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  1. Brian, I've only driven it for the 3 hour trip home, but it seemed to work well. Jim
  2. Brian, I just bought a '65 and this is what the previous owner installed in it. If you like, I can ask him how the install went. I, too have tried calling Rock Auto and they are no help whatsoever! https://www.opgi.com/brake-systems/drum-brakes/1963-69-riviera-power-brake-booster-master-cylinder-conversion/booster-master-combo-63-69-riviera-drum-9-br03201.html Jim
  3. Black '68 looks ok for $6475. Not sure what's up with the missing paint on the roof. Previously had a vinyl top? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/871180406595084/?surface=product_details
  4. Just posted today. Looks pretty sweet. 1 family owned '68 GS, 58,000 miles. $19999 (Much better than $20,000). https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/chicago-1968-buick-riviera/7167352996.html
  5. Wondering who(m) updates the classified ads. Looks like it hasn't been done since March 29. I'm sure it's a difficult task since the sellers probably don't inform the person that their car sold. And yes, I know they are in the Riview, but if the seller forgets to renew the ad for the next issue, you don't know if it's still for sale or not. BTW, I'm looking for a nice '63-'65 preferably with A/C. Jim
  6. NOS '63 Riviera/Electra speedometer for sale, $200. I do not know if it is correct or not. This is local to me. If anyone wants me to check it out, let me know. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/530802547417867/ Jim
  7. '65 GS in burgundy, one of my favorite colors. May be a custom color? Is the apparatus under the dash a part of the radio? Never seen one of those before. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/710802076096223/?surface=product_details
  8. I can see how the bottom bracket is with your picture. They must figure the area underneath the crossmember needs reinforcement with the torque of the motor. I have seen one on eBay for a while, didn't know if it was correct. Here's pictures of it. Looks similar to your bottom bracket. I have the cover, just may leave it off the car when I sell it. Thanks, Jim
  9. Craig, Thanks for the pictures. It looks like you are missing the smaller "L" bracket that bolts to the inner support of the lower bumper (that's a mouthful!) and to the stud on the motor. Or maybe the camera angle is wrong and it is there. I see the stud and the nut, but can't see the bracket. The base of the motor bolts to the lower radiator support. I assume your car has A/C, looks like the condenser is covering the base. I don't think the larger bracket has anything to do with the clamshell motor. Jim
  10. Good day. Putting my '65 together before selling it. This car did not have a clamshell motor in it when I bought it. I bought a motor and had Steve Lorenzen rebuild it. I purchased 2 brackets and a rubber cover from a guy in the Facebook Riviera group. I understand where the small "L" bracket goes and it appears the cover snaps into the trim piece under the grill. I need to know where the larger "L" bracket goes. I've looked for pictures online, but there are none showing these components. I understand there's not much room in that area to take good pictures. My service manual isn't much help either. Does anyone have pictures that can help me or describe where it goes? Also, is it hard to find the larger "L" bracket and rubber cover? Thanks, Jim
  11. She's selling it for her stepdad. His name is Steve, 608-438-4929.
  12. This looks like a clean '67, says 51,000 miles, decent deal at $9500... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2087314531563587/ Here's a couple of pictures from the ad. Jim
  13. Update: I got my parts today from Cyclone Transmission. Unfortunately, there were no part numbers included with the paperwork. I'm thinking the hard-to-find 1 1/4 inch long bushing cost $15 because it was shipped from a distributor in California to Ohio. And thanks to Tom Mooney, I have a transmission mount that actually has rubber in it. What a concept! I'll put it together this weekend and see how it goes... Thanks to all who gave advice. Jim