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  1. THOUGHT THE FOLLOWING WILL BE OF INTEREST TO ALL CANADIANS ON THE FORUM. Some information about duty and brokerage fees into Canada Auto parts for vehicles >25 years old are duty free into Canada no matter the country of origin. Ask the shipper to indicate HS code 9966.00.00 on the customs declaration. This Tariff Item of the Customs Tariff gives duty free status to "articles for use solely or principally with those vehicles manufactured more than 25 years prior to the date of importation". Information about the interpretation of this tariff item can be found at http://www
  2. Have a look at DFE In Australia, they may be able to help you regards Viv DFE Customs & Restorations | Australian Hood Irons ... www.dfecustoms.com.au Specialists in the restoration and customisation of vehicles, motor bikes, tractors and pedal cars. Design and build custom Hood Irons for convertible vehicles.
  3. Hello Sarah, welcome to the forum. I assume the car you bought is the sedan with Maroon body and black fenders, that was on ebay . The car has had a lot done to it and deserves to be finished off and enjoyed. The sad part about it, is the motor has to be removed and the crank shaft taken out , in order to remove the flywheel. The car was discussed on this forum in January, look up this previous discussion, 26 S70flywheel removal impacsys replied to impacsys's topic in Chrysler Products - General did you have to remove crank to removeflywheel? I don't t
  4. Wow, looking good. So glad you have persevered with restoring the car, it is going to be a beauty.
  5. Leo, These pictures (courtesy of the internet) are of 2 different 1927 Chrysler finer 70's, I would think your model 72 would be very similar. The 2 pictures below also from the nett are supposed to be a series 72 roadster. Hope these may help
  6. Morning, Found these pictures courtesy of https://www.leftcoastclassics.com/1928-nash-328-landau/ lots more useful pictures if you look up this site. . Suggest also to ask on the general section of AACA or join the Nash car club of America. Nice car. Viv.
  7. The car looks to be Nash. The dog bone radiator cap and pentagonal motormeter/temp guage are aftermarket, non factory parts.
  8. I have had good results softening aluminum with a hot air paint stripping gun. Also works a treat, if used carefully, to heat up die cast pot metal if it is bent and needs straightening. An oldtimer friend of mine ,who was a sressed skin worker in aviation industry, also told me , use an oxy torch, first blacken the aluminum using just the acetylene, then heat it up with an oxy /acetylene flame until the black just starts to dissappear. at this point stop heating and it should be soft enough to bend.
  9. Not familiar with Reo, but some manufacturers had a pin or hole on the hub/brake drum to help align the wheel, when bolting it on.
  10. Sure looks like ford. Male thread should be about 3/4in and female end about 7/8in
  11. The top right one looks to be 4 Cyl Chrysler or Plymouth from about 1926 to 1930
  12. Dodge had a Ram mascot, think this is a Plymouth
  13. There have been a few new guys recently , who are busy restoring pre 1929 cars, the following pages will help you all with how to adjust and operate "original" early Chrysler brake systems. Hope this is readable Viv.
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