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  1. Morning all, Saw this on the Chrysler for sale section, it may interest Nash owners. They are not mine!!!!! Nash’s to be crushed - $1,111 (Backus) <image 13 of 14>
  2. Your Buick may be correct original low mileage. If you look at some of the cars being sold on bringatrailer.com there are many cars being sold with very low mileages, some are 10 plus years old and have barely been driven. With your Buick it is possible that the owner had more than one car and the Buick may have only been used to go to church on Sundays or for special outings. I restored a 1927 Chrysler 50 back in the early 80's. The family that owned it, bought it new, and kept a detailed log of every trip and each and every repair, or tire change that was done. The car had done a
  3. Hi Marbeton, First thing, the picture of your exhaust manifold shows what looks like a hair line crack on the left side of the opening, this crack needs to be welded or the manifold replaced. Secondly, the gasket that goes between your exhaust and inlet manifolds, I seem to recall it just went around the edge of that hole. When replacing the above gasket, it is critical that the correct thickness of material is used, and once you have replaced that gasket make absolutely sure that all the exhaust and inlet ports are an even height before bolting it up to the block. Failure to
  4. Hi Aron, Please advise the bore size of the cylinder and are there any numbers on the side of the body. I may have spare cylinders, but need to strip them all to see what I need for my projects. Viv
  5. Hi Marbeton, I had a Model 52 for years and did some long trips of over 450km in a day, with summer temperatures in the mid 30c. The car ran pretty hot most of the time and at night the exhaust pipe from the manifold would glow red hot . At times it would occasionally boil and spit a bit of coolant from the radiator cap, so at least I knew it still had water, but it ran happily and never let me down from overheating. That was over 20 years ago and I have learned a lot since then. Check your spark plugs to make sure they are the right heat range, plugs of the wrong type can ca
  6. Hi Keith, Pretty sure all 1928 Chryslers are manually advanced and retarded from the levers in the centre of the steering column. I have a Model 62 that I recently aquired from a warehouse where it has been stored for 45 years, the distributor has no centrifugal advance. No overdrive option, synchro's, or hardened valve seats were available in 1928. Cars built back in the 20's used whatever gas was available and have survived without leaded gas. The amount of mileage you are likely to do, I would not get hardened valve seats fitted Viv
  7. It has the recess in the firewall , this makes it a 1931 Model A Ford
  8. Perhaps call the owner of the place and ask him to set them aside for you. Most of those parts will find a home to the right person, but once gone to scrap there is no second chance for them
  9. My Chrysler 52 (4 cyl) had a capacity of 170 cu in and ran happily for years with a Model A Ford Zenith carb, as the original carb was beyond repair. Your Chrysler engine capacity at 195 cu in, is very similar to that of a Model A Ford, perhaps see if you can borrow a Model A carb to try on your motor. Viv
  10. Hi Andrew, please can you post some more pictures of the doors and any other sheet metal body parts and if possible dimensions of the rear doors. Many thanks Viv.
  11. Take the tappet cover off and see if you have a stuck valve. I had a similar experience this weekend with my Model A Ford after standing a year. I was going to take it out, It started, ran rough and sounded like a big end had gone. I Left it until the next day, then came back to work on it. I decided to fire it up first and short out each cylinder to find the knock and was surprised to find it ran perfectly. I'm guessing a valve had stuck open and after moving the cam when I ran it the valve had sprung free. The knock must have been related.
  12. Hi, I'm pretty sure that pan is for 1926 to 1928 Chrysler 4 Cylinder Viv
  13. The picture posted by Gunsmoke is a 1928 Model 52, if one looks at the dash and instruments. The picture posted by nzcarnerd I also think is a Chrysler in the foreground. If it is a Chrysler, then it is definitely a 4 cylinder car, because the 6 cylinder cars have a wider fender where it meets the side aprons and running board. With drum lights it will be either a model 58 or model 50.
  14. Some 1926/7 Chrysler had these steering wheels
  15. Hi Flivverking, Here is a couple of pictures for you to look at. Your car probably had painted blue wheels from the factory, but I too think natural wood wheels look nice. I'm doing a G70 tourer with wood wheels. I too thought of doing the stripes in red, but after seeing them on this light blue car, I was put off that color. This darker blue car was one I took pictures of at Hershey some years ago, its owner told me his family had owned it from new and they had the car restored as authentically as possible. A close up picture of the wheel
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