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  1. Hello all, will just give the short version here. Basically, I can't ever seen to find a good, quality shop willing to do work on my truck. My truck is a 1990 Freightliner FLD120, and though it may not be old when compared to the typical vehicle here, it is a commercial vehicle, and the rules in this industry are quite different. It means once it is no longer profitable, support for it is dropped. And, yep, the largest truck maker in the US, no longer makes anything besides required equipment, brakes, lights, glass, etc, for my truck anymore, despite it bei
  2. Yea, as a note to engines, that was something I had forgotten to explain, despite it being the main reason for being here. Power numbers on paper are absolutely not everything. Power bands with high peaks make for troublesome multi use vehicles. Despite having high output, they are only good in a small range. That is the biggest reason for driver knowledge, since what may sound good on paper may be an absolute dog out on the roads in actual use, or have issues like lack of cooling to rear cylinders, small bearing journals, poor oiling, etc. The kinds of things that o
  3. Morning, and much thanks to the responses and information. Plenty to read through, though also much clarification needed on my end as well, heh. I didn't want to say too much and over explain and result in an overly long post. So, that said, a bit about me. I will admit that I was a bit miffed at first with the responses that went into how much maintenance, costs, mechanical skill, lack of performance and lack of comforts vehicles from this era had, especially when compared to modern vehicles. The whole deal about rear end gearing change as well, heh. But, then I thought about it and u
  4. Reading and appreciating the responses, and I have things to say, no worries. Just out with my lady on her birthday weekend, heh. So will reply when time is available.
  5. Afternoon all. I am here seeking knowledge, experience, and advice. There is an early Ford Model A Tudor for sale just down the road from me. I was planning on purchasing it, but when I looked around online I was able to find a number of more desirable vehicles within my price range. I prefer larger, 4 door cars and want something a little more capable of getting around in modern traffic. I have no desire to rip out the running gear and replace it with modern equipment. Better to just get a modern kit car at that point. I don't mind adding things like a
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