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  1. Hello all, A friend is restoring a 1947/48 Chrysler New Yorker that has been in the same family from new, delivered new to Mumbai, India. Would someone please be kind enough to help decode the original finishes, especially the upholstery? Being an export market car, I would think there might be some different materials offered. Thanks very much, Karl
  2. Thanks for this. Attached are two pictures that I have for now, more soon.
  3. Thanks very much guys. Yes, it does have the partition intact. The engine number seesm to read 93245895. The car was imported new to Calcutta as a demonstrator, and almost immoderately sold to a prominent local family who owned it till the 70s. The second owner sold it to the present owner in the 80s, the car really hasn't seen much use since then, but is in poor condition. Do we have production numbers for right hand drive 90L cars? Couldn't have been too many I'd imagine. Cheers Karl
  4. Hello to all, greetings from India. A friend owns a 1937 Buick Series 90 Limited 7 seater, Right hand drive. The body tag is attached - I would greatly appreciate if someone can point me out to a resource for decoding pre-war Buick body tags? Also could the car possibly be of Canadian production since Right hand drive? The car was dispatched new to Calcutta, India as a demonstrator. Thanks and regards, Karl