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  1. If possible try and measure the wheelbase too. Viv
  2. If you post some pictures of the frame and axles it will help. Also if the wheels are there, how many lugs to hold the split rim, how many bolts thru the hub. Diameter of wheels and brake drums will help. Does the rear axle propshaft drive flange have three prongs or a conventional round drive flange. As Narve said is the front axle a tube type or I beam style. Viv
  3. Don't think it is Chev Kaiser, those brackets for the hood hold downs do not look chevy.
  4. Our club in Zimbabwe had access to a yard with a double garage, members could dump their unwanted spares at this facility for many years, and it was always a great place to rummage and look for something useful for your projects. Sadly the owner of the premises passed away, the premises were sold and the new owners were decent enough to allow us to continue for a few years, until eventually they needed the space. Some of the smaller items we managed to keep, but 20+ years later a lot of it has failed to be identified or passed on. I therefore understand why stuff gets dumped.
  5. A lot of English and continental cars had a bar across with a screw to hold the hubcap in the centre. Being a 5 stud rim is unusual for British cars, but maybe Vauxhall from the thirties.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. It is about 270 miles from my house in an arid part of the country, so it will not deteriorate too soon. I will have a closer look at it next time I'm there and see how much is actually there. I know it's not a high value car, but thought it may be worth a look. Viv.
  7. Hi Alain, The Model A Ford speedo mechanism is different to your Chrysler one, but the Model A decals for the trip mileage look very similar. Unfortunately a lot of speedo's were made of diecast pot metal in this era and suffer from swelling or crumbling metal. As it would appear that may be the problem with your unit, you will probably have to try and source a complete speedo. Try Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955
  8. This has recently been put on the Chrysler section of AACA. Just needs a little bit of love and a polish !!!! Oregon Desert model 45 Member Members 217 502 posts Report post Posted Monday at 05:37 AM NOT MINE. CONTACT OWNER THRU CRAIGSLIST USING BELOW LINK 1928 Chrysler model 72 Roadster - $3200 (Brenham ,TX)
  9. The decals look pretty much the same as Model A ford, have a look at Snyders or Mac's
  10. My sister in Canada often buys bits for me. We bought a set of guages and paid with a cheque from toronto Dominion. The check was on a USD denominated account and the USA bank charged $20 commission. The seller was seriously pissed off, but it was the banks fault for not reading the cheque correctly. It was resolved by complaining to TD bank who resolved the issue. FOR THOSE OF YOU LIVING IN CANADA, YOU MAY NOT BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING, VIv. Some information about duty and brokerage fees into Canada Auto parts for vehicles >25 years old are duty free into Canada no matter the country of origin. Ask the shipper to indicate HS code 9966.00.00 on the customs declaration. This Tariff Item of the Customs Tariff gives duty free status to "articles for use solely or principally with those vehicles manufactured more than 25 years prior to the date of importation". Information about the interpretation of this tariff item can be found at As stated in this memo, eligible articles are limited to those solely or principally for qualifying vehicles and would have to be in keeping with the original appearance and configuration of the vehicle. These may be either original articles or reproductions. Articles that incorporate modern safety features or other technological developments can be considered under tariff item No. 9966.00.00, provided that they are solely or principally for use with qualifying vehicles and do not compromise the original configuration of the vehicle. An example would be disc brakes designed specifically for a 1936 Chevrolet Coupe. General purpose articles that can be used in vehicles covered and not covered under tariff item No. 9966.00.00 are not eligible for consideration. So reproduction door panels would be eligible as they are specific to a vehicle over 25 years old, but tires that fit both a TR6 and a 2011 Ford would not. On the brokerage/handling fee issue, Canada Post will collect a fee of $9.95 as a handling fee, if duties and/or taxes were collected on the shipment. On shipments with a value of <$2500, there are ways to avoid the brokerage fees charged by UPS, Fedex etc, by clearing the shipment yourself. There are 2 ways to do this: 1. Prior to receiving your shipment, you can contact the courier company and inform them of your wish to self-clear any shipments that are addressed to you and on which brokerage fees are applicable. The company will explain their procedures to you. 2. As an alternative, when a casual shipment is delivered to you, you can refuse delivery and advise the courier company of your intention to self-clear directly with the CBSA. In this case, please ensure that you take note of the unique shipment identifier number on the package, as the shipment will be returned to the courier’s warehouse. With both options, you will need to visit your local CBSA office to complete a B15 (Casual Goods Accounting Document) and provide them with specific details, including the courier’s name, the unique shipment identifier number, a description of the goods and their value so that the CBSA can correctly assess the goods. This information is usually indicated on the shipment’s invoice, which will be provided to you by the courier company. When you have paid the applicable duties and/or taxes to the CBSA, you will be given an official receipt indicating that the goods have been accounted for. You will need to present this receipt to the courier’s warehouse where your shipment is stored, in order for the courier to release your shipment to you. Despite what you may be told by the courier, you have the right to do this and clear the goods yourself. See and in particular paragraph 56.
  11. 28 Chrysler may be right, that it could have been a mid year change, but it is not only the 1928 model 72 roadsters, that had this "added" color panel on the doors, I had 2 different 1928 Chrysler 52 touring cars, one had a body like this one below, with a single waist molding along the side of the body The other one had the interesting color panels on both front and rear doors and across the centre pillar like the following picture. Note that the above pictures are 6cyl cars just for reference and to show the differences. They are not the ones I owned. Chrysler often changed designs and parts during production and I doubt we will ever know for sure, why or when these changes occured. Viv.
  12. Insurance companies are not interested in sentimental value and will always try and squirm out of paying, by telling you it is under insured, so they will pay you pro rata or say the wreck is still worth the insured value, so they owe you nothing. Best thing to do is get hold of a decent insurance broker, that will work with you on a written agreed value. Then make sure your insurance contract has a clause in it, giving you first option to the right of salvage. So if the car is written off, you have the rights to buy the wreck and restore it if you wish. If the Dutch companies do not want to be fair with you, then try companies like LLoyds in London, or maybe even Haggerty. I had a Belgian guy working here in Zimbabwe and he insured his modern Volvo with Lloyds, and he had a couple of mishaps, they promptly paid his claims. Viv.
  13. Try these guys in Australia, they have plans for 100's of top frames and bows. Australian Hood Irons - Sydney, Australia - Automotive Repair ... Phone, +61 2 9874 6696 · Address. 57 Eastwood Ave; Sydney, Australia 2122. I think they might have been bought out by dfecustoms fairly recently. DFE Customs & Restorations | Australian Hood Irons ... Specialists in the restoration and customisation of vehicles, motor bikes, tractors and pedal cars. Design and build custom Hood Irons for convertible vehicles.
  14. Hi All, I'm told this is the remains of a c1927 Falcon Knight touring, that is lying in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. How rare is this car? It would be a major undertaking to restore, so wondering if it is worth rebuilding, thanks
  15. Hi again, I have a lot of pictures of a 28 phaeton that I got off the nett, this is one that I have edited to show the part I think you are looking for, it may help others to know what you are looking for. There are 2 1928 phaetons in Harare that are restorable basket cases, if you fail to find any let me know and I will get some close up pictures and a detailed drawing for you. Thanks for the info about the 28 Chrysler that is going to be parted out, I don't think too much will be compatible with my G70, but I will send you a PM of what I'm looking for, if you would be kind enough to look for me. Many thanks Viv.