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  1. A great car with great history and importance . For those who like old TV shows? there a late 50s episode of "Whats My Line?" and the guest was the driver of the Thomas who's line was "I drove a car around the world" which they had to guess.They didn't. It was fun to hear why and when he drove around the world. They unvailed what was left of the Thomas car at that time at the end. Pretty ratty with no rubber on the rims as I recall,but basically all there.. I saw the car running around when I was out west many years ago with Bill at the the helm ,it gave me chills . Plenty is written and recorded of it's perfectly authenic ,as it appeared at the end of the race, restoration. As the man said.."Just Marvelous!"
  2. It's been a while Craigslist charges for car listing for non dealers..Dealers abused the free venue and knuckle head private sellers would make too many repetitive /multible listings for same jalopy ..and so on. What p sses me off is I used put ad up for gig help like bagging brush- yard work and moving a piano or 3 and even a extra hand in pinch getting a vintage car..With a guarrenteed minimum even if the hours were less. So I pay more then well for simple jobs and feed the worker,often picking them up etc. Great help for me when needed and great for some younglings needing cash or people out if work.. But now I would have to pay for the ad and there is no guarrentee somebody will respond in time.. So I stoped placing ads . I was deluded thinking it was a purley a community service thing. Things changed
  3. I'm sure I built every Monogram ,AMT and Revell kit offered in the 60s and 70s of vintage cars like stock Model T's,A's ,32 Fords and various hot rods based on old cars atleast twice.Most were lavishly painted. ..Many got blown up by M80s eventually ๐ŸŒ‹๐Ÿ˜จ. Built the Touring car version of the Big T. A gift from my God Father when I was sick. .Built a large Mercer Raceabout and 31? Lincoln all weather pheaton . Remember the Phone booth T,Boot Hill Expresd,Lil Coffin,The Paddy Wagon,The Red Barron, Romal's Wagon.The Monster cars and the list goes on and on..Many have been reissussed sever times. I use to like the 3 in 1 kits.. Here is AMT's 1928 Porter /My Mother the Car ,dust and all that my father built in 1967, with original fadded box..A visiter dropped it about 8 years ago I have yet to fix it..Maybe this pushes me to do so. .Just the right rear wheel and a piece of the front right bumper bracket bar needs to be made.
  4. Start thinking about glazed cylinder walls as an issue here..A common problem from poor break protocols or incorrect machining and assembly details .
  5. This is right up there with injecting bleech to kill Covid.. Excuse me, but one would have to be pretty dense to the believe a powered kitchen cleanser run through a carburetor is of any positive value or a fix offered by an automobile company to rework an engine in the field that shouldn't have left the factory.. But in the early automotive years powdered graphite was a panacea sprinkled through the carb and used in crankcase oil,but not for the Model T Ford as it would short out the internal magneto.
  6. New Haven Pizza Truck ,1946 International H. Brick oven onboard to. Great Bday party favorite and get togethers for any reason.. The biz is called "New Haven Pizza Truck..." There are a hand full of usually green painted late 40s early 50s ,large size GMCs and Chevys operating in well kept shape in Connecticut.. We still see the open cab-no doors step sided , with the bank if jingle bells across the windshield header ice cream truck every summer.like a 61 or 62 Chevrolet.
  7. The comments and interest are appreciated. ๐Ÿธ
  8. Success .I pick up the mess tomorrow morning. The lock man did it on my friends porch. 25 minutes..And most the work was fiddling getting the lock plug unit out with nothing like the key to pull on. He picked the lock 3 times because of the lock unit rotating from pressure of the tension wrench(lock picking tool to get a bit of lock barrel rotation pressure as you pick the tumbers with a lock pick) and trying to pry out the unit. He did not have the blank for a key..
  9. My update as of this morning. A 88 years young car friend who is hour & 1/2 from me called his local lockman and said this lockman would take look at and would like to have the mess over the weekned..If he is successfull..$50.00 So 10.bucks for my gas guzzling Jeep to drop off the tire/mount/lock at my 88 YO friends house for him to hand over and I'll visit for a bit.. Then another 10.bucks for the return next week...hopefully all is apart. Plus add flowers for my friends wife this trip ( I'm like that) ๐Ÿ˜‡ So it will take me about $100.00 to get the spare tire off .
  10. Well I find after more study the bolt I thought was going through for the inner lock nut for the clamp is not. It's an inch or so below the center line of where a lock nut would be behind the lock. There is an open space on the tail end of the iron clamp and you can see the locking nut behind the lock..You would almost think that special spanner could get in there. It IS an Oakes with a Yale 5 pin tumber lock .Looks like a Y11 key blank from what is written. Any markings on front face of lock are unreadable..
  11. Lets hope not a nexhaust valve is on it's way out. Hard to believe the Model A would run fairly well other then this pop and it be caused by the timing being off so much.. A scant to retarded overall (and not noticable to a novice as car appears to move along )it gets hot to overheat after some driving of just several hard miles. When To advance timing overall the starter begins kick back a bit(you notice that) when starting at full retard but car starts and when timing is advanced the worst effect is a rolling idle.
  12. I put off this tire lock issue and I need the tire off the car 3 week ago If not months ago. I took the tire and mount off the car and dragged it to 5 locksmiths within 12 miles of my urban area. Not one would pick it. All offered to drill out the lock for 50-55 bucks.Which I replalied."I can do that" They all said they never saw an old lock like this and don't know whats in there or how it works don't know if it could even be picked..The pins may be frozen bla bla bla.. Only one said to find and old timer..old school guy as we(the new age lock dudes) are like new generation and deal with known modern car key codes and such and replacing locks in houses etc..They dont seem to want to pick old locks to save the lock and make a key.. It's trash the old lock to get in something and maybe get a new lock and install IT is the program. Now how much effort in calling about and hauling this tire and lock is practical for a non show restoration ,minimum value car that is just being old school rehabilitated as required to drive again. My plan is the drill out the tire clamp housing's inner bolt stud from the back side(the carraige head is there)It's just a swedged in affair I bet. Replacing the bolt is no big deal in my opinion and I can work out the lock issue later with the lock and clamp housing removed ...( and my darn old tire and rim is free )๐Ÿ˜Œ I suspect in the end that even if the lock is picked and turned to unlock the basic lock unit will be frozen in the iron housing and would not be able to be extracted with just a key or pick tool from that side.
  13. HarryLime For a long while Crystal lye was tough to fine like a lot of stuff chemical wise because big daddy is protecting us idiots and making life more difficult in the end.. Like offering us "green "products that barely work ,cost more and one usually ends up using 2 or 3 times amount needed over the proper base product they replaced before you give up . But we are safer they say. I fined the lye easily at Walmart and Home Depot.About 4.99 for one pound container.
  14. Great find..Those cars have a nice feel and drive to them. The door wood work IS going to be your biggest challenge..but you will get it done in time. The original radiator caps can be had in not so perfect shape pretty reasonable some times.. Try to find out the thread size and diameter of the radiator neck..And think out side the box for something to fit. I had a 1930 Hupmobile with a non-discript factory diecast cap that the threads were worn out ,inside rotted and cap pitted badly. By the luck ( hanging on the wall) the Model T Ford uses a heavy brass exhaust pipe to manifold packing nut like 1-7/8" or 2" 18 TPI (I think)and the Hupp radiator neck was the same..Weeee. A 1/8" thick brass washer was neatly soldered to the top of the nut and a motometer installed..Very nifty ! Good luck...
  15. This accessory lamp bracket is available again @ ..$18.30 includes U.S. mailing..
  16. Try staining a swatch of new material with coffee of various strengths..Some color will wash out and fade.. but you can do it again. Don't over due.. a hint of wearthing will go a long way..you can add more latter.. Fabric dies may also be helpfull but more permanent๐Ÿ˜ฑ
  17. The shipping is going to be $8.30 for the small USPS Priority small flat rate box. 3 days ( don't bet on it the 3 days.+). Your total. $18.30 if you chose to purchase. See a message I will send you with my Connecticut address to send payment. David A.K.A Flivverking
  18. I'll total up the Florida shipping later today..
  19. I fished it out of the trash..seriously. "Old car fan "since you don't need it but "buick 35 "does..it should go to him don't you think? Buick 35...match Old Car Fans $10.00 offer plus shipping to? you can have it. If I seem un-reasonable on any level let me know. Cheerios!
  20. I didn't think so....In the trash bin.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  21. Every state the laws differ .Just do a search of topic in Texas DMV and you will find your info. Many states have lower tax rates and low reg fees with historic car plates and have the" not for primary transportation restrictions.."some don't Just try for regular registration for a daily driver..but some states require turn signals ,double tail/ brake lights and some require seat belts installed.. Watch out for tax changes.
  22. Wow! What a nice looking and thought out speedster. You really need to get into the forums of the old time hot rodders and things like the Jalopy Journal/H.A.M.B ,Secrets of Speed Society etc. I think it would very odd for someone to add dual carbs and pressure oiling and so on and not boost the compression which is what gives the most positive gains in performance with the least effort ,especially in a Model T Ford. The iron cylinder head could have been easily milled down. Stock heads in good condition were back in the day ( and are still today by some )milled off a mind blowing 1/4" if the water jackets holes can take it..I've had a few heads milled .125 or 1/8" as a minimum on a otherwise stock T Ford. It wouldn't surprise me if the valves where enlarged too on your car.
  23. What tells you it is running lean?Fussing with jets is not easy. You probably have a high compression head too right. I ve seen these T speedster jobs appear to run lean from way to hot a spark plug .Matching better suited temp plugs for the higher compression and correct gap of plugs may help. But what do I know..?
  24. Tool box of good size..22-1/2 lenght, 9-3/4 tall,9-1/4"..Wide. Wider then a T running board but some use them that wide. .. Good too for a Speedster back tool box.Some rusty but solid ,Not rotted through .No top or corner dings apparent.Front panel shows a bit of being pressed in slightly from maybe an innocent , very minor side swipe with a little red wagon full of Hoot Gibson cap pistols or baby buggy full of broken banjos or victrola cranks. Not the best or the worst box. More pics on request $40.00 is the price of new ownership plus shipping.
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