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  1. Hi Mark, Actually, that's one of the original manuals I received with my cars. I joined the REO club a few months ago and I've been working on making several manuals and advertising pieces available to them. I'm amazed at the level of details in these old manuals. My cars were stored outdoors but I also have a storage attic full of parts and I would be lost without the old manuals to help identify some of them. But unfortunately, the manuals don't include any wood framing or coachwork details. The previous owner took hundreds of photos when he disassembled in 1976, but the version of "Murphy's Law" that states "If you take one hundred photos, you'll realize sometime later you should have taken one hundred and ten" has struck. So for some reason I don't have anything showing rear tub framing, floorboards, seat risers, seat frames, etc. I did find a copy of "Antique Auto Body Wood Work for the Restorer by CW Terry & Arthur Hall" which is a good basic reference but has nothing specific to REO. I'm really just at the beginning stages of this project but I want to get the ash bought and stored to age with the cars. Probably getting the cart ahead of the horse thinking about wood-work now, but I'm a retired pattern maker so the wood-work is what I think about and plan before sleep. I'll send you a PM. I appreciate your help. Best of luck with your 31 Royale Victoria. Thanks for replying. Craig Milledgeville IL
  2. Hi, first post here. I've acquired a 1918 REO-T4 and a 1921 REO-T6. Both are in rough condition. The 21 is complete to the back of the front doors. The 18 was disassembled 45 years ago with most of the body dipped and primer painted. The previous owner took lots of photos but there are never enough. Does anyone have photos of a 18-22 REO Touring interior wood? Or a finished interior. I'll attach a few examples of what I have. Thanks, Craig