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  1. Yes they are , watch an English movie and you will see a lot of them. Thanks, Ron
  2. Thanks, Fun to drive and gets lots of looks. Ron
  3. New Brakes, brake hoses, wheel cyilinders , new paint, new original style Bull Motif interior. New glass rubber, new tires. Less than 5,000 miles on professional rebuilt engine. Never any rust. Near Salisbury N.C. $14,900.00. Ron
  4. Thanks for the reply Pilgrim. I spoke with someone who restores Morris Minor and he said that what I am describing is a manifold heater that has a built in thermostat. He said that most of them don't work, and when they did work it did't help much,so I am going to just leave it in place and not worry that it does not work. Thanks again Walker
  5. Removed carburator to rebuild and there is a heating element in side manifold at carb flange. Is this factory or aftermarket. It has one wire going to it and running to gauge cluster. what would turn this on? Also the serial number on engine starts with 9 CG-Da-H, some one said that this is a Austin or MG engine,does anyone know if this a Morris 948 engine? Thanks very much. Walker
  6. He also contracted me about parts for a Morris Minor and said he had them in excellent condition and could arrange shipping. I told him I would rather pick them up. Never heard from him again. Walker
  7. 1959 Morris Minor 1000 used parts,need front windshield,four original wheels(rims) and steering wheel.Have good extra rear window to swap if needed. Would like to pick up parts within 200 miles (plus or minus) from Charlotte N.C.. Thanks, Walker
  8. Thanks Shop Rat, My concern was with a few parts on car that another club stated was incorrect. I can find that out elsewhere. Thanks again Walker
  9. Thanks Shop Rat, I didn't realize that. Even though my car has received it's Senior Grand National I thought that shurely it must have some points deductions. Have some time this winter and thought I could correct some of them. I can see your point,that would be better to help those that are working towards a certain award. Thanks Walker
  10. Thanks 61polara,good idea I'll do that Ronnie
  11. Thanks very much paul455, I'll get in touch with Herb thanks Ronnie
  12. Is there a time limit on being able to find out what points were deducted for on a car from a National or a Grand National show?. If not how do I go about finding that information out? thanks Walker
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