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  1. Hi Josef - we actually exchanged a few emails in March 2009 on this same car Its been a while but trying again to document its early history.
  2. The car has been in India since forever, probably from new. It is a very well known car, but I'd really like to learn more of its origins Thank you for the confirmation on the VIN. This is the same India car in discussion, so that still makes it 3? Were all 3 part of the Royal Tour? Where can I read up more on these cars? Thanks Karl
  3. Hi guys, A question for a friend's 1960 Chevy Impala convertible. From whatever I could find so far, the car was originally Ermine white, and built in Lansing. Trim is red/white. I cannot decode the accessories mentioned: 1-P-481-XX 475. The car was ordered new for India. P I believe is padded dash. Does this tell is the original colour of the top? The engine is a straight six. What would be the correct shade of blue for the engine? Looking forward to any ideas. Thanks and regards, Karl
  4. Hello all, I'm writing on behalf of a friend who is restoring his right hand drive 1928 McLaughlin Buick 28-49 7 passenger Touring. Attached is the ID plate in the engine bay. He'd like to confirm if the serial number on this tag is the same as the VIN, and if not, where would the VIN be stamped? Are build sheets and first owner details available for these models? If so, how does one apply? Thanks and regards, Karl
  5. Thanks guys, for now we have figured that the colour (Code 5) was Polo Green, and Trim 33 was Tan leather, an extra cost option (common for most cars in India I think). Still haven't been able to visit the car to check the door tag. Shall keep you posted. Thanks again.
  6. Hello all, I have a question on behalf of a friend for his 1947/48 Chrysler New Yorker sedan. Attached is the tag from the firewall - can someone please suggest how best to decode it? The car is right hand drive, delivered new to Bombay, India. Will there be a separate VIN number in the door frame? Any leads to a site where decoding is made easy would be appreciated. Cheers! Karl
  7. Thanks so much, this is very useful. Shall also try for an authentication certificate. Yes luckily its still on the car, not converted to manually operated. Not a common option?
  8. We dug out this body tag in some older photos, hopefully this should make it easier to identify? It reads as under STYLE 59-6339 BODY FW 10608 TRIM 43 PAINT 24 Looking forward to any inputs. Thanks and regards, Karl
  9. Perhaps the number on the title is misleading, here is a number on the engine block - would this tally as the correct style and placement for the engine number? Any reference to where exactly I should look for it? Thanks!
  10. Hello to all, I am currently researching a 1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille, four window style with panoramic rear windscreen. Unfortunately the VIN plate appears to be missing, but the title reads the engine and chassis number as 117821. Is it possible to confirm the model details from this number? Any other way to identify date of dispatch, original colours, options etc? Thanks very much and best regards, Karl
  11. Hello all, A friend is restoring a 1947/48 Chrysler New Yorker that has been in the same family from new, delivered new to Mumbai, India. Would someone please be kind enough to help decode the original finishes, especially the upholstery? Being an export market car, I would think there might be some different materials offered. Thanks very much, Karl
  12. Thanks for this. Attached are two pictures that I have for now, more soon.
  13. Thanks very much guys. Yes, it does have the partition intact. The engine number seesm to read 93245895. The car was imported new to Calcutta as a demonstrator, and almost immoderately sold to a prominent local family who owned it till the 70s. The second owner sold it to the present owner in the 80s, the car really hasn't seen much use since then, but is in poor condition. Do we have production numbers for right hand drive 90L cars? Couldn't have been too many I'd imagine. Cheers Karl
  14. Hello to all, greetings from India. A friend owns a 1937 Buick Series 90 Limited 7 seater, Right hand drive. The body tag is attached - I would greatly appreciate if someone can point me out to a resource for decoding pre-war Buick body tags? Also could the car possibly be of Canadian production since Right hand drive? The car was dispatched new to Calcutta, India as a demonstrator. Thanks and regards, Karl
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