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  1. Yes they are , watch an English movie and you will see a lot of them. Thanks, Ron
  2. Thanks, Fun to drive and gets lots of looks. Ron
  3. New Brakes, brake hoses, wheel cyilinders , new paint, new original style Bull Motif interior. New glass rubber, new tires. Less than 5,000 miles on professional rebuilt engine. Never any rust. Near Salisbury N.C. $14,900.00. Ron
  4. Thanks for the reply Pilgrim. I spoke with someone who restores Morris Minor and he said that what I am describing is a manifold heater that has a built in thermostat. He said that most of them don't work, and when they did work it did't help much,so I am going to just leave it in place and not worry that it does not work. Thanks again Walker
  5. Removed carburator to rebuild and there is a heating element in side manifold at carb flange. Is this factory or aftermarket. It has one wire going to it and running to gauge cluster. what would turn this on? Also the serial number on engine starts with 9 CG-Da-H, some one said that this is a Austin or MG engine,does anyone know if this a Morris 948 engine? Thanks very much. Walker
  6. He also contracted me about parts for a Morris Minor and said he had them in excellent condition and could arrange shipping. I told him I would rather pick them up. Never heard from him again. Walker
  7. 1959 Morris Minor 1000 used parts,need front windshield,four original wheels(rims) and steering wheel.Have good extra rear window to swap if needed. Would like to pick up parts within 200 miles (plus or minus) from Charlotte N.C.. Thanks, Walker
  8. Thanks poci1957, I think your right,I couldn't find a listing for a preformed rubber gasket anywhere. I talked with an older glass man and he thinks they used adhesive also. Thanks again for the reply Walker
  9. Thanks Gary, I forgot about Steele Rubber. I will give them a try. Thanks Walker
  10. Thanks Gary, I don't have a service manual, It belongs to a friend who said the rear glass was leaking water into the trunk. I am sure it is rusted around glass. Just wanted to know how it was installed. The parts books we have doesn't show a preformed rubber seal. Thanks Walker Thanks
  11. Hi, Does the rear class on a 1965 Pontiac Lemans Custom 2dr. have a preformed rubber seal around it like the older car or is it set in with caulking like new cars? Thanks very much Walker \
  12. ckowner You might want to try Carolina Houdaille in Charlotte N.C. They are a little know parts house that has been in business for many years. They still have a lot of parts for old Chrysler products. Years ago I was helping a friend restore a 32 Dodge fourdoor and we needed a door handle return spring,so I decided to stop by and see If they just might have one. They looked in their book and brought out a spring that was smaller than the broken one we had. The guy went back to his books and asked if the car could have been a police car or a taxi cab. I told him that I had no idea. He then brought out a spring that was exactly like the broken one.(except not broken).Not only did they have a door spring for a 32 Dodge they had one for a police car or taxi cab. Their number is (704) 333-6669 EST Walker
  13. Thanks for the information 19tom40 Walker
  14. Thanks Trimacar edhd58,I am taking my car to the upholster tomorrow,I will post some pictures when done. Thanks Walker
  15. I am having an upholster do my 40 Ford Standard tudor. He has done other makes of cars for me,but not an early ford. Just thought I could show him a picture of headliner around front around windshield and package tray, I found a 40 that I can go and take pictures of. edhd58,I will keep you informed on how mine turns out. Thanks guys for information, Walker
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