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  1. more of leather hardware than what he wants TY
  2. as you said older OH well the search goes on TY
  3. they seem to be more cj oriented TY I will keep searching
  4. I checked the AMC+ forum on here but it looks pretty quite so asking here.a friend bought a jeep pickup(76) the question I (he) wants to know is there any company that sells a upholstery kit he can have an upholsterer install it.the main problem is the ones he has asked said the piping is one problem they run into it is a beige colour.the material would be another.it is a small hounds tooth pattern along with a beige (tan)colour vinyl.do not forget we are up here so do not have the selection you do down there.he would prefer a company up here if possible due to shipping etc.TY in advance
  5. the open - boxed end wrench bottom left looks like some I have in tool box.notice the discoloration from heat being applied to bend
  6. nice to see you solved it.just as an aside the "P" on the flasher stands for pilot.that is for dash lights(indicator)
  7. do not stop until you replace others(pun)😁nice job locating problem
  8. not sure about your problem but if picture is right .that does not look like a "new" fan .new to motor but not new as I know new
  9. not 54 by the trim witness mark but 52-53 probably
  10. I agree with Terry think 55-57 chevrolet
  11. he mentioned it in earlier post Ruko I believe without looking back
  12. a rubber snubber on rear (pan hard bar?) solved it.
  13. you may want a volt meter that reads higher than 11 volts as you should easily exceed that voltage.
  14. 25 does look like foxcraft for 52-54 ford but have the mountings modified the foxcraft mount by means of slots on either end of the folded edge here is what it looks like
  15. just to clarify it is hood ornament