pressure has been around 40-60 when at a fast idle and 20-35 when she warms up and is idling. There was some initial noise which has all smoothed out and she sounds good. The real possible problem has not surfaced yet but may when I get her on the road.
  3. And not I wish I had money, the trip to save my Zephyr has left me broke and I don't even know the engine status yet
  4. Any chance the drivers rear door latch assembly is complete? I tore apart mine today as the latch wouldn't go back out unless locked and found a broken spring in the assembly. I fabbed in a new spring and it now works but having the right part would be a positive. Interesting tidbit the patent date was I believe '31. Mine is a '38 but I'm guessing its the same as the '37.
  5. I am working on cleaning up the oval wind wings and cracked one which isn't a big deal as the glass was so delaminated that I did not plan on using it long term. If I used my glass as a pattern and had more cut is there anybody else that needs glass? Just thinking maybe you have the frame but not the glass and would have to fabricate the pattern.
  6. One rear door is not latching, I think it just needs a little cleaning but I need to remove the panel. I am assuming the '38 handles come off like more modern cars but would rather hear confirmation than risk breaking something.
  7. I sure hope it is considering the check is "in the mail"
  8. Unfortunately my boy is already calling it "his" car. As for matching the paint I've already had a bit mixed to match so I will be doing touchup on the million and 1chips. The larger pieces I may try to fill in with a different black and cover the last bit with the matched paint.
  9. The coil and dist have been sent off to go thru. Turned out upon receiving the pertronix plate they had the wrong car listed and o not make one for the Zephyr contrary to their claims prior to my ordering. While I wait we started doing a little cleanup . . .
  10. I was talking with Mr. Richman and the general estimate was that it would be $250 for the dist, $300 for the coil (due to a crack in mine), and I didn't get the cost of the condensers. I am getting close to completion now, I've done wires and nearly completed the plate to replace the coil. All told I estimate the cost at $250 pertronix, $70 replacement plate materials, $45 2 new coils, $50 new plug wires, $30 for new plugs. All together aside from the caps and rotor I will have a completely new electronic ignition system than can be entirely unbolted and returned to original.
  11. I might be interested in the interior rear window trim for a 58-60 depending on cost, no need to be "great"
  12. My grandfather had this setup to run 12V with a reducer for 6v to the rest of the car. Being well versed in Model T's I am aware of running a starter on 12v and the controversy involved.
  13. The problem here is with the salt air (we are on an island) the points will corrode in no time at all. I know this from having run various point ignition systems. I have not had this problem in other locations and as I do not have an air conditioned garage it does become an issue. As far as least expensive I will have $400 invested in new plate, pertronix, and coils (not counting my labor). I doubt I could have the original rebuilt for this.