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  1. This is so depressing for me to hear. Next time you drive one consider me staring 🤩🤩🤩
  2. My unsolicited advice is...... leaving the words “ I “ and “you” out of it. you say: A persons inability to secure an insurance policy to their satisfaction, isn’t a legitimate reason for a car dealer to take back a car. Repeat the same line as frequently as needed until it sinks in.
  3. Ian, So sorry to hear about your mom. 💐💐💐. Rick in North Carolina
  4. As far as the ability to back out of a deal. Don’t worry about it. If the time comes where anyone doesn’t feel right about a transaction, DO NOT hand over your money until you are satisfied. Ask me how I know...out 25k on junk because I didn’t want to compromise my integrity. Misguided mistake.
  5. How about something else......and a Cord🤗
  6. “Throbbing with vitality”..........count me in!
  7. I haven’t pulled the drums yet, thought I read somewhere that rears were stepped cylinders. I bought a new master and will be using that. I’ll look over the existing original and decide if I want to rebuild it to put back on at some point.
  8. Thanks John, I don’t need the cup, just the screen as pictured. I’ll buy it. PM me your payment info and I’ll get you payed. No hurry at all on shipping as I’m down till springtime. Going through brakes next. Any insights or tips are appreciated, as I know you recently did them on one of your cars. Did you have the cylinders sleeved? I realized the rears are stepped. How did you deal with that? I read here about the good crush washers and saved that info somewhere, I’ll find that part of it. I’m leaning towards dot-5 and conifer lines. Maybe just flush and dot-3... Rick
  9. Hi John, If the oil pump screen is in good shape and available I would like to buy it. Thanks, Rick in NC
  10. Merry Christmas to you also 🌲...from rainy North Carolina
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