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  1. It's down to the bare block, right hand side oilgalley was filled so much it blocked 2 lifterbores. Micking everything to check clearence, crankshaft is ok but getting a polish at the most. And in the oilpan there was so much sludge it was covering the oilpickup. This cant be just bad gas/oils back in the day, lack of oilchange aswell. In a way i was lucky that there was 2 stuck valves so i had to take it apart instead of trying to get it to run=)
  2. It might be that the preset ring gap from factory is different? Also noticed that TA Performance listed same rings for 430 and 401.
  3. Jim, I have now located the spare tire mount to be on the floor.
  4. Been slow progress the last few days, Been taking parts of in the engine bay and started the Big list of parts i need and started to check from where i will by it. Today i started to clean the heads and other bits for the engine in the partswasher. Noticed some kind of seal on top of the intake valvekeepers, was this stock or have they been rebuildt? Can see in the picture the marks ontop the valves, they were dry and just fell apart in the washer. .
  5. Found this as i was searching this info also. So, is it the same? I'm looking for a set right now and want moly rings and found for the 430 but not 401. I also looked at the Redline rebuild on youtube were he stated it is a 401 only ring but the buick 430 and chrysler 413 is same bore? Have been looking at the specifications and they all seems to be the same? Or did I just miss the answer in this thread? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for this info, and the picture of the fusebox, it looks alot like the one i bought... Need to dig some in the pile and find it to compare. Might be able to use it=)
  7. Jim, It seems that the car was painted inside and out. Checked and the firewall seems to have been blue, the blue is in the whole trunkarea even under the packagetray, and under it is the red primer they used. The Engine is stamped JT(549) I have not found any sparetire mount at all, I can for sure say it is not on the shelf atleast. Will check the trunkfloor when get all trash out.
  8. Something i forgot but i belive i was in serach of last year was that someone had taken the fusebox out, did order one from a company here in swe but it was wrong sadly. NExt picture is from when i removed the interior and did a first clean before storage. did come out pretty good, (might just be me not realy making the interior up high on the "todo list" Left side as it came out and right side cleaned one time. i suspect em to be changed, My tag says 716 - Blue vinyl, but this is blue vinyl/cloth right? correct me if im wrong. This brings us
  9. No, rather it was lack of ideas for names and Weiand is an old speedpart company that sounds cool😁
  10. Here is a pic of my plate Jim,
  11. Next up was to remove the engine from car and take it apart for inspection, didnt even get it on to the stand before i removed the heads. The engine was covered in alot of oily dirt and must have been leaking from the frontcover at some point. To my suprise only 2 bolts was stuck on the entire engine(guess it was protected by all the oily dirt) The timing cover was sadly rotted in one place and had some major pitting going on, might try to weld it up later on. I am pretty sure lifters aint supose to look like this, all th
  12. Will look in to that asap, Thank you.
  13. So next i wanted to see if i could get the engine to turn. And it did with ez, removed the valvecovers next just to see if all of the valves moved. Noticed 2 valves not moving at all and gave em a gentle tap and they feelt solid, could even hear the difference in sound tapping around. Lifted the intake and... Well you see in the picture 2 bent pushrods. Pictures of the previous mentioned bad interior next. And found some rust in the rearwindow opening and packagetray. The floors and trunk are solid and the only spot that go
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