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  1. There is the problem arc of wheel well part of back door on wagon don't think 4 door sedan has same problem ? The picture of the skirt is advertisement for the scuff no skirts listed for 1965 . Thank you for trying I will call them in the morning.
  2. Thank you guys but the car being worked on is a 1965 Impala WAGON. The question is will 1965 Impala sedan skirts fit the 1965 Impala Wagon. Absolutely correct on the LOWRIDER/LEAD SLED comment
  3. OK guys yes the question was will sedan flush-mount skirts fit a wagon. Reason is some peoples tastes are different and if you are doing a lead sled low rider you want to close the wheel well . I was hoping someone had a Hollander Interchange book that could let me know if the quarter panels were interchangeable. I think I may have answered my own question by looking at pictures of both cars. It appears that the wheel well arc is part of the rear door so putting a skirt in the wheel well would prevent opening rear door? Thank you for FoxCraft suggestion. So seriously g
  4. Hello I am trying to find out if Impala Sedan flush-mount fender skirts will fit an Impala wagon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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