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  1. babychadwick

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Before heading out I did a little work on my Mom's speedster. Having the two together makes me wonder how viable when running great the Lincoln would be for towing a speedster.
  2. babychadwick

    SUCCESS! '38 Comes to life...

    I'm about 2 weeks from getting mine home, then it's time to start work.
  3. babychadwick

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    It seems to me that gathering interest in old cars for kids is easy and comes natural. As they grow up if there is little to no interest in working on them it might be better in making money as if this skill is lost it can become an expensive hobby very fast. I am hoping to instill this interest in my boy as we build and fabricate speedsters. Something unique and home built gives one satisfaction and pride.
  4. My Grandfather passed a while back and I have the opportunity of purchasing a car from the estate and simply must share some pictures. It seems that my boy is totally into old cars his favorite being model T speedsters. Just today we were at a friends and rather than play with the tons of toys at their house the most fun was speedsters up in the garage. We are currently building a '27 speedster and have come put to CA to bring back my grandfathers car that we will be keeping for ourselves. It is so nice I hope to repair the paint chips and keep the original paint. P.S. The tractor is one my Grandfather built for me that I repaired for him. P.P.S. He just turned 4
  5. babychadwick

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    Out finally
  6. babychadwick

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    As promised
  7. babychadwick

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    She's a '38 only year with the horizontal grill and one of the bars is busted unfortunately. We got her out of the container today and was great to be able to see her in the light and open all the doors. Unfortunately the side of the container was scraped not enough to dent but enough to trade paint. Detroit, which body do you have? I would like to find some paint that I can start to touch up all the chips and retain the original paint.
  8. babychadwick

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    The paint isn't quite as perfect as I had hoped but appears to be original and I plan on touching up some of the little chips and keeping it that way. The interior is in overall good useable condition and a good careful cleaning will go a long way. In regards to the engine the information I now have is that my Grandfather was driving the car and found the oil float to be "high" and upon checking water was found. There is a rumor that several friends were helping him to work on the car before he passed. However, I see no evidence of anything being disturbed. If you didn't know about the engine one would guess you could charge the battery and start it up. Over the next few days I should be getting it out of the container and loaded on the trailer.
  9. babychadwick

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Well I got to see the car yesterday and while it is tucked away in a corner of a container I am very happy. While my typical drive is a long haul hitting rest stops when I get tired to arrive the next day before dark and once I arrive get a solid rest for a day or two (going out was single night stops) I may be extending this trip going back. Doing things this way I am able to usually time cities to avoid rush hour and spend more time on the road when the roads are empty. Whether I have a trailer or not my speed has always been about that of trucks. For me there is no reason to race and waste fuel, the mileage drop between 60 and 75 is ridiculous. However, with this load I will be picking out about the slowest truck and "hanging" with them. Alex (my son) has been doing great, after all this is far from his first long distance trip. He has done flights from Bangkok to Miami, road trips from Miami to St. Louis and this is not his first cross country trip.
  10. babychadwick

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    After driving cross country in a couple hours I will finally get a chance to see the Lincoln that I drove to pick up. I know the engine has a problem (believe there is a little water in the oil or so I was told) that was relayed to me from my deceased grandfather to my uncle to my mom approximately 15 years ago so its a bit of an unknown. I believe the paint is original or an old respray with "Patina" as was relayed from someone else. Anyways I hope my excitement is justified and hopefully wil have some pictures to share tonight.
  11. babychadwick

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Well this has got to be a new personal record, especially since it was just my 4 year old and me. I left Key Largo (south of Miami) at noon on Sunday and arrived in Gilroy (south of San Jose) last night around 9:30. I picked up a trailer outside of Houston and have been towing the empty trailer since then. I will say the trailer while being heavy duty tows beautifully even if I did drive like a little old lady thru Pasadena and was not passing cars going up grapevine hill. I should be getting my first look at this Lincoln in an hour or so.
  12. babychadwick

    Advice / input on buying a late 20's - early 30's car

    Are you a person who changes your own oil or takes it to a shop? When you need work done do you think more about labor cost or parts? If you are mechanical anything is possible, if you rely on others money makes anything possible. Knowing where you are will help determine the best car for you
  13. babychadwick

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    When trailering a T it is very clear that there are things that may or may not be done. I would like to thank Ken for the information regarding the transmission and Tom for the advice on towing backwards. Dave, I am slightly insulted as the nearest AACA "club" is a considerable drive, I have friends in many clubs being a 3rd generation t guy. Vintage your response is exactly what I would expect on someone representing an auto transport company. Jak I appreciate your understanding. Franklin that was good advice regarding the tow in when a vehicle is reversed. There was no reason to ask the "best way" or "safest way" to transport a '38 Lincoln Zephyr from the CA bay area to the FL keys as the answer is simply "have it moved." There are many other considerations that have been involved in the decision making process to say the least. Had I not opted to explore this train of thought I could not have eliminated it as an option. For those concerned for the safety of the car I will be towing home on a tandem trailer (purchased as opposed to a rental due to one way rental prices) that has passed my safety inspection. The word I have received regarding the car from well known individuals is that there was water in the oil so if the heads are aluminum that will be my first approach of the problem. The car is going to a good home in a safe manner.
  14. babychadwick

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    The entire point of this topic was to determine the viability of towing a Lincoln long distances with a dolly. Not to find the best way to transport a car or the skill level involved for those seeking to hijack the thread. In reality cost should be irrelevant as should the actual distance unless there is a difference between 10 or 100 or 1000 miles. For that reason I left the mileage out. Over the last 3 years I have averaged 1000-2000 miles towing thru everything from rain, smoke, hail, sand storms, ice, and fog. I started towing in the sierras with a '64 ford truck. The learning curve can be pretty steep with no power anything and a trailer in the mountains especially for someone who just started to drive.
  15. babychadwick

    Bosch 2 spark magneto ZR-4

    Any interest in a trade? Circa 1770's French