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  1. Check out this item on ebay right now. eBay item number: 193644317490 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  2. There is a nice restorable shell on ebay right now, item number eBay item number: 193644317490 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  3. Hi James, The Chrysler radiators and shells of this design vary a lot, and while they may look the same, there can be many differences. I have rebuilt model 50 and 52 tourers, I have currently a model 62 roadster and a model G70 tourer, plus I have 3 other 4 cyl radiators with shells and I don't think any 2 are the same. My 3 spare radiator shells are all pretty badly rusted, but could be restored, I will check them out. The parts book lists the model 72 radiator and shell as having a part number that is different to any other model. You would have to physically compare your model
  4. The world will never forget 9/11 and all the people from many different nations that lost their lives due to these terrorist acts. We pray today for those who lost loved ones on this sad day in our worlds history. May those who died be forever remembered and rest in eternal peace. 🙏🙏
  5. Great to hear that Kaiser, Victoria Lynn and others are safe and that your homes and cars are safe so far. I watch the news of your fires, on our tv stations here in Africa and the footage we get showing all the homes, cars, towns and businesses going up in flames is so sad. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you folks at this trying time and I send best wishes and prayers tomorrow, as we remember all the people who died in the horror crashes of 9/11, the evil deed done on that day shall never be forgotten. God bless you all.
  6. Possibly from a Hudson Terraplane custom series car. The series 62 convertible cabriolet that I restored had remains of the steering centre hub and some wire spokes that looked like this, but the rim had been broken off and was long gone. Terraplane of that year had an ivory color instrument panel and ivory color knobs on the dash pulls, so it is possible the steering wheel may have also had an ivory colored rim We ended up fitting a 37 Ford V8 banjo type steering wheel for strength and safety, it bolted straight on with the same taper and keyway onto the steering shaft.
  7. Hi Dave, The oval on the left side is for the headlight switch, the one on the right side is a choke lever with a cable behind. Sorry no spare ones. Viv
  8. Thanks Terry, I have been having problems with my model A, it gets very hot, very quickly, causing the condenser to breakdown and misbehave. I have tried another carb and distributor off a friends car and it did not cure the problem, I have changed coils and condensor and flushed the motor to ensure the block is free of sediment. My radiator has a new core and I have swapped radiators with a car that runs much cooler than mine. The waterpump is new and I have checked for bubbling in the radiator and manifold leaks. It had me stumped. I parked the damned car and have been rebuilding
  9. Possibly a Trojan, it would appear to have solid rubber tires
  10. Hi All, I have 18 new Bowers C78C spark plugs that I bought, hoping to use them in my Model A Ford or 26 Chrysler. Does anyone have a cross reference chart to tell me what these plugs fit, or what these plugs are equivalent to in Champion, NGK or other makes. thanks
  11. I have just bought a barn find 1928 series 62 roadster, it has a generator mounted to the right side of the motor, that is gear driven by the timing chain, the cutout is mounted directly on top of the generator. Perhaps Leonara could scan the page from his owners manual, so we can see more clearly what he is talking about. If you are talking about " regulate the current to the head and cowl lights ", I think what you are refering to , is the back of the dash mounted lighting switch. These switches have a heavy wire wound resistor that reduces the power to the headlight filament whe
  12. Try advertising in the Chrysler section, I'm pretty sure some of the early Chrysler"s used ones about this size. Also found this company that will make any hose you need, check out their website
  13. 34 Chev master eagle mascot, fitted to cars as well
  14. Try contacting K-Gap hudson reproduction parts K-gap Hudson Reproduction Parts Category: New & Used Dealers Key contact details for K-gap Hudson Reproduction Parts Phone 760 868-2284 Email Email business Website www.kgapstore.com Address KGap - PO Box 720976, Pinon Hills CA, 92372 Automobiles Seals Re
  15. There was an article not long ago, about the Gazelle radiator mascot caps, and while they all look the same, the 8 cyl cars cap is much bigger than the one for a six cylinder car, so the same will apply to the radiator shell and core. As said before, lets see a serial number, motor number or frame number to identify the car you have.
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