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  1. that is a very critical piece to trust to welding.no problem in case of problem for you maybe but others that may be in harms way may disagree.
  2. that is a relative term it means different thing to each person
  3. if you do not have an impact gun borrow one it is the only way to remove it.(the nut that is)
  4. we are seeing the smoke here high up.have not seen similar since mount st.helen. needless to say john seeing you are safe was great news.in a selfish note glad to see my proof reader😁is safe
  5. I am pretty sure you do as you would need to remove mirror to access the under side of base
  6. it is simply a vehicle built to resemble a high demand car example an ss or a copo usually of pony car heritage pony car is a loose term. it may well be any desirable car of limited availability
  7. from what I remember in 62 they came out with a 1'' thin whitewall.the size of the whitewall would narrow it down I would think.I agree with 28
  8. as lump said the banding is a common site on radials first time I seen it was on michelin tires many years ago.still see it today on different brands.now the blister is another matter
  9. my 64 wildcat never failed to stop when needed even when loaded with 4 adults and towing a tent trailer including a 5ooo+ trip from ontario to bc including through the rockies not once did I have a feeling it would not stop
  10. I am of the school of a vacuum leak thinking.having said that most of the time a vacuum leak will cause a high idle there is a possibility if that was the case someone may have turned down idle if so now when put in gear idle is to low resulting in stalling.WAG
  11. if he comes back suggest he take the battery to his favourite auto parts store (napa etc) and have the battery load tested a vom will not help
  12. like the old saying a picture is worth a lot of words (thousand)😁some measurements would go a long way height width etc. as there were probably a few aftermarket makers not brand specific
  13. a little late but it was a lincoln it is written up
  14. lends a new meaning to turning the table
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