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  1. Yes I am still here... and to be honest- I am still trying to figure out what we are doing with this and am somewhat in limbo. I had appreciated some of the comments. I never mentioned I was purchasing the vehicle as some assumed. My family has owned a ranch since the early 1900s and has kept every car ever owned since then. We have a restored model T and a 45 (or 46- can’t remember) coupe. We are trying to determine which cars to restore and which to sell. The pierce arrow was one that we didnt know much about hence my inquiry.
  2. Yes. Here are just a couple pics. Its been owned by the same family since it was bought new. Its been sitting in a barn and as you can see, it needs some work.
  3. Hi there- I am looking for some insight from someone that knows some about pierce arrows. I am trying to determine value of a barn car that needs restoration... any ideas?? Car is 1925 .
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