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  1. After much rumination, I will take a polish job, and, new tires and battery.
  2. You are correct, I was wrong. I should know better.
  3. Not to argue.....however, as an opposite range, I believe that oranges are more “across” the color wheel to purples and blues to reds. P.S. I am dead wrong in my statement above. However I’m leaving it up as a monument to my senility.
  4. Hey Ed, did all of A.J.’s ribbing cause you to blow a fuse? Noticed your latest avatar. Just wondering.
  5. Welcome to our friendly group. How nice that you have those photographs of your grandfather and his car. He looks to be very proud of it, and should be. Really nice. I’ll let the experts take your questions. I’m sure you receive some great information from them.
  6. I notice that some installations have the “supply” going into the top of the canister and some into the bottom. What gives with that? Does it matter, or is it dictated by the type, make, of filter can? Thanks
  7. Doozer

    What is this?

    What the heck is that dang thing anyway?
  8. “I'm still loving your beautiful old Chevy, Tex Riv 63! Requesting your advice on "preservation" school of thought (andanyone else who wishes to contribute ideas” I also have a car with an undercarriage in similar condition, that I want to preserve. I’m thinking about using a shop vac with a stiff brush attachment to remove most of the “rust dust”, then applying boiled linseed oil, cut with odorless mineral spirits or turpentine. I could apply by brush, rag, spray bottle or combination of all. Just thinking out loud. I’m looking for the voices of experience and sense to chime in.
  9. That right there is a huge incentive to quit smoking and get some exercise 😬
  10. Welcome Dan, I agree with Gary F, very nice car and color 🙂
  11. I believe if I was your elderly friend, seeing pictures recording the process of bringing the car to life would be a tremendous source of pleasure.
  12. Thanks David! That’s the answer for sure. I appreciate the ID and pics. This will be a good door for me to test and practice preservation on. It seems to have original paint. Trying to bring it up and preserve it is what I’ll be after. Thanks again for your time and effort. Rick