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  1. 1964 Riviera for sale located in central western Oklahoma. Local area car. can tell you the complete history of the car. I have replace the heater core with NOS core and have had the ac recharged, still on r12. the only mod made was to upgrade the radio the am fm blue tooth radio with new speakers, sounds good. Not cheap , and firm on the price. Asking $30,000 465 wildcat engine. runs drive stops fantastic beautiful car. Can send pictures through e-mail if needed. I would consider the following vehicles in on trade: Model T or Model A pickup, 46-48 Ford or Mercury Coupe (str
  2. I had no idea what I was getting into on this project but this is how I handled it. First I knew I was going to replace the radio, I knew I had problems with the vacuum lines on the ac and switch, I also knew the heater core had been bypassed so was going to replace that in the midst of the rest....I have restored many cars in the past in younger years I was into street rods and traveled a lot going to NSRA shows. I do all my own work from mechanical to paint and body and even upholstery work. SO I ain't no newbie as they say now. Well I started Thursday morning removed the seats, dash pa
  3. Steve, not sure why intake is silver, thought it might be aluminum, but magnet sticks, I can't see any sign of where the engine has been into, except for maybe valve cover gaskets. What color were they supposed to be? Dave
  4. here are a few pictures of my 64 Riviera that people requested to see. Dave
  5. I knew the history of the car from when it was ordered. It was sold new to a bankers wife, I still have the emblem. It was in storage under a car cover for many years.
  6. I finally found out what the wheels are they are Cragar Star wire 30 spoke wheels, they do not offer the 3 spoke spinner for them anymore only a cap at $20 each.
  7. Hello everyone I got my first Buick Riviera yesterday it is a 1964 and has 29000 original miles. everything is original on the car except had a repaint in 1974, still looks very presentable. I have a few questions and hope someone can help me out. Firs one is I have a set of spoke wire wheels on the car and am needing a spinner one is missing, not sure what the wheels are but adding a picture for you to review. I am also posting a picture of the car, it has the 465 wildcat engine in it and runs super nice. Let me know what you think about the wheels please and where I might get a spinner
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