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  1. 😀the thought of what your mom probably said to him brings a smile to my face
  2. do not over look a wheel cylinder usually it will be evident on back of tire or wheel.if it sits a lot does not take long for a leaking cylinder to drain the master.with the master up on firewall the fluid can and will siphon down over time.
  3. the bolt on the top allows for replacing the filter there is a gasket(?) on the tube portion.the oil filler cap is a problem if not cleaned if you are in a dusty area and drive a lot.the cap allows are into engine and the tube allows it out .if filler is dirty you will get the problem you have.blowby is another cause easy to clean cap by soaking in varsol or similar type solvent then blow dry or let sit in upright position till dry.the filter was (is)a horse hair type material held in place with a mesh
  4. the line in the buick blurb said be the first on your block should have said the worst on your block.the rolls canardly be called a rolls anymore.there has to be a place to keep these people out of the general population and only let them play with cayrons
  5. to me it looks like jimmy durante left it there
  6. same shyt different problem here try to list an item then spend 20 minutes with a tech trying to find out why it keeps kicking me back saying I need to correct the same thing.then him telling me he likes cars.I spend more time telling his higher ups that I do not care if he likes cars I want o place an ad.that is what it is like here with our bay they call it kijiji I read they called it that to allow french language ads.I waited 2 weeks tryed again no problem go figure glad I was not in a hurry
  7. I do not remember the year but there was a problem with them catching fire.they were dogs until the 6 came along
  8. probably better luck in the buick forums.
  9. man pretty well summed it up
  10. back in the day I had my window replaced with a glass one pretty common back then(60s)one other thing you may want to try on the screws after trying the liquids if you can get a good purchase on the screws try tightening before trying to loosen I have done this several times with success over the years
  11. that was a step away from the bulls eye taillights for Ford went back to them in 61.Edsel had a similar model I believe if not in hardtop then same taillight treatment in their last year
  12. I am with Ed and John it still looks to have a good stance as it sits
  13. up here in the 60s fisk was a brand sold through a gas station chain(the name escapes me)I used the on several cars good tires I bought them used from local wreckers $5 with lots of tread
  14. the spot lights on my vicky are adjustable they will move around to move them out a little because of the offset mount on mirror besides the spotlight body.very good for the blind spots on either side