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  1. Mitch,<BR>I'd start by joining the Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club. There's a wealth of knowledge in the club, and most folks will be happy to help you. You can download an application from the club's web site -- <A HREF="http://www.lzoc.org" TARGET=_blank>www.lzoc.org</A> If you're serious about restoring a V-12 Lincoln of 1936-48 vintage, this is the right club!
  2. You might want to call Jerry Emery up in San Jose and find out who he uses to do his cars. I've heard him say how totally pleased he is with the results. He's listed in the club directory. Good luck!
  3. ezdusit

    V12 Bearings

    According to my parts book, 6211 are rod bearings (The suffix letter defines specific years and undersize), 6342 is an intermediate main bearing, and 6338 is a front main. On the mains, -C is standard, -E is .040 undersize, -F is .020 undersize, -G is .003 undersize, -H is .002 undersize, and -K is .030 undersize. Hope this helps. Send me the suffix on the rod bearings and I'll try to identify them more precisely.
  4. With regard to question 2, they were used on the front wheels only in 1947 and 1948. The rear hubcaps are plain, with no medallion or marking. On the continentals, the spare tire hubcap had a "lincoln Continental" script. So on the Continental, you have 5 wheels with three different hubcaps!
  5. Hi,<BR>I just saw a 1938 L-Z coupe model on eBay. Check out <A HREF="http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1684462283" TARGET=_blank>http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1684462283</A> <P>Good luck!
  6. Several years ago, Matchbox came out with a 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr convertible coupe model. It's part of their "Models of Yesteryear" series in 1:43 scale. The one I have is maroon with a tan interior and the number of this model is YY064/B.<P>I believe there is also a 1:43 scale model of a Zephyr coupe produced by a Canadian firm. I've seen both of these occasionally on eBay.<BR>Good luck.
  7. Jack,<BR>I'd give Ed Spagnolo a call. He's restored dozens of continentals. He's at Color-ite in Connecticut. Try 203-393-0240. Good Luck.
  8. I suggest you soak the pump in brake fluid. The old hydraulic fluid probably dried up in the pump and crystallized, freezing up the pump. I've seen this before in old power window pumps.
  9. I suggest you contact the Lincoln Owners Club. They specialize in the earlier Lincolns. They have a Web site at <A HREF="http://clubs.hemmings.com/lincolnowners/" TARGET=_blank>http://clubs.hemmings.com/lincolnowners/</A> <P>Good luck!
  10. You might want to check Jack Rosen's site - <A HREF="http://markii.com/," TARGET=_blank>http://markii.com/,</A> or the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club - <A HREF="http://www.lcoc.org." TARGET=_blank>www.lcoc.org.</A> Good luck!<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  11. Vic,<BR>I recently posted an ad on the classified page of our club's web site - <A HREF="http://www.lzoc.org/members'_classifieds.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://www.lzoc.org/members'_classifieds.htm</A> - for a '39 parts car. The fellow only wants $1,250 for it, and it allegedly has a rebuilt v-12 in it. You might want to call the fellow. If it has the parts you need, you might want to buy the whole thing and sell what you don't want.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  12. ezdusit


    Steel,<BR>I believe I'd check with Bill Hirsch up in New Jersey. He advertises in Hemmings.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  13. Scott, When you're ready to sell it, please contact me. We can post it in the classified ad section of the Zephyr Club Website. Thanks for thinking of other hobbyists who might want it.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  14. Materal,<BR>The two numbers that last worked for me were:<BR>1-800-676-1928 and 1-813-623-6968 (Fax).<BR>What number did you call that was not in service? Maybe we can track them down.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  15. Buz,<BR>There was an entire issue of The Way of the Zephyr devoted to V-12 speed equipment (Volume 33 No.1, Jan-Feb 2000). According to the editor, the Edelbrock dual carb setup was superior because the passages from the two carbs were kept separate. It was therefore easier to keep the carbs in adjustment. The Edmunds manifold kept an open passage between the two carbs and is apparently a real bear to keep adjusted. If I were reproducing a manifold, I'd sure try to copy the Edelbrock design.<P>Also, Jon Scobel produced new cylinder heads and finned cylinder heads in 1996-97 and sold out his limited production run. These were beautifully finished units, but it says there's a market for these goodies.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  16. Check out <A HREF="http://www.woodgraining.com/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.woodgraining.com/</A> <P>Interesting!<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  17. ezdusit

    38 lincoln

    In the Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club, we have two members with 1938 Limousines. The car you're looking at should have a body plate with the numbers 86H737 on it. If it has that, you have found a very rare car. If the numbers are different from those, let us know and we'll see if we can identify the car.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  18. Roy,<BR>I had my '32 Plymouth steering wheel done by<P>Automotive Specialties<BR>11240 East Sligh Ave.<BR>Seffner FL 33584<P>It cost around $250 as I recall. It came back absolutely perfect and they did it quickly. I highly recommend this firm based on my experience.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  19. Roy,<BR>Check The Way of the Zephyr, Volume 32, Number 6. It was the issue with the full color cover of a 1946 sedan in front of the Ford rotunda. It had a complete article on upholstery and I seem to recall a discussion on sources of fabrics. Good luck!<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  20. Suggest you try one of the following:<BR>George Trickett, Lincoln Motor Car Supply<BR>Box 72<BR>Orwell, VT 05760<BR>802-948-2121<P>or,<BR>Merv Adkins<BR>9655 Hidden Farm Rd.<BR>Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737<BR>909-980-1332<P>Good luck!<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  21. Pam,<BR>You can go to the LZOC web site (<a href="http://www.lzoc.org">www.lzoc.org</a>) and <a href="http://www.lzoc.org/applicat.htm">print an application</a>. Then you can complete it and mail it to the address shown or fax it to the number shown on the form.<P>Another way is to mail your name and address to:<BR>Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club<BR>P.O.Box 422<BR>Hazel Green, AL 35750-0422<P>...and ask for a memberhip application. We'd love to have you join!<P>Bob Mead,<BR>LZOC Membership Director<p>[This message has been edited by peterg (edited 10-26-2000).]
  22. Need right locking door handle and splashpan below radiator (cowcatcher) for 1932 Model PB Plymouth. Please include condition and price, picture if possible.<BR><P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN
  23. Looking for the hardware that connects the windshield frame to the uprights on a Model PB Plymouth roadster. Even if I could borrow some hardware to make patterns, I'm interested.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN