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  1. do not know how I missed this one.but here goes taking some of my grand kids to a cruise night a few years ago
  2. 54vicky

    Rubber Bumper

    they were used by a lot of makes at least up into the 50s if not later.the bolt hole spacing may help
  3. I agree with Matt on the toll thieves that was my first thought.apparently they are going to look into no matter it will bill taxpayers as usual for a rush(read RASH) by our donald to draw attention from real needs
  4. I am pretty sure that is perfect example of down in the weeds
  5. you would love some of the ones up here think Carlings Labbats etc works of deco art at the time
  6. that will not happen Mr.Excitement crashed cars not build them.he kep his fathers wrecking yard stocked🤪
  7. I found sometimes it was easier use the needle nose pliers. and work them between the brass and the socket and twist the brass around the tip of plies like opening a tin of corned beef.the brass on bulb is not that strong so easy to twist
  8. if you have a tap and die set you probably have a gauge.
  9. perhaps the lack of oxygen at times influenced the pilots choices.as ray would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  10. I think either the wagon or the 4 door were far better looking than to-days offerings.at the time you could tell the different makes fom a long distance.to-day when trying to identify all you might hear is it is ah ah ah ah ah blue thing(pick a colour)
  11. 🤣 to say nothing about the trucks boats and cars besides😁 people