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  1. Daryle, here ya go. I did my radio plate too. I like it going all the way up like a 64
  2. Daryle, I'm a fan of oiled walnut. I’ve used Sam Maloof oil/ poly & oil/ wax finish on several woodworking projects. That is what I’m using on the new veneer in my car it’s easy and foolproof. You can find it on rockler.com. I got the dash and console finished up today. I’ll post some veneer pics for ya Brian
  3. Daryle, that’s hilarious because they did the exact same thing to me on the front seat foam Sent 2 sets.... Ed, yes, I searched all over before ordering from them. Everything I found from other vendors was the OPG part #. I even called several and was told they get them from OPG. So it seemed like the only option, I went for it Your also correct that they do not produce or stock the foam. They said when I ordered, that then they order from manufacturer and will be in within 4 weeks....I’m going to follow up again since they didn’t call me back as they assured me they would. My upholstery guy can fab some Up but we thought if available it would be simpler/cheaper. From what Clark’s told me they never have had the rear seat foam. Sure wish they did as I would have bought everything from them. They were great to deal with and the black cloth covers look awesome. I’d just like to get them installed 🤣 Thanks everyone
  4. Crowvet, curious, when did you order and actually receive your rear foam from OPG? I also bought everything from Clark’s, but no one offers the rear foam except opg. The others that do list it, get it from OPG. When I ordered from them, late January, they said would be 4 weeks(March 3) before they would have it. I got an email this week now stating April 6th. 😳. I called and was told purchasing would contact supplier and get back to me.. that was several days ago. IF anyone knows of another source, please let me know. On the positive side, I got my seat frames blasted and powder coated and stainless polished, they turned out great. Console is back in and dash going back together 👍really enjoy following your progress. thanks, Brian
  5. Here’s a couple, 16 year old me in ‘88 and I duplicated the shot in my parents driveway in ‘09 when I bought the 71 GS. My buddy took the other one for high school photography class. 1988.
  6. I love seeing vintage pics like this. Let’s see some more everyone
  7. KReed, Very well said. apologies for my comment on this. My first thought regarding the price was, “well, go find another one..good luck” I did point out you had some other options listed for sale but really shouldn’t have commented at all on the subject. I enjoy this forum and certainly have benefited from the knowledge found here. again, my apologies. Brian
  8. Rivdrivn, I agree. 😎. That’s my favorite record shop in the Oregon district, Dayton. Omega music.
  9. Jframe, Yeah, I was thinking I’m glad I don’t need one. I knew they were hard to find but wow. FYI he does list some others that are just the emblem. Still pricey.
  10. Thanks Chris! Hope your well. How’s the 71?
  11. Yeah, definitely should get together when the weather breaks. I’ve been redoing the interior all winter. Hope to have it back together soon. You going to Kalamazoo? ✌🏼
  12. Crowvet, looks really good. Nice work. Mine is all apart too. “I’m going to redo the veneer and fix this seat...” turns into entire interior out of the car🤣
  13. I’d love to get another one. May check with the office and see. If anyone has a spare they’d part with, let me know. Brian
  14. Anyone else still running one of these? I personally had never seen one and thought some would like to see it.
  15. Thanks Mike & Gabriel. Mike, I first joined the ROA in 1990😉 when I was 18. My first car was a 71 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I agree the club Is great. I actually found this car thanks the the members area Classifieds on the site. It belonged to ROA #64 Bob Schwerdski, he owned it from ‘81. My wife and I attended the Harrisburg and Lexington meets with our silver 71GS. It was sold to member Chris Pollack last year. Brian
  16. Here is my 65 I picked up last month. Wanted a 65 forever..😎
  17. Car looks great, where about are you in Ohio? I just bought a 65 that I lowered similarly & am in the Dayton area. 👍Brian
  18. I’m probably 20-30 minutes from this 73. If someone is really interested, I could check it out. Brian
  19. © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Five oaks at Brightwood (google map) 1973 Buick Riviera condition: good cylinders: 8 cylinders drive: rwd fuel: gas odometer: 64000 paint color: yellow size: full-size title status: clean transmission: automatic type: coupe QR Code Link to This Post 1973 Riviera Boat Tail. 2nd owner, 64000 original miles, never wrecked, body straight, new vinyl top, dual exhaust, well maintained just serviced has new water pump and power steering pump has exhaust leak asking 4K I’m probably 20-30 minutes from this 73 if someone was interested I could check it out. Happy Friday all. Brian
  20. Chris, Welcome, Your an absolute pleasure to work with & very professional. I know it is going to a great home?? Brian
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