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  1. I would question the claim of restoring by pro when engine colour is not even close.that being said nice looking car.
  2. someone needed misstang front end parts for their hotrod
  3. I am pretty sure it is missing the upper and lower ring portion.
  4. kiaser is pretty good seat is not a 54 ford as he said rub rail different.ashtrays may be for sedans but not vickies as they are in rear arm rests 55-56 are same I believe
  5. I would compare them to BBB no complaints no record key being reports
  6. in the description it states turns heads no wonder they forgot to mention the heads were turned away.I am sure it turned stomachs also.being as it is from la la land the smog may have affected the assembler
  7. looks like they lost the boat I nave seen them in similar colour but included the boat on top
  8. 54vicky

    Blue inquiry

    Bloo has it right
  9. it may well be a possible scam but I am not sure about it being a posibial scam having never seen one😃
  10. those clamps look to be a rare type 😁called inapinch
  11. the armrest is what is the armrest is the part that is broken not the door panel if you look close you can see the remaining piece of armrest still on the screw in door panel 2nd from left
  12. that is a very rare thing take 2 aspirin get a good nights rest and I am sure it will come to you😉
  13. odd looking is an under statement all of the exner era were like that
  14. I do not think they(new)car designs are bad at all mind you I close my eyes when see one or several on the road.I really think there should be a tax for ugly design on any of them.
  15. do not laugh but gorilla glue would probably work.a new one if available would probably need to be coloured to match.forgot to add the pieces that are missing plus screws will probably be laying in bottom of door when you remove the panel