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  1. Hows this for repairing a valve? 1929 Lincoln Engine.
  2. I used an old copy of Coreldraw X4 to do this.
  3. I just looked at these images there is no overlap between the images so they will not stitch together. On closer look, I do not think they are the same drawing. If you look at the second picture. I found inverting the colors made them easier to read.
  4. Have you tried Hugin? http://hugin.sourceforge.net/
  5. Here is another option http://theegyptgarage.com/ for wireless lights
  6. Yes, it was Oakley's car, he sold it to Henry Harper of Lake Forest,Il and my father in law brought it from him in the early 70s. I was a dark purple (eggplant) color then
  7. I just found out the owner of the car in the 1960s also did the 1966 Glidden Tour, but not sure if he was driving the Lincoln.
  8. Rusty_OToole, I have to renew the leather straps that stop the doors opening too far. I am sure that the original paint survives behind them.
  9. Great film, did not spot our Lincoln though.
  10. I am getting the AACA library at Hershey to have a look at their records for me.
  11. I am trying to find a copy of this page of the Murphy's Color. http://www.autocolorlibrary.com/mc14.html Oral History says that our 1921 Lincoln was Heliotrope. As an archeologist, I am going to get paint analysis done on the car, and this might be a good reference
  12. I wonder if there are write-ups with the drives names for all the tours?
  13. In the 60s our Lincoln was owned then by Oakley Arnold Sumpter, he was from Port Deposit Maryland, he is the one that did the Glidden Tours we think. Here is a picture of him in his workshop. Sumpter brought the car from Josephine de Nancrede Henry the sister of the guy in the white (Howard).
  14. 100 year old, two wheel brakes, what could go wrong?