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  1. Thanks, Jeff. I've now included them on the LZOC Channel. Bob
  2. If anyone has videos of previous "Gatherings of the Faithful" LZOC meets, I'd appreciate your sending them to me. I have created a new YouTube channel for the club and would like to share any club-related videos you might have. Thanks in advance. You can email them to me at lzoc.org@gmail.com.
  3. As you might recall, Phil, I was born in that same hospital -- Small world.
  4. It is with a heavy heart that I pass on this email that I received this past weekend from LZOC President, Tom Brunner. Our club has suffered a great loss... David L. Cole, U.S. military, retired, passed away Friday, November 11, 2016, Veteran's Day. His contributions to his family, his country, and the automotive publishing profession will endure as long as the printed word is available to those who value the history of the 20th century. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife Barbara Bruce Cole, and is survived by his children Elaine, Richard,and Kathleen. His pronouncements on products and services of the Ford Motor Company, particularly Lincoln and Ford vehicles, were complete and exhaustively studied, yet sweeping and objective in their scope. He wrote for numerous publications throughout his storied career, most prominently The Way of the Zephyr, and the V-8 Times, serving the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club and Early Ford V-8 Club respectively. Dave began editing the Zephyr magazine with 1988 issues and continued to oversee publication until November 10, 2016. His knowledge about Lincoln and Ford production in the classic era was encyclopedic, and mostly committed to memory, although he collected a trove of material that would easily provide sufficient source material for the next 50 years. This material at some point will be donated to the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation Library. Yet, he carried a softer side. He was extremely approachable to both the long-time devotee, and the newest convert. As well, Dave was very devoted to his family. He counted the opportunity to edit The Way of the Zephyr with the support of his son Richard one of the great privileges of his life. By chance, the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club--West held its Annual Swap Meet in Dave's hometown, Santa Maria, California, Saturday November 12th. During that event Dave's three children and the attendees sat in a large circle sharing their favorite stories. Amid the laughter and tears, the personality of the man described above was sketched by the participants. Dave was emphatic that there be no public service on his behalf, but this session served as a reminder of what he has meant to each of us. Tom Brunner President
  5. I'm having pretty good luck with Advanced Plating in Nashville, TN. Several years ago, I also had some very nice work from Metal Finishing Company in Indianapolis.
  6. There have been discussions in this and other forums regarding the elimination or reduction of zinc compounds in lubricating oil. This additive greatly reduces lubrication in extremely high pressure friction points, particularly the friction where the cam lobe contacts the flat-surfaced tappet (lifter). I have completely transitioned to the lubricating oil marketed by one of the chapters of the Classic Car Club of America. (http://www.classiccarmotoroil.com/) Before I would change over to synthetic oil, I'd want to get an expert opinion about this issue. Also suggest you check out Best of luck. Hope this helped.
  7. Here's a picture of the front surface. It looks pretty simple.
  8. The only company that I know of that provides this service is Gener-Nator. Their Web site is at http://www.gener-nator.com/
  9. "ask the man who drives one." I totally agree with Vermontboy.
  10. I suspect this is the car he's talking about... http://www.bransonmuseum.com/listing/1925-lincoln-doctors-coupe/
  11. F&J, I got this instruction sheet from a guy driving a '32 PB roadster on the Glidden Tour a few years back. He said he had gotten it "from a guy in Michigan." Glad to share. Bob Mead high-speed_rear.pdf
  12. I've owned and driven my stock PB Plymouth coupe since 1962. That includes 4 coast-to-coast trips in Great Races. I would guess I've put over 100,000 miles on the car. It's "comfortable" at 45. I've driven it all day at 50-55 but you feel like you're putting a strain on it. I have bought a set of lower ratio rear end gears from a 1950 Plymouth and plan to install these soon. The stock rear end is 4.33 to 1; the later gear set is 3.90 to 1. This will get me a slight boost in the "comfort" speed. That's all I want, as I rarely (I mean Rarely! take the car on an Interstate highway. For secondary roads, the car is just fine.
  13. Just a note -- The registration form for the Ferrum, VA meet is now available on line. Click HERE.
  14. Details on the August meet of the Central Chapter are now listed on the Website. Check it out HERE.
  15. Bill, The reason your email was returned is that the email address is mead@vallnet.com. I suggest you first contact Richard Cole, who puts the directory together. It is only produced every other year and is mailed out at the time of preparation. If there are any remaining copies, I expect Richard would know of them. I'll send Richard's email address to your email address.
  16. Peter, You should normally get a renewal notice in the mail. If you want to check on your renewal status, contact Cornerstone Registrations, Ltd., PO Box 1715, Maple Grove, MN 55311, U.S.A. Ph: 763-420-7829.
  17. http://lzoc.org/calendar/Hershey%202015/LZOC%20Hershey%202015.pdf LZOC and LOC join together at our Hospitality Tent, at premier spaces, in the Chocolate Field: C3F 40-43. Come see us!
  18. Beltfed. Check out the club's Website page http://lzoc.org/home/regional.htm It describes the Central and Western chapters. There is no Eastern chapter since when the club was established in 1968, most of it's meets were in the northeast. There have been several meets in the south over the years. It's largely a matter of which club member is willing to take on the challenge of coordinating the meet (lots of work). Some past southern meets: Concord, NC (2010), Cumberland, MD (2011), St. Louis (2000), several at Petit Jean Mtn. Arkansas over the years, Granbury. TX (around 2002). I live in south Tennessee, so I share your desire to see something closer to home. It's simply a matter of finding someone who wants to take on the effort.
  19. I believe the low-production Lincolns used wood framing in the bodies until the end of production.
  20. ezdusit


    I rewired a 1948 Continental cabriolet several years ago using their harnesses. Everything was perfect. Absolutely highest quality and faithful copy of the original.
  21. From the LZOC Website FAQ Page: You may be able to get some manufacturing and delivery information from the archives of the Ford Motor Company. We suggest you contact: The Benson Ford Research Center P.O. Box 1970 20900 Oakwood Blvd. Dearborn, MI 48124 Telephone: 313-972-6070 Fax: 313-982-6244 Email: rescntr@hfmgv.org The Museum holds the bulk of the early Ford historical records, 1903-1950. Here's a recent reply they sent to one of our members: "Thanks for writing to us at the Benson Ford Research Center with your question. We do have production records for Lincoln vehicles in our archive, however, a museum fire in the summer of 1970 destroyed many archived Ford Motor Company production records. Here is a list of what we have: http://www.thehenryford.org/research/productionRecords.aspx. If you do not see the make, model, serial number or year your vehicle was made in the list below, we will not have production information for your vehicle. Please keep in mind that not all the runs listed are complete there are gaps in some of the series. Production information varies, but may include serial and model type/number, assembly date, color and accessories. Data will be either photocopied or transcribed from a ledger to a prepared form. Shipment to a branch or dealer is sometimes noted on a record; very rarely is a buyer’s name noted. If you'd like us to find the production record for your car, our fee for this service is $20.00 (this includes postage to you). Please include the vehicle engine/serial number as well as payment in your correspondence. Send it to the attention of the Benson Ford Research Center; P.O. Box 1970; Dearborn MI 48121-1970. Please make your check payable to "The Henry Ford" or, if you wish, a credit card number and expiration date may be provided for payment. Standard turn-around time for research, from receipt of payment, is two to four weeks. I hope this information is helpful, if you have any further questions please feel free to ask. Thanks and have a nice day, Kathy"
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    Tim, Go to the "Links" page of the LZOC.org Website. You'll find "Check Out This V-12 Going In To a '32 Ford by Royce Brechler View 1 View 2 View3 View 4 View5 View6View7 View8" Hopefully, one of the other views will meet your needs.
  23. ezdusit


    Rarebike, Several years ago, a fellow named Royce Brechler sent me pictures of an HV-12 engine he was rebuilding to put into a '32 Ford hotrod. He used a non-original distributor that I recall may have been a Jaguar unit. Here's one of the pictures he provided at the time, at least 15 years ago, if memory serves.
  24. Try this: [h=1]Ray Theriault Classic Cars[/h]189 Meriden Avenue Southington, CT 06489 Phone: (860) 276-8529