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  1. Thanks, I appreciate your quick reply! That makes sense given the Jan 15th date. Milledgeville has 1200 residents today, and I'm sure fewer then, so I'm assuming they were just passing through. I'm asking locally to try to find out where the nearest dealer may have been located.
  2. I recently found this old postcard in a box of family photographs. I can't identify anyone in the photo, but just curious if this is actually a 1910?
  3. I believe casting #6107326 identifies it as a 1939-1954 GMC, 228 cubic inch engine, which is backed up by the first three numbers of the engine serial no. That's what the charts I have show.
  4. "There is no kind of ultimate goal to do something twice as good as anyone else can. It’s just to do the job as best you can. If it turns out good, fine. If it doesn’t, that’s the way it goes." R.I.P. Chuck Yeager
  5. I just picked up a forty inch long 3/4" drive breaker bar and 2" dia. socket this morning for my REO 4 cyl. engine flywheel nuts. One skinned knuckle with a pipe wrench was all it took to remind me daddy didn't raise no dummy.
  6. I recently acquired this REO rear seat section. Once I got it home I discovered it's a composite, sometimes called paper-mache, body, which dates it to 1912. I gave it a quick initial cleaning to remove the straw and hornets nests, and then cleaned the leather with Lexol cleaner. Now I'm using Lexol leather conditioner to begin bringing the leather back. But I'm unsure of how to proceed with the exterior body. So far, I've blown the dust and cobwebs, and lightly wiped it with a damp rag. I hope the attached photo shows that the surface is rough with brush marks and some chipping. I'd ap
  7. Not seeing much interest in the chassis package so I've decided to piece them out. I'll list parts individually in the "Parts For Sale" section when available.
  8. Based on the following, I'm fairly certain these frames are not 1910 and 1911 frames as the stamped frame ID numbers would suggest.- I know they're not 1918 or later frames as 1918 and newer cars were fitted with underslung only rear springs.- Frame #27100 has a 115" wheelbase. Frame #30791 has a 113" wheelbase. Club records list 1910-1917 R4, REO The Fifth cars as either 112" or 115" wheelbase, so at least one frame matches.- They are not Speedwagon frames. Teen era Speedwagons are all listed with 128" wheelbases.- Both cars were fitted with Remy chain style starters. I'm not sure what year
  9. For Sale: $1,000 or best offer. (2) partial REO chassis and miscellaneous parts. I’m currently working on “18” T4 and “20” T6 REOs, and I don’t have proper storage space for these chassis previously acquired for parts. They’ve been outdoors for many years, and I’d like to find them a new home, so they don’t sit out through another winter. Frame #30791: transmission #17816, rear end #25822, radiator #33711. Radiator shell, hood, driveshaft, L&R hood base strips, and rough mudguard aprons. Frame #27100: transmission #11868, rear end #28375. This frame has (4) Model A wire w
  10. Carroll_1

    Pair REO Chassis

    For Sale: $1,000 or best offer. (2) partial REO chassis and miscellaneous parts. Frame #27100 was acquired in the 1970s by a previous owner, who called it a 1917. I recently purchased Frame #30791 in MN for its 4-cyl engine, which I removed. My main focus is on my 1918 T4 and 1921 T6 touring cars. I don’t have proper storage space for these and would like to see them used. I’m listing them first as a package as each frame has weaknesses in different areas. If no one is interested in the group, I will eventually part them out separately. Frame #30791: transmission #17816, rear end
  11. I recently purchased some late teen REOs that came with a collection of parts. While sorting and organizing I'm finding quite a few non-REO parts which I would like to see made use of. A: I need the room, B: I'm confused enough identifying the REO parts. These should be straightforward, Ford packaging and P/N 16761. 1928-29 Model A Hood Bumper Set. $5.00 plus USPS postage. PayPal accepted. Contact: craig.dusing at gmail.com
  12. 1932 Desoto spare tire mount . Roughly 21-1/2" x 17". The mounting holes are 20" on center. The hub is 7-1/4" dia. Weighs approx. 10 lbs. $25 plus UPS shipping. PayPal accepted. Contact: craig.dusingatgmail.com
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