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  1. Sorry, not trying to be hostile, just commenting on the door. They sent me several pics of the door lower. It was too rusty for me. As far as pics, I would like to see the project at hand. I enjoy seeing what others are working on.
  2. I sure would like to have a good door!
  3. The driver side door from the hardtop is bad, otherwise it would be be here instead of there. Show us your car. Without pics it doesn’t exist.
  4. I got back to working on my ‘52. I have too many irons in the fire. I pulled the fenders to get ready to pull the engine. While I was at it I went ahead and pulled the front clip off of the ‘55 Chevrolet. Now I can get two cars ready for heart transplants. I’d like to clean up the firewall and repaint it before installing an engine. What is good for dissolving undercoating? Now for some pics
  5. Do you have the drivers side door? And if so, what condition, rust? Photos? A pic of my door.
  6. Unfortunately the nose of the car was cut off for a wall hanger! And the door is not much better than what I have. Thanks for looking Greg. Back around
  7. Has anyone ever taken a sedan door and cut the window frame off and modified it for the coupe vent window and main window frame? If so, was it difficult? I’m thinking it may be easier than trying to weld a lower section in without significant warping.
  8. They’re only original once. I would drive it as is. Maybe try a little CLR on the surface rust in an area near the taillights to see how it may react to the original lacquer paint.
  9. Perhaps a Chevrolet door lower parts assembly from the likes of EMS?
  10. Thanks for all the relative info which applies to all our inline eights.
  11. Where are you located. Let’s see more pics of the car. You may be better off using that one for a donor car for one like this. At least you wouldn’t have to change the color of parts.
  12. I find that stuffing a cat into the glove box helps keep the mice away!😂
  13. Here in Knoxville we have a saying “ See Knoxville, one red light at a time!” It’s believed that local government officials have decided that they could boost revenues by having tourists browse while driving!!
  14. I’m about at my wits end with trying to find a good driver side door for my ‘52 Special 45R. Even though the ‘51-‘53 are the same, they seem to be made of unobtanium. I may have access to a good 2dr sedan door. How much is involved in cutting the lower 6” to 8” and modifying it to fit the hardtop door, lower hinge mount included?
  15. These may yield the parts you want, if junk parts are what you need.
  16. Good to see you have your priorities in order!
  17. No. Go with Tanks Inc. I had a replacement tank rot out in less than 7 years while sitting empty, apparently condensation got it. I bought my second replacement from Tanks Inc and feel it’s a better product. Normally I’m all for Chevs of the 40s. Great business and people to deal with. Certainly better than Eckler’s.
  18. Mr. Earl, I sure wish you had a ‘53 Special. I’m in need of a grill bar with extensions. Do you know if any junkyard in your vicinity has one? Athens isn’t too far away from Knoxville.
  19. My parts car seems to have become a project car instead! I’m just not willing to part out a car that could be put back in service.
  20. Usually the cause is that the yard owner doesn’t do any internet sale and advertising, relying on local advertising and word of mouth.
  21. One more good reason to resurrect some that are no longer in service. Rescue a junkyard car! Don’t part out a good solid car. There are many parts out there.
  22. I hate to say that I haven’t made much progress on the ‘52. On the other hand, I have made some progress on my ‘53 “parts car “. I may have to go on the hunt for another engine! Anyone else ever had the problem of being unwilling to part out a parts car?
  23. Does anyone know if there are any still in existence? Pics?
  24. If I had the resources, a lot of non-running “survivors “ would be pulled from field and yard! I see so many solid projects that could be returned to service.
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