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  1. DCPD 1494469 D4 radiator. I was told the following information by someone with parts books: This part number has been superceded by 1494643. 1494643 is for 1953-1954 Plymouth and 1954 D52 Dodge 8 cylinder. Radiator appears to be in good shape. I pulled it out of my non-running Chrysler 300. I have no idea of the condition inside of it. The buyer should assume that it needs to be checked over. No guarantee of fitment to your vehicle. No returns will be allowed. Free pickup from Appleton, Wi. $175 or best offer plus $30 shipping. Send me a PM if interested.
  2. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me identify this radiator that I pulled from my '55 Chrysler 300. I'm looking to sell it and I need to know the correct application. Any help is appreciated. Jim
  3. So you have a 1955 C300? A 300C is a 1957 Chrysler. Still looking for a rear emblem? I know a guy that might have one.
  4. Jim, Do the '65 bulletins include the clamshell adjusting/maintenance instructions?
  5. '65 GS comes with a parts car and '64 frame. Non-original block. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/lincoln-riviera-1965-gs/7023286220.html
  6. Talked to Steve from Booster Dewey's. He said that because of the plastic insert in the '65 booster, no o-ring is needed. Only needed on '63-'64. I would still like to install one, just in case...
  7. I agree with you on the value. Some people just throw a price out there to see what they can get. I don't suppose that local set is still for sale yet?
  8. The Raybestos "Professional Grade" master cylinder PN MC36134 that I ordered from Rock Auto arrived today, 2 days ahead of schedule. The picture above that I posted is the picture shown for this part and it came with NEITHER the foam ring or the o-ring. I emailed Rock Auto over the weekend to verify that there was an o-ring in the package. No help whatsoever. I'm not sending this one back. Now I'll spend 15 bucks for a rebuild kit and all I need is the o-ring (and hopefully the rebuild kit has the o-ring inside). So, the count is 3 master cylinders ordered from 3 different places and none had the proper part inside. Well, hopefully this clusterf%$k of an experience can help someone else here down the line... Working on old cars is frustrating enough without having to deal with crap like this.
  9. I was actually on their website a couple of days ago. On several pictures of the master cylinders they show an o-ring. I know their tech help is limited, but I'm going to call Friday and see if they come with the o-ring. On a couple of their pictures it shows a foam ring in place of the rubber o-ring. And I've seen the foam rings in the rebuild kits. Not sure what that foam ring is supposed to do.
  10. Update. I ordered a new master cylinder from Advance Auto, CARQUEST Wearever #MCA49201. List price $63.99. It was listed for power brakes, it showed no o-ring or boot in the picture. And it came with neither a boot or an o-ring. I am going to the store and return it, most likely. The saga continues...
  11. That fix would work in a pinch, but I don't want to do that. I'm going to return that master to the parts store. O'Reilly's description did not indicate if the master was for power or non-power brakes. I'm going to find one from another parts store that says it's for power brakes and hope for the best. The problem is that none of these masters are in stock, so you have to order them and wait a couple of days to see if it has the o-ring in it. At least now I know why there's 2 different pieces.
  12. Okay. Thanks for the response. So, that being said, are the master cylinders the same for power/non power brakes? If so, it would be nice if the manufacturers of these masters would include both boot and o-ring in the package. I guess I will have to spend another 15 bucks for a rebuild kit just for the 79 cent o-ring...
  13. Hello all. I'm going through the brakes on my '65 that has not run in years. I just went through the brakes on my '63, so I thought it should not be too difficult. You can actually order a rebuilt booster for a '65, unlike the '63. Nice. Anyways, I tried to find an o-ring for the master cylinder so I could try the old master, see if it worked. Could not find one. Ordered a Brakebest Select 100% NEW master cylinder from O'Reillys. The picture on the website showed the o-ring, so I thought I was in business. I get the master today and it has a boot. Not too happy about that. Tried a dry run to fit master to booster and the boot is in the way. There's a round black plastic piece in the booster so there's no extra space for the boot. So, do I need to find an o-ring for this application? Do I trim the boot? I'm not sure what the purpose of the boot is versus the o-ring. Prevent brake fluid from entering the booster? The master cylinder rebuild kits all show a boot. They also show an o-ring or gasket, but I'm not sure if that's the right one. I saw on an old post that Jim Cannon knows where to get the O-rings. I have not been able to find that info. Any help would be appreciated. Jim