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  1. Looks good, but I don’t see the West PB topper in the NY auto show photo. 😉
  2. How valuable is value-able? Under $100k? Do what you want. over $500k ? Don’t do it. between the two values: It depends. Smart collectors consider how they will get out of a car even if they don’t plan on it. Life happens.
  3. Matt, I am terribly sorry that this is the direction of this project. what about making a low ball offer on this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1935-Lincoln-V-12-Engine-Running-Driving-Previously-Rebuilt-Condition-/363292696580?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 swap the engines and then part out yours to try and recoup some costs. You have a running car that you can keep or sell. just a thought.
  4. Because it ruins the look of the car. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  5. Six of the George Whittel Duesenbergs are in this thread. What was the seventh car?
  6. Is that an auburn salon front bumper on the boat tail?
  7. 26-29 are pretty rare. You see way more sport phaetons and phaetons than roadsters.
  8. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1931-cadillac/
  9. https://worldwideauctioneers.com/car-details/?id=90&rid=17
  10. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/az21/arizona/lots/r0043-1931-cadillac-v-8-roadster-by-fleetwood/1017545
  11. Yes. There is a “similar” one, now two tone per original,I believe , but the hinges are opposite the blue one. On the b pillar. I am sure there are loads of other differences, too.
  12. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2019/05/28/a-murphy-bodied-duesenberg-model-j-fit-for-a-mistress/amp
  13. I love reproduction cars. I am thinking of SWB 250 Ferraris, the recent Jaguar reproduction cars. I think muscle car clones are cool, and have no problem making a hemi car out of a 318. BUT, they are what they are. And to not understand why and original car is worth more and more desirable I find puzzling. Yes, a bitza Duesenberg is cool. But not as great as something that was originally produced in 1929.
  14. Pretty sure that is the style of the car the engine of the Billings green tourister came from that started the thread. In other words, a Duesenberg with that body was disassembled and the engine was used to create a Derham tourister in the first post.
  15. I would not say that the car is “no good.” It is a Duesenberg. But the market will place a large discount compared to a no issue car. Rolls Royce and especially Bentley are different markets. Each car has its own market. Look at corvettes where they care about the casting dates of various components to be a “numbers” car. Most other car markets consider a frame , motor and body that left the factory a numbers car.
  16. Three distinct series, with the last one also have three distinct cars with in it . 26-27 are still pretty “boxy” and are pre Harley Earl’s design touches. These lack the style of the later years and are not what I think of when you hear the term ccca roadster. 28-29: look the part of a ccca classic roadster. v16 roaster: probably the highest value production Cadillac. Imposing. You have definitely arrived. For the elite in 1930 and for the elite in 2021. v12 roadster: 75 percent of the wow factor of the v16 roadster for 25-30 percent of the price. Some say underpowered. v8 roadster: about half of a v12 roadster. Looks the part. Terrible carburetor. All of these are pretty tough to maintain without an open checkbook or learned mechanics. My guess is that you could only get a 26-27 for under $100k. (Talking a solid car professionally restored in the last 25 years, ie 90-94 point car). You may want to look at LaSalles next, which were Cadillacs companion car, and originally priced below the Cadillac V8s.
  17. Sold for $1,341,000. Seems like a very fair price considering the last few public prices.
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