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  1. Thank you for sharing that. The problem is my mother is moving and there is nowhere for the car to go. My Dad's shop was full of things that we now have to part with. :o( He had the experience to restore, we do not. I am guessing paying someone to complete the resto would not be cost effective based on the $$ that the above car brought at Scottsdale, unless we did much of the work ourselves. Hopefully the person that has the car, will do well by it.
  2. Thank you! The car is gone, but we still have the transmissions and engine blocks as well as other "extra" parts. Are those worth listing? Feel free to email me directly: c1nicolei@yahoo.com Thank you again.
  3. Still a great car!!! Yes, a little more square, but that's OK. My Dad was a classic car enthusiast. At his passing he had a 68 427/390 vette, 68 E-type jag, el camino (not sure of year), 82 recaro trans am, and this beauty. Dad had good taste in cars. Miss him like h@!!. I was his only kid, and a girl at that. I learned so much from him, but never enough. Sure he is sick knowing we are parting with this car....
  4. I posted in general forum, and was advised I should cross post here. My father was going to restore this, but passed with cancer over a year ago. I DID NOT want to part with this car, but we are forced too. It has been painted, new suspension, leaf springs, wiring, tires and dash completely restored. All of the original parts are with it (including seats) plus a lot of extras. We have 3 engine blocks, 3 transmissions, 2 oil pans. Not sure why so many duplicate parts, but they are there. We are located in Edmond, OK and the car needs to be gone ASAP. My mother has sold the homestead and is moving to a small home without garage space, no place for this gorgeous car to go. Could someone suggest where I could try to sell it or what the value is? Thank you in advance for any input!!! Can post more pictures as needed. Just snapped these quickly.
  5. There are extras of everything that my Dad bought with this car. The dash has been completely redone, but there are 2 extra unrestored!!
  6. Your car is gorgeous!! I have always had a love for this body style!
  7. Thank you, I think she is stunning, literally breaks my heart to have to sell her. We are located in Edmond, OK.
  8. My father passed over a year ago and had planned to finish restoring this gorgeous car. Sadly, I cannot restore it an will have to sell it. It has all the original parts with it and 3 engine blocks and 3 transmissions as well as lots of other extras. The dash has been beautifully restored, exterior painted, new suspension and tires and all new wiring. What is the year of this car and what is it all worth? Sorry for the dusty car, but it has been in the garage, covered. Knew not to brush off dust as it will scratch! Hate to see her go, she is so pretty.... but have no choice. Can provide more pictures if needed. Trying to start looking for places to sell it, where should I list it? Craigslist, Ebay, hemmings??? Thought this would be a good place to learn more about what we have and what she is worth. Thank you in advance for any input.