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  1. Looking for someone to redo the babbit on my 1920s Lincoln V8. Anybody got any ideas? Live in Maryland Thanks
  2. Looking for someone to redo the babbit on my 1920s Lincoln V8. Anybody got any ideas? Live in Maryland Thanks
  3. Member Dick Powers contacted me with new information about the pin and roller sets made by Egge. In the 1998 Egge catalog the roller sets have a stock number of VC109 which fits all the Model L through to 1933 KB. So they fit all the engines that are fork and blade construction.I am still looking for more members to join this order. So far I have orders for 13 sets but need 16 for the minimum order at Egge. Anybody else thinking of doing engine work in the near future?
  4. Images of the restored 1920 Boston Lincoln dealership where our cars was sold. https://www.hmfh.com/projects/match-charter-public-school/
  5. Does anyone know if these registrar's ledgers survive for Massachusetts?
  6. Our car is a 1921 Lincoln Deluxe Touring that was commissioned and sold by Puritan Motors Corporation, Boston Mass one of the first 15 Lincoln distributors,. A late 1920s map shows the building it was owned by Ford, then the video shows it when it was owned by Ellis the Rim Man, now it is a school.
  7. Really sad to hear of a death on the Bonham’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/04/m23-crash-vintage-car-driver-killed-in-lorry-collision I once followed the run in my modern car, every one was having so much fun and great to see these old cars on the road and not just in a museums. My condolences to everybody involved.
  8. I have some more pictures of the interior if anyone want to see them
  9. Its a lot of car for the money! Just needs a can of gas and you can be away touring.
  10. Posting for a friend. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/lincoln/l/2313119.html
  11. Here is the ordinances for the small town my father-in-law lives in. chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https://www.risingsunmd.org/egov/documents/1476718126_4372.pdf They brought the junk car ordinances in because of my father-in-law.
  12. Hi Phil, The leather looks like it has no outer surface. I wonder if they where using leather with the top grain removed and not surfaced. How is it jointed together sewn or laced?
  13. Yes, I posted it on the Lincoln club page but I just missed the last newsletter. I have not posted on the CCCA as I am not a member and the forums look like they are member only
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